Peace and Love for Egypt, that IS where it's at.

Over a long period of time a few years ago I had on line chats with lots of people in the middle east, including a reporter at Al Jazeera. One of them was a law student in Iran who when at school was surrounded by his classmates and when at home his mother was often present. One was an officer in the military in Turkey. There were also some in Egypt. I wanted to know how they felt about the people of the United States after the Bush regime invaded a country for power and capitalist reasons. All of them said they hated our government, but not the people. They said people are the same everywhere. It was repeated often by people in many countries that the people will change things. They said they believed the people in the United States would make huge changes after the Bush regime...well we tried. While I was called an infidel by the reporter at Al Jazeera, which is certainly true, most of the people said they believed everyone has a right to their own choice of religion. Someone in the military told me that most likely the FBI was monitoring me. I did not care at the time because we were having cultural discussions. I know a lot more about the malfeasance of the DOJ and how many people were wrongfully imprisoned due to the Iraq war now, then there are the FBI raids on peace orgs.  When I saw the revolution in Egypt starting I was ecstatic. They did it, after all this time, they did it, they got rid of Mubarak and took their country back. Now, if they can just establish a real democracy without U.S. interference they will be well on their way to a better life. 

One of my favorite hippies discusses the revolution in Egypt. He has some harsh words to say about Tea Baggers and the former half-governor.

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