Young Man With Aspergers and Tourettes Kicks Ass At San Francisco Idol Auditions

He closes his eyes when he sings because he can focus more on the singing.

Jennifer Lopez was stunned by the passion and raw emotion in Durbin's voice, "You sing from a very different place than a lot of the people we see. You sing from where you're supposed to sing from: from feeling, from heart, from your soul. From the need to feel and make others feel."

"That's what my goal is; that's all I wanna do," Durbin said.

That is how Aspies typically are, very passionate and focused. There is a huge misconception about what goes on inside autistics. People with Aspergers are often working in the helping professions, that is because we are very tuned into feelings and want to help others. Because we start off life with a deficit when it comes to non-verbal communication people think Aspies don't have the same feelings as others, including some mental health professionals. As for the Tourettes,  Joe Cocker has spastic movements the whole time he sings which make his performances more interesting, it could be an asset for a singing career.


Bretta said...

Thank you - I might watch him.

My 20 yo daughter was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome about age 8.

Celia Harrison said...

Bretta, your daughter was lucky, probably because of you to have been diagnosed with Aspergers. Most females can't get diagnosed even when they know themselves they are Aspie because the criteria is totally based on males. Then the older we get the more we learn about communicating and the less we appear to have Aspergers, so they tell us we don't have it. Some are trying to educate health care professionals so girls can get that help they need to be successful in life.

Anonymous said...

Bless you for posting that video. I would never have seen that beautiful young man otherwise.