The below image was used in a video made by the Israeli military as an example of a weapon. Mailonline claims the IDF are saying it was an improvised explosive device. The video and pictures below also show knives from the galley and most likely from some pockets of people in the flotilla. The gas masks are probably for the Palestinians, but apparently gas was used on the flotilla. There were sling shots with rocks, some pipes, tools which are commonly used on ships, construction tools, what looks like axe handles, flares, and other improvised weapons people must have grabbed for defense.

I had both an axe handle and a metal pipe in my room when I was barricaded in a room in a lodge in Homer. I had essentially gone outside and found something I could use to defend myself. The incompetence and corruption of the state of Alaska were the main reason my property ended up stolen or destroyed, my cat was starved/tortured, and I was wrongfully imprisoned. They were also the reason I was living in a dangerous place. The state troopers did not respond when crimes were reported, they made excuses not to come. They knew I was in danger. So, in other words, I know exactly the thinking that went behind McGyvering weapons. I also booby trapped the doors to my room, Home Alone style.

This is an IV bottle, when I enlarged it I did not recognize the language on the label, but I believe it is normal saline because a couple of the words were similar to sodium and chloride. The bottle has IV tubing attached to it, clearly. The drip chamber of the IV tubing which is the fatter part that is attached to the bottle obviously has blood that backed up into the tubing from the person it had been attached to. Either the person's blood pressure was very high, the bottle was not high enough above the patient or both. There is blood both on the bottle and inside it. The blue plastic thingy is simply what the bottle hangs on to get it high enough for gravity to facilitate the flow and overcome the resistance to flow from the pressure in the vein the IV is in. It's a friggin IV bottle! Most likely it is from someone the Israeli army shot. Their claim that it is an improvised weapon is pathetic propaganda that only a right extremist idiot would believe.

Here are some more pictures of  "weapons" found onboard ships of the flotilla. If anyone was wondering where those rods came from they cut them from somewhere on the ship using the saws they brought for construction work in the Gaza Strip. That is exactly what I would have done. They may have been some kind of safety railing. "Hizbollah" is written on one of the sling shots, most likely because Israel and some right wing organizations in the U.S. are now claiming the flotilla was a planned smoke screen so Hezbollah could sneak missiles to the Palestinians via Syria. What will they come up with next?

When I worked at a hospital in the Hilltop area of Tacoma Washington this is the weapon I used in the parking lot where people were often assaulted. Harvey Triplehead Stethoscopes make the best weapons in parking lots of inner city hospitals. You can take someone out with one wack. Three of us also chased two assailants and threw rocks at them. I guess we could have taken off our bras and used them as sling shots.


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Thanks for pointing out some of the anomalies in the IDF version of the flotilla attack. Some of the obviously planted weapons are pretty crude propaganda. (Five times before, similar aid boats were allowed into Gaza.)
People should be aware that the humanitarian aid periodically allowed into the strip through overland crossings is supplied by agencies like the UN, and not by the Israeli government. The collective punishment rationale arose under Ehud Olmert, the previous Israeli Prime Minister. Dov Weisglass,his adviser, told reporters: 'The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger." Hunger pangs are supposed to encourage the Palestinians to force Hamas to change its attitude towards Israel or force Hamas out of government. The party was voted in during elections that George Bush insisted on, despite advice that they might be premature. read more on http://israelitybites.blogspot.com