"We Don't Treat Alcoholics Like This...Prohibition Is Failing More Than In1926'

This is another change that desperately needs to happen, but corporations will not allow it. The War on Drugs needs to end, it does not help those who are addicted. It helps those who do not need help such as private prison corporations, suppliers of government run prisons, businesses based on prisons, law enforcement agencies who get funds for the drug war for various reasons, employees of prisons and law enforcement and drug companies who want addicts to buy their drugs instead of those on the street. We have also caused devastation in Mexico with our promotion of the war on drugs. Lives are destroyed by going to prison and then the former inmate has social stigma making finding a job or a place to live very difficult to impossible. There are even laws preventing them from getting food stamps. What kind of sick vicious bastards passed those laws?

This Gregory Brothers video says it all. This is the one thing I can agree with Ron Paul about. I have no idea which one of those guys in the video is Jay and which is Silent Bob because neither of them is silent.

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