This was aid from fifty countries. Will the United States do anything more than issue a weak statement that they condemn the attack? I have a feeling Turkey is going to take action, they are pissed. But, Turkey better be careful because there is a country with weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, Israel, thanks to the United States. It seems Israel has become their own worst nightmare. In Turkey they are saying Israel has just committed international suicide. Israel says they were attacked as they were lowered on the deck of at least one ship from helicopters. There were people with rods and sharp objects. The soldiers say they were fired upon. The people on board, which include news media. say the Israelis opened fire before boarding. It appears two weapons were taken from Israeli soldiers and the ammunition was spent. The news has now been blocked by Israel, the last reports were there are 14-16 dead and many injured, including Israeli soldiers.

Amazing that Israel would do this in international waters. They have been taken over by right wing extremists and they use propaganda to demonize the Palestinians and others. This is a typical rightist tactic to control the population and encourage war. There are protests in Turkey and the people tried to storm the Israeli embassy, but the Turkish authorities have so far prevented it. Lebanon has denounced the attack calling on international powers to do something. Greece has canceled joint airforce maneuvers with Israel. The Spanish and Italians have expressed their displeasure. The European Union is requesting an inquiry. Syria called for a meeting of the Arab League. Kuwait has called an emergency meeting. People in Jordan are protesting for the closure of the Israeli embassy there. Avital Leibovich, an Israeli military spokesman, admitted in a press conference the flotilla was seized in international waters. Ismail Haniya, a Hamas leader is asking for a United Nations Security Counsel meeting on the attack. Will the world finally do something for Palestine?

Here are the Israelis transporting an injured person. After this cowardly incident this soldier is checking to see if he even has any balls.


UPDATE: The United States government, true to form, says they are looking into it. Hopefully they won’t have to look into this incident for over thirty days before they do something about it. They just don’t want to do anything to upset Israel. Is it because they know the Israeli government is being run by right wing crazy people(I don’t blame the people of Israel) and have nuclear weapons at their disposal. British Foreign Secretary William Hague has called for an end to the Gaza blockade. Germany has only called for an investigation like the U. S., but they have emotional and political history reasons not to aggressively accuse Israel of war crimes. The African Union condemned the raid. Abdel-Rahman al-Attiya, the head of the Gulf Cooperation Council, said this attack should be considered a war crime. Saudi Arabia said Israel should be held responsible for it’s policies. Egypt(who helped perpetrate the blockade), Sweden, and Denmark have asked their ambassadors to Israel for explanations. Students in Iran are protesting in the streets

Why are the Israeli soldiers surprised that the people on this ship grabbed whatever they could and started defending themselves. The Israelis had no right to raid their ships and have a history of being brutal. I am sure the people in the flotilla felt they were fighting for their lives. The soldiers at the end of the video hold up a knife which looks kind of like a fishing knife and what I am guessing is a can of pepper spray as reasons for gunning people down. They were upset that people hit them with chairs and whatever they could find while they illegally raided their ship. These are normal everyday things people would have scrambled to get for defense. This was an act of piracy, I would have fought them off with whatever I could find too.

Please brothers go back to your cabin and get on your seats…stop the resistance they are using live ammunition, we can not protect ourselves….all the brothers on all the decks we have lost the main control of the ship…please come down and take your seats…be very calm…

Amy Goodman audio interview of Adam Shapiro, of the Free Gaza Movement on this post at the Huffington Post:

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mary b said...

Thanks for all the information. Great post. I and others have been trying to spread the word as we all know the MSM won't do it. This is beyond horrible, Israel has gone too far this time.
I hope Obama really does something powerful to condemn this.