Boise Police Corrupton, Harassment and Huge Druggies Gone Wild in Boise Idaho, I Guess That's What They Mean by "Livable."

Over a long period of time I have been harassed by multiple entities of Boise Idaho and Ada County and the federal government agencies, HUD in particular plays lots of sick games. The police, the fire department, Ada County Highway Department, Zoo Employees, library staff all the way to the top, some city road crews, oligarchic corporations who are members of Infragard and non-profits, the one connected to HUD, the Intermountain Fair Housing Council along with the Interfaith Sanctuary, a homeless shelter were the worst. This includes construction crews who have even set up fake road construction scenarios or added onto real ones to cause problems, flooded a convenience store whenever I went there no matter the time of day.

On top of this add a drug ring that is allowed to operate full bore here in Boise who has done very dangerous harassment, the cops who must be on their payroll, the apparent lack of concern from the police chief or mayor and you have a dangerous city for anyone who has any kind of intelligence and complaints about even one of these entities. I have complained about all of them to no avail due to the corruption here. Those in charge generally do not return phone calls, or my calls are diverted to either a dead end or someone LARPing the are who I was trying to call. lt's been quite an education about how corrupt a city can be.

Over a long period of time my warnings that I would make and post videos of what was going were laughed at, eyes were rolled and accusations of my lying were made. I am not lying about anything or imagining any of it and proof will be supplied.

The police often harass me by parking close by and just sitting. They use a gangstalking technique I call enter/exit, it can be exit/enter, enter/enter or exit/exit also. I arrive, at least one cop car shows up. For a while when they did this where I park at night they would leave when I put up a black curtain. Before I had the vehicle they would run two cars at a time for instance through a particular intersection or close by every time I approached it and other strange behaviors. When staying at a homeless shelter and walking all over they would park two cars on the street as I approached, get out and just stand there as I went by, show up at restaurants and other places and park outside the window where I sat, there are lots of drive bys, cross walk signals that come on when they are parked close by or drive by and much more.

Continuing problems with what seems to be meth use right next to where I park at night prompted me to drive over the the cop parked across from where I was as ge sat in his car for a discussion on the subject. Keep in mind the Boise Police prevent me from filing police reports and the last time I asked to file a complaint against a cop the dispatcher told me the watch commander would call me, he did not. This seems a lot like time to send lots of information to the DOJ to me. I parked turned off the camera on my dash and began to turn on a body camera when he got on his cell phone and then took off like a bat out of hell. It is not safe for me to talk to a cop in Boise without recording it.

I have parked there for over 7 months including in the cold last winter. The warmer weather came and the druggies set up shop. They hide crap in the bushes, the dumpster surround, etc. There are two who come through screaming, male and female, the male picks things up and throws them against a building and other places. One night they were so high their words were unintelligible, they could barely walk and I thought they were going to have sex behind a van, but they moved on after a while.

Criminals forced me out of an apartment through an organized harassment program done by people with similar issues. The BPD would not allow me to file police reports about the harassment and slandered me. I know how horrible it is to be homeless because I have been for years. The shelters are intolerable, there are people preying upon others including the staff and the conditions are inhumane. I also know a lot about trauma and that drug use is a symptom of that, so I do have some empathy for these out of control people. There are however behavioral issues which require some interventions, people should not be forced to live in an apartment building full of these unsupervised problems especially while all entities responsible don't do their jobs and also abuse the person who is a victim of massive crimes and they are given something for gangstalking themW. Rather than spend time harassing someone like myself who was not causing problems other than telling the truth (very threatening to the corrupt) it seems the BPD time would be better spend on some other things.

Now I live in a vehicle because the Boise Police, city hall, HUD, the Intermountain Fair Housing Council (non-profit of HUD), Idaho Housing Finance, two security contractors, one being Allied Security who worked to have me thrown out of the Downtown Boise library who allowed a drug ring to operate on the property in the courthouse parking garage under the building where my apartment was. Yes, they did, but hey, that's what happens when a county has a privatized courthouse. Oh yea, it is Steadfast Management who owns the courthouse the same corporation that owns the Civic Plaza Apartments where I was terrorized for a year. Another contractor was also on the property doing the organized harassment program for the government. I believe that was G4S.

Going to do laundry always results in harassment of some kind for me. At some laundromats lots of gangstalkers show up doing all kinds of blocking, harassment and disruption tactics. Two thugs with knives would show up at one laundromat at 7 AM, go plug the toilet and sink in the bathroom, obviously tweeking they kept checking to see if someone was coming to get them. The knives were very large. The police are never around for things like that, if I called they would act like I was crazy, when asked why state they did not believe my stories. This is why I have lots of cameras now and make videos to post on the series of tubes (Alaska joke). One laundromat I have gone to resulted in the police showing up to interrogate me as to if I was doing laundry or not. At the one in this video some vehicle from the city of Boise always shows up for harassment and drives by or around my vehicle, Boise City, Public Safety or the Boise Police vehicles. Thst day a cop showed up and just sat across from me, then left, but came back just as soon as I went out to my car and circled it.

At least leave me the hell alone if you can't do your damn jobs.

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