It sounds like these two men are saying that essentially BP has not even tried to fix the leak according to industry standards. It could be the well head was blown off the well, which means there would be yet another lie we were told. They think the site they are trying to plug by top kill is a minor leak compared to this leak.

Why could they not position military vessels around the area to keep ships out while they moved the tankers into position. Why can't they mark the essential lines and navigate around them? Why can't they position a larger vessel with the equipment to separate sea water and oil with smaller vessels sucking it up and delivering it to the bigger vessel? They have more excuses than carter has liver pills. The Navy knows how to navigate mine fields. Could it be they are stalling and using this mud pumping procedure to divert our attention while they scramble to find a solution for the larger leak?

Other countries have offered to help. When any country has a spill this large, equipment and expertise should be shared. After all the earth belongs to everyone and the pollution affects all of us.

If BP has all these contractors why were they not on top of things? Why are so many complaining that something as basic as setting up the booms to divert the oil from the beaches is being done in an incompetent and amateurish way?

Mr. President there is a huge difference between falling short in some areas and a total cluster. What we are seeing is a continuation of the corporations sidelining the scientists, experts, and interests of the people who own this country. The ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the beaches in the Gulf of Mexico do not belong to BP or their sub-contractors. Why are they still being allowed to use toxic dispersants which are making people ill. It has been known for a long time Corexit makes people and animals ill.

During the House Sub-Committee of Energy and Environment Rep. Charles Melancon (D - LA) became so emotional he had to leave.

Rachel Maddow on API BS:

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