Apparently Roseanne Has Had Enough, She Started the Green Tea Party and Roseannearchy

She has announced she is running for President of the U.S. and Prime Minister of Israel ( half Jewish) at the same time on the newly formed Green Tea Party ticket.

She reads her manifesto in the first two videos. She wants to stop the patriarchal rule, have a million bitches march, empty the prisons of people who should not be there, legalize hemp/marijuana, start the church of common sense, combine capitalism and socialism into a system called People-ism, lock up the real (corporate) criminals, use the guillotine on anyone who privatizes the military, outlaw bullshit and a lot more. Sure she is a comedian, but just like a couple of male comedians we all know and love she makes a lot more sense than the real politicians.

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three votes from my humble hut.