Ed Schultze Rips Limbaugh A New One

As far as I am concerned Rush Limpbone is anti-American, those people in Wisconsin are fighting for the rights of everyone and the integrity of our democracy while Flush Limpnoodle just quotes from the script of the oligarchy.

Limpballs told his intellectually impaired audience that they are either with the protestors in Wisconsin or with America. The people protesting in Wisconsin ARE America. They are giving lots of people hope, including me.
Is there a flag even big enough to wrap Brush LintBall's ass in?


Anonymous said...

Lush Limpballs considers himself "mature"???

Pill popping, boy molesting, overpaid blowhard whose only interest in lining his own pockets so he can indulge his fat ass over and over?

Go to hell, you sorry POS.

I'll rejoice the day you have to go on relief, Lush.

Just_a_Mote said...

Perhaps, but you will never find a flag large enough to wrap around his twisted ego.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting that, it was great.

NewDealFarmGrrrlll said...

thank you! I despise lush bimbo with all my heart. His flatulent bleatings are sickening.