Update: Boise Police Department Harassment of Woman Living in Minivan, The Lies, Gaslighting and BS Were A-flowing

I live in a car because those who have control of Boise Idaho hate the homeless, harass us, abuse us and participated in not creating affordable housing while destroying it. Recently the city gave subsidies meant for affordable housing to builders of regular apartments and even one builder who has rooms to be used in a hotel situation. Eventually when this was revealed they made donations to offset the subsidies which were fees they did not have to pay according to a city council member.

They use some homeless people to attack others for using their First Amendment rights.It's very ugly.

The Boise oligarchy has control of every agency, politician and appointed position here. The police in Boise Idaho were giving homeless who slept outside tickets even when there was no room in the shelters. I was in a shelter when Police Chief Bones and Mayor Bieter both publicly said that there was room for all the people run out of tents from what they call Cooper Court, there was not, except for the first night when the fire regs were suspended. Cooper Court is essentially an alleyway that runs around the building the shelter uses. Some of those people who then flooded the shelter were sociopathics who harassed and preyed upon others at the shelter making hell even more hellish. The staff and Boise Police do nothing about that. They then arrest and incarcerate homeless people who sleep outside trying to protect themselves from the conditions and abuse or the theft of their property.

Yes, there are people drinking and causing problems or doing drugs, often this is a secondary symptom of trauma. They annoy the hell out of me too. Traumatizing them more will only make their behavior worse. I am not saying they aren't causing problems, I am saying the conditions the homeless are forced into contribute to the problems.

I had an apartment but was gangstalked until I did not renew the lease. The Boise Police gaslighted me and refused to allow me to file police reports, yes I know they were told lies about me and all about the Fusion Center/911 Call Center/State Police Intelligence Unit controlling much of what goes on. I also know they have FBI/Cops embedded who move about to different places, my friends call them gypsy cops.

My health issues are that I am a DES Daughter, have ME/cfs and PTSD. The last two are very hard to manage, especially together and especially while being psychologically tortured, not too hard to understand that. This means their goal is to destroy me. I am living in a minivan to have control of my health issues, more control of my environment and to put a barrier between myself and the abusive, sociopathic bullies of Boise Idaho. Now they use many types of employees of the city of Boise for the torture.

Sunday February 17th this incident in this ↓ blog post happened, then I posted about it on the 18th. I am a 63 year old female who has been through hell in her life for telling the truth and fighting corruption. I have health problems facilitated by a drug called DES that was given to my mother while I was in her womb. It caused DES Daughters and Sons many problems including with our immune systems. This information like so much the corporate world wants suppressed is hardly known to newer physicians. The illness ME/cfs which I believe was facilitated by the DES I was exposed to in utero is hard to manage when one has a place to live, forcing me into homelessness would be known to make me very ill.

Boise Police Department Continues Their Harassment, It Was Not an Earthquake, it was the Boise Police Department Harassing me

Recently I was thrown out of the Boise library system after complaining for years of being stalked and harassed there. It was worse at the libraries due to my not being allowed to wear a camera. I was falsely accused of making a threat to an admin staff. I did tell her she had gaslighted me like all boise city employees are apparently taught to do and like all government agencies do to me and told her she was going to pay for that. I went to work on the payback, writing about it. Guess they are terrified of the truth. Anything and everything is done to make my life more difficult, financially drain me, cause my health to get worse, frustrate and anger me. Nothing is done to protect me from the criminal element in Boise Idaho which includes the Boise Police Department and other agencies.

I was just writing about it, the crazy actions they took then resulted in a video. 

Thrown Out of Boise Idaho Downtown Library, All Branches, Clear Retaliation and Based on a False Accusation

I emailed a link of the video about my tires being marked when they know I generally leave every day to Mayor Bieter's office, the city council and the Boise Police Department asking them to cease and desist. No response from these people ever. Run silent, run deep.

Around 10:40ish the morning the 24th of March two cops on bicycles were outside my car. I felt my car move just like last weekend, saw a shadow and then heard a voice. I put the window down to ask what the hell they were doing. Then I got lies as per usual. I thought it was probably two guys just walking by, there are a lot of out of control gangstalkers and hooligans in Boise Idaho. It was Boise Police Department, some of the worst abusers of homeless people in the country next to my car. They wrote on my tire again. I sent my blog post linked above to Mayor Bieter, the city council and the Boise Police Department telling them to not vandalize my vehicle by writing on my car before this incident. This cop in the video lied, he has talked to me and most certainly has seen me many times. I have been parking on this street for months in the same damn spot and there are many, many witnesses of this, including people from businesses who do street theater and intoxicants who hang out here.

When he said a man has been parking in the area in a car like mine he is full of shit, cops are allowed to lie to the public and he certainly did. There was a series of men sent to harass me, several from the homeless shelter parked their cars end to end then left them where I was parking for at least two weeks last fall. Then there are the motorhomes which suddenly show up, some park partially on the sidewalk, they run their generators, shoot off guns, yell things, not all of them, some. But, why tell a lie to a woman who knows what the truth is and the actual reality of what has gone on? That's something psychopaths do, but the government here in Boise does it as a whole. Gangstalking police, I guess Police Chief Bones, the State Police Intelligence Unit and the Fusion Center FBI/cops want me to post my documentation on line. OK, I will.

The Boise Police Department would not investigate harassment at the Civic Plaza Apartments here in Boise Idaho. I had told them there was a lot of criminal activity in the building along with the gangstalking harassment of myself. They gaslighted and did nothing, then there was a murder, the drug dealing continued along with the gangstalking of myself. There were many crimes committed which HUD, Steadfast Management, Idaho Housing Finance, BPD and others should have done something about, none of them would even listen and the harassment and lying continues. Never lie to an INFJ, bad fucking mistake.

This cop lied his ass off. I have had more than one conversation with him and there has been no man on this street with a car like mine who stayed over night. There was a car similar to mine at the library being used in a gangstalking mimic LARP and like many cars used to harass me it was there a couple times, but not all night, he just came to harass me like so many other putrid types. What they did at the library was park the car close to mine for days to weeks or at the entrance to be sure I will see it. Vehicle harassment is done in many ways in organized harassment, specific colors are used, swerving cars at mine, one headlight off, riding my ass, backing out of a parking spot intentionally as I drive by nearly causing an accident (had that happen twice today, Easter Sunday 2019 and they are probably all Christians) parking behind me when I try to sleep with a damaged sounding engine or a wet fan belt squealing, blocking me, doing FBI boxes around me, playing loud bass music, harassing me about parking, doing strange little plays to try and freak me out and on and on. 

The cop must be referring to one of their community policing gangstalking thugs that he assumed was assigned to harass me where I park at night. I have had BPD run cars at me when I was walking, participate in a set up scenario, use vehicles for harassment drive bys, park two cars on the street I was walking down, get out of and stand by the vehicles doing nothing as I walk by, drive by every time I go through a particular intersection, often two police vehicles at at time, drive by or park by a crossing light type crosswalk triggering the flashing red lights, but no one is crossing and park in the parking lot across from where I park at night arriving right after I do and leaving when I put my black curtain up. They have gone into places where I was eating in large numbers, parking their vehicles next to the booth where I was sitting and much more.

The worst of it was gaslighting me and not doing anything about criminal harassment or a crime ridden apt complex. Sick, sick, sick. That lead to my being homeless and now they harassed me while I live in a car in the winter with snowing, cold and harassment from Boise's large subset of bullies, criminals and community policing's Army of Weaponized Morons. 

Screen shot from video of cop from February 24th who said he had never seen me before and certainly had never talked to me.

Screen Shot of video from January 17th of this year. I stopped because it looked like he was giving a person who parked on the same street I do a ticket, was taking photos etc. During that conversation he asked if that was my vehicle, then he goes oh, it's the one you were driving. You can't make this kind of crazy crap up. It was not that he had talked to me before, but it was fairly recent, on the same street and about parking cars on it, ticketing, regs etc. Gaslighting, gangstalking Boise Cops, they're a dime a dozen. Apparently the administration staff at the library also have been trained on gaslighting techniques, a very narcissistic government.

Here is the documentary with video of me talking to him before he came to harass me on the 17th and then the second time on the 24th.


Sooooo, the BPD wants me to take them to court, let's get it on mother fuckers, I have much more police abuse to add and now the problems at the library including defamation of character by an admin staffer. Maybe we can get to the ninth circuit and the SCOTUS to perhaps make changes to help the massive number of homeless people in the United States, you know like what has already happened with your ticketing of the homeless. Thanks for the suggestion. 

Since this incident I have now been thrown out of the Boise Library system by an admin staffer based on something that makes no sense, especially considering what goes on at that library. Then I was harassed by a city employee of the Zoo for parking in a Julia Davis parking spot. Just like the director of the library system would not return calls about problems at the library, the director of the Zoo doesn't either. Then the employees arrange assholery. This goes on while Mayor Bieter's staff claim people always call back right away, horse crap. Still waiting. 

Some events are happening that indicate the reason for the upswing in the Boise city harassment is based on a case in Pennsylvania I write about. How pathetic to do such immoral and criminal actions against the person with the courage to tell the truth. They get told lies from the feds because at this point in time the US is almost completely made of lies, so any time the truth is coming out of someone they freak out and begin their cointelpro disrupt and discredit ops.

As I drove my car away from that spot in early afternoon I got two video segments of three other cars, 2 parked on this street and one parked on a connected street. They are all three parked on both streets by homeless people. Some leave their vehicles in the same spot for two to three days, then move them to another spot and leave them there over and over. I decided to just stay late where I was on a Sunday, no one needed the parking during the daytime. They marked my tire just seeing me there during the day that one time. Then Sunday February 24th they did that again, then the cop lied. The tires of those three vehicles which are left parked all day, every day were not marked. Two had some old yellow stuff on a tire which could have been old markings, but certainly they were not marked that day.

These are screen shots of the tires of other vehicles. BPD marks the front tire on the drivers side. I did not want to show the videos and dox their vehicles, no one can tell which ones they are by tires. But, I have the videos for evidence. Now I would dox their vehicles after some of the assholery these people have put me through.

Not long after this incident a motorhome parked behind me one day, ran their generator and caused other problems so I was run out of my spot. That happened last fall also. The first vehicle was allowed to park there, not a car, a motorhome for twenty days. Then a second motorhome showed up. Just like last fall gunshots occurred and lots of angry yelling at all hours, especially as people walked by my vehicle. Finally BPD noticed them. Riiiighhht. I documented every day that their tires were not marked and they stayed in the same spots. During the time they were parked, blocking others I moved down the street and had a man who wanted me to move after I parked so he could have my spot harass me two evenings in a row, then called me a bitch even after I turned on my cell phone to record him. I have been harassed by putrid abusive men in Boise who even come up and put their hands on me, apparently lots of me in this city feel entitled to harass and stalk women. Those assaults happened at the Interfaith Sanctuary and the Downtown library, staff at both places would do nothing as per usual.

Welcome to Boise Idaho.

Update: Yesterday as so often happens several times a police vehicle with a picture of a bicycle on it either drove where I was driving or was sitting somewhere as I drove by. The first one happened before I published this post. After I parked for the night they drove by again, then there was another car. Often the harassment involves two cop cars. It was a holiday, many of the gangstalkers were with family etc. so they had less people from the Army of Weaponized Morons, so they were probably just substituting for them. There were a couple gangstalkers who showed up however.   

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