I AM SERIOUS ABOUT THE LANGUAGE WARNING! This includes even the C-word and many people will cringe. However, I recommend watching this video because this woman describes the unf***ing believable incompetence of BP, MMS, the federal government, and the coast guard (lap dogs of oil industry) in not preventing oil from getting on the beaches with proper booming, from the perspective of being a booming expert. She describes what happens when experts are pushed to the side and not listened to. Why? Because BP would have had to pay them to be there on standby, they would have had to listen to their advice which may have slowed down the drilling process, they would have had to buy a lot of equipment, and they had no plans to be ready for a catastrophic leak like they said they were.

She is clearly a woman with a strong personality and the courage to speak up about the incompetence of BP and our government. It is very refreshing to me to hear an expert speak up because right now they are afraid to speak. Of course, if they do speak up they will be black balled from the oil industry. I know what it feels like to tell people what they are doing is dangerous and then be horrified when not only do they not listen, but they tell you to go to hell. They call you arrogant for having the nerve to try and prevent a huge problem. In my case they came after me, that is why she made this video anonymously. So much for the government's protection of whistleblowers. She is angry and frustrated like so many of us. The language in the video I am used to due to the many types of work I have done in my life, yes, including nursing, and not all of it from the patients either.

This is happening in many industries and with many regulatory agencies. Why do you think the hospitals workplace bully the older and more experienced nurses out. Have you noticed that when your loved one is in the hospital you have to have a family member sit next to the bed at all times to make sure they get what they need? You even have to make sure the nurses wash their hands and give the patient a bath. Have you also noticed they talk on the phone, disappear, and can't seem to answer questions about what is going on with the patient? The experienced and knowledgeable nurses have been removed in many hospitals(often with the use of workplace bullying) and replaced by those who are new or less experienced. They often come from cookie cutter two year nursing programs at small community colleges. There is little oversight, no highly skilled nurses making them do what they are supposed to, teaching them, or consulting with them on patient care. There is no one chewing them out for essentially not doing their job. These kinds of nurses go along with changes the hospital wants to make to save money which decreases the quality of patient care, they don't form unions, and don't have a huge amount of scientific evidence to argue their cases against poor nursing care. The healthcare industry can mold them to do whatever they want. This eliminates those uncooperative experts that sometimes get in the way of making money for corporations. This goes on now in many industries in this country.

This video was made a few days ago before the recent mud plugging episode.

I love it! The bluntly spoken truth is so rare in this country anymore.

James Carville expresses the frustration and anger in Louisiana that President Obama has not been aggressively doing everything possible to stop the flow of oil into the gulf which is polluting their shores. It has been 27 days since the explosion on the Deep Horizon drilling vessel. The government essentially allowed BP to take the lead until today when Salazar announced Minerals Management Services Director Elizabeth Birnbaum, resigned. Of course I realize she was handed a basket of shit when she took the job, just like President Obama was. How long would they need to straighten out some of these messes? The problem is the so called experts are a part of it all, how do you function if you remove all of the corrupt people who are also the experts? President Obama has finally made a statement that the federal government is taking the lead instead of BP and off shore drilling after 37 days. Um Himmels Willen!

Yes, a criminal investigation needs to be launched, but we have seen how this administration protects corporations and so does the Supreme Court.

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