In Alaska You Never Know Who Might Show Up At Your Door

This young moose was standing in a covered area next to utility buildings where I live like a statue for a long time. I watched because it was so odd.

Then he tried to look into someone’s bedroom. I guess he’s a peeping moose.

He saw me in the window and came forward, seeming to be either stunned, traumatized or curious. I am no expert on moose behavior, but he seems young to be on his own. I was thinking he may have just lost his mother and was upset. Today I saw him laying down by himself next door, so she is gone.

He came over to say hello and then began eating snow.


When he ate his fill of snow he went right to the door of the entryway to my apartment as if he wanted me to come out or he wanted to come in. I was standing at my door to take the pictures.

I hope he finds enough to eat, the population of moose in this area is down and some are starving because there is not enough winter browsing material for them. One wonderful thing about Alaska is the opportunity to see wildlife, but watching hungry moose is sad. We can’t feed them, even the young ones because they can’t become acclimated to humans, it’s dangerous for them and for people. Today the Board of Game met to discuss the problem, I hope they find a solution soon.  


Lynne said...

That is sad, and it's only March. I hope it makes it all right.

KaJo said...

How long before wildlife spring greenery begins sprouting in your area, Celia?

I realize even though there's less than 2 weeks to Easter, spring happens earlier down here in Oregon than it does in SE Alaska (excluding the Panhandle).

Celia Harrison said...

KaJo, I'm in Soldotna which is on the far south end of the main body of Alaska. Our weather is milder than many other areas of Alaska, but we still get lots of snow. The snow is melting right now and we never know just when it will all be gone. The planting time here is around June 1st to give you an idea. The moose eat bark and right now some of the trees are sprouting buds, they eat those also. As the snow melts they can eat the plant material they find from last year. One reason we see them is they come to places where the snow gets cleared which helps them get access to plant material.

crystalwolflady said...

Well we know what BOG will say...kill them.
:( :( :(
I hope grass plants come up for them, his mom was prob killed by a hunter.

Celia Harrison said...

crystalwolflady, It is most likely a vehicle that killed her if she is dead. Soldotna is like a suburb without a city and there are some busy streets close by here. When the plant material gets covered in snow they go to where people live because we clear driveways, roads and parking lots which makes it easier for them to forage.