Inappropriate Behavior From A Trooper in Alaska, I'm Shocked I tell you, Shocked

The video below demonstrates very poorly trained State Troopers. I have encountered some very inappropriate and even astoundingly ignorant utterances from the mouths of LEOs, corrections officers, and probation officers in Alaska. Cops just like nurses need to continue to do the next right thing even in the face of belligerence, anger, swearing and negative comments. How the police behave and what they say to people often dictates how citizens respond to them. Some are bullies and know exactly what to say to make people angry with the intent of using their response to find something to arrest them for. This is the same behavior a domestic abuser uses to find an excuse to assault or a workplace bully uses to cause a behavior they can use against their target. Where is Parnell's little "Respect" program? I guess it doesn't apply to LEOs. Violating rights is standard procedure, then they do an "investigation" and declare that the officers were operating within the boundaries of their job and nothing ever changes. This time there is a video.

"I know now that you are a drug abuser and you are in denial about it...denial, it's not just a river in Egypt...and the worst part is you are defensive about it, unnecessarily (one of his favorite words) so...a denier of their own substance abuse." I guess he got his mental health training during the fifteen week trooper training session and has decided to spread his wisdom "unnecessarily". They require a GED or a high school diploma to be a trooper too. This young woman made him feel "unnecessarily" stupid, so when she went to grab the door as he finally looked like he was leaving he shoved her rather than step out of her house as he had been asked to do, you know like his partner immediately did. He stayed as long as he did to manipulate a reason to arrest her.

I agree with the trooper that having pot sitting around where children can have access to it is irresponsible, but so is leaving guns or alcohol where they can get to them. Does this trooper have beer in his refrigerator and kids at home? The role modeling of use of chemicals is also irresponsible. I also agree that recreational use of Marijuana is a bad idea and smoking anything is a very bad idea. I am very outspoken about my disgust with cigarette smoking and even though I had to walk through the cigarette smoke of eight people to shop at Safeway including employees, not a damn one of them was arrested, all that happened was my bitching about it. There are huge numbers of people who drink large quantities of alcohol or use meth, heroin or other drugs such as the ones doctors write prescriptions for. Alcohol and meth are known to produce behaviors which get people into trouble and cause harm to others. Marijuana is the best bad choice and considering some of the other problems that are not taken care of in Alaska what is going on with the cop in this video? 

In many cases people with mental health problems are self medicating, because getting treatment is very difficult in Alaska. Recently with the decrease of over 8 million dollars for mental health care people are on their own. Why does this trooper bother berating someone for drug use when treatment is close to non-existent? Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes are endemic problems in Alaska, taking away funds for the dysfunctional treatment that we had in this state is insane. The acceptance in many communities of the use of these chemicals in large quantities is seen as normal behavior. Why is the state of Alaska not educating the public and making sure people can get treatment? Why do they just want to fill up prisons and keep hoards of people on probation?

My comment from the ADN:
I had a trooper in the Homer area who had been sent to assist me threaten to arrest me, the victim. A court order allowed me to go to a particular property to retrieve my stolen property. He was angry and had an attitude. I am in my 50s, I call those kind of guys, punk boys. He did not allow me to get my property, telling me the judge didn't know what he was doing and had issued the wrong kind of court order. I am sure he is a legal scholar (sarcasm) and yes this particular judge has huge issues. I then became upset and waved my arms around while I was talking. He threatened to arrest me for disorderly conduct for saying I was calling my attorney to tell her about his actions. He expressed his anger that I would do that. I then continued. Since a huge part of the problem was the failure of the troopers to do their job on many occasions that had resulted in with my being harmed already I was very surprised they would not assist me. I am afraid of this officer who was transferred to the area I live in now. The troopers destroyed photos another trooper had taken of my property the night DA John Earthman and former Judge Ben Esch had me wrongfully arrested by warrant. Lies and snarky comments have come from the troopers to the highest levels. It was well known I was in a dangerous situation and my property would be stolen by a psychopath when my wrongful arrest was engineered. One of the skills LEOs generally learn to do is tolerate the nasty things people say, because they are allowed to due to the first amendment. When it was determined that this woman did not want them in her home and they had no business there they should have left the scene. This woman was in her home, they had no warrant or probable cause and she could say whatever she pleased whether anyone else agrees with her or not. They have every right to notify the probation officer of a potential violation of conditions or even arrest the person on probation if the pot is not supposed to be in her home, but no right to assault people. One reason for staying longer and engaging in an argument is to attempt to find a reason for arrest, that is manipulative and bullying behavior based on showing her who is dominant and retaliation.

Disorderly conduct is a charge used for just about any situation in which a cop is pissed at someone and wants to retaliate. 

One night in Homer I had one of many nights from hell in the lodge where meth was being cooked and two adult males were partying with two underage women. I had to call the troopers several times to get them to respond. The trooper said he thought one of the males was on meth. I had complained to them about a four year old in that mess and when I let the trooper in the lodge an adult female locked herself and the child in the bedroom while the two underage girls fled out the back door and hid in an old motorhome. The father was clearly high and had been all night on multiple substances. The trooper's supervisor would not allow him to go into the bedroom to do a welfare check on the child. Then it was several weeks before O.C.S. showed up and they were gone. What are the priorities here? Underage parties where alcohol is supplied by adults results in huge problems (as they found out the hard way) and small children should have welfare checks done when they are in bad situations. They don't intervene in these kinds of situations, but find  a way to arrest a young woman because she is mouthy.

A couple years after I made a stink about it people were disturbed about the meth labs and the meth in Homer along with all the crimes related to it. I had also lived at another place there where I was sure meth was being cooked. The Homer police and the troopers did nothing. The choices being made in this state by law enforcement are maddening to me.

Read more here: http://www.adn.com/2013/05/01/2886908/trooper-arrest-under-investigation.html#storylink=cpy


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic argument that beer left in a refrigerator is equally as dangerous an a gun left for a child to play with. As soon as I read that verbiage I stopped reading the rest of your nonsensical blather, nor did I watch the video. You apparently have an issue with the police and making stupid statements like telling us that a beer is as much of a threat as a gun to a child proves that any information from you is suspect at best.


Celia Harrison said...

Mr. Ethiopian, Your “verbiage” mentions only the comparison of beer to guns which was not actually my intent, where is your comment about the comparison of beer in a home to marijuana.You skipped that “unnecessarily”. Actually access to alcohol can be just as dangerous to a child as a gun due to overdoses, said the retired nurse. How does not watching the video make you understand the situation? It doesn’t.

Anonymous said...

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Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous May 2, 9:09 PM, If you have more information or evidence I would love to see it. I believe Shailey's story for many reasons. You can email me by clicking on the envelope on the upper right. If you are a reporter please write a story about the information you have. In light of the recent developments such as death threats and a fire at her apartments along with death threats to Malia Litman it is important to keep the pressure on the government to get to the truth to protect Shailey.

David Wright said...

Recently, my roommate/(ex)friend, confessed to me that he had sex with (raped) my ex girlfriend, while she was passed out drunk. Promptly, I informed my ex. She in turn called APD. An officer, was dispatched who warmly, caringly and reassuringly, took my ex's statement, informing her that she was important and that this matter would be dealt with urgently. The officer then, directs my ex to (and to direct me) not inform her assailant that he is under investigation. My ex, googles my roommates name, and BING, comes to find out he's a child molesting, registered sex offender. Remind you, I LIVE with this tumor, and work with it to boot. After weeks of hell, and waiting, trying to pretend that everything is more or less okay and that me and this thing are still friends (to not "spook" him, as per police instructions). My ex, contacts APD (thats right she contacts them), to find out what, if anything is going on. An SVU "Detective" responds, not by having a face to face conversation with my ex, not by calling her cell or house phone, but by calling her at work via her employers telephone. The "Detective", then proceeds to have this most delicate conversation with her while she is at work surrounded by coworkers and the people they attend to. During this very callous conversation this, "Special Victims Unit" "Detective" of the Anchorage Police Department, informs my ex, that he (the "detective")... is going on VACATION at the end of the week for a couple of more weeks, and that she would just have to hold her horses, and that I would just have to pretend that this creature, was a man for who knows how long, because this "detective" was due some fun in the sun. Well I hope you enjoy your vacation and I hope he doesn't rape anyone while you're busy relaxing. And although you "detective" couldn't be bothered by looking the victim you were supposed to be getting justice for in the face, I'm am sure my roommate won't have any problem looking its next rape victim in theirs, even if they are in a alcohol coma.

Celia Harrison said...

David I am so sorry your ex-girlfriend had to go through this experience of being raped and then not be treated appropriately. Alaska only recently started requiring sex offenders from other states to register and they have a backlog of rape kits that have not been tested. I am sorry you had to live with that guy while the APD diddled around. What could they be investigating that would need to wait?