NMA Video:Michelle Obama As Obesity Fighting Superhero

I am so happy FLOTUS is working on this issue. The Food Industry aka (merchants of death) in this country has been allowed to sell unhealthy food for decades. The FDA is owned by them. Produce should be the cheapest thing in the store. People who have limited incomes have no choice, they have to eat the cheapest food they can find. We are in an economic crisis, so a lot more people are eating crap food. In the not too distant future food prices are going to skyrocket, especially here in Alaska due to the coming increase of oil due to post peak oil. It is insane that eating a healthy salad for dinner is more expensive than a burger and fries.

Fructose corn syrup is produced mainly from Monsanto GMO corn. It blocks the hormone that tells us we are full. The food industry adds it to a huge number of processed foods so people will eat more of their product due to not feeling full and because it makes the cheap, crappy ingredients in their products taste better. This GMO corn is also fed to chickens, cattle and other food animals. That is not what they are supposed to eat, so automatically they are unhealthy. We have been eating unhealthy meat for decades. The eggs produced by chickens which eat the poison Monsanto has forced upon us don’t have the right mix of omegas which causes many problems. Animals fed for just a short time on this corn had multiple organ failures. It also has been found to cause a dangerous condition called Metabolic Syndrome. Remember that the next time you have popcorn at a movie theater.

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