Location Aggregators Get Our Location Data From Cell Phone Corps, then Sell it To Whoever. Bounty Hunters, Government Contractors Doing Organized Stalking/Harassment Are Tracking People in Real Time, We Told You, You Gaslighted Us

The government gaslights us when we report this and all the while they are assisting these second and third party contractors to screw us. America, you ain't so great.

We already knew they were selling our data, but not how widespread it is and that they even sell it to bounty hunters. I guess anyone who gives them some money can get any data no matter how much it harms someone or how heinous those who receive it are.

They sell real time location data. We know the government contractors who are doing the organized stalking aka gangstalking programs are totally unregulated and allowed to unmercifully destroy a person's life and cause suicides. Of course they are often working for the government which gives them license to harm large numbers of people. The cell phone companies lied their asses off when they said they would stop selling our data in May of 2018. I hold all of these bastards responsible for what I have been through including all the fucking politicians and law enforcement on every level. The police participated in it along with firemen and people from other agencies. You are all criminals. 

Well now...John Legere the CEO of T Mobile never responded to these tweets I sent him last May, too busy lying. Not surprised. All that matters to them is money, even profiting off of human trafficking is A-OK with corporate America and their intelligence, gov contractor clients. 

The problem here is all the major cell phone companies participated, so there isn't one ethical company one can chose from.

Yesterday I went to the T Mobile store where I originally got my phone. I told the guy the story and what had been revealed in the news about his employer selling our location for profit and that I had tweeted John Legere about it. He was still standing there looking shocked when I left.

I knew over a long period of time my cell phone was being tracked by those who were running the organized harassment program to destroy my life. These people are criminals, but so are the cell phone companies who sold them the personal location data used to stalk and harass millions of innocent citizens, not just in the United States, but all over the world. Then there are our government agencies who paid contractors to do this to us. False lists were created by Fusion Centers using targets as pretend enemies for profit. I'm a DES Daughter, a drug company used me for profit not caring that they were damaging me, same with many of the doctors, before I was even born. Now my government is taking me with my DES damaged body and doing what they can to cause me to die ASAP.

A couple weeks back the gangstalking started being less accurate. In the morning I would get ready to leave where I parked the night before since I have been forced to live in a car by these criminals. A car would park in the middle of the street between two other vehicles parked there and just sit with menacingly with their headlights on. When I left that car would follow me unless I took a long time,  then it would go park somewhere and then get behind me close to an intersection with one headlight on, one off. After that car followed close behind me a pickup truck would get on my ass and do vehicle harassment for a while. They would often follow me when I went to get coffee and harassed me at a convenience store. This is very dangerous and could have easily caused an accident which was likely their goal. Sometimes they did an FBI box which is where a target is surrounded on all four sides, prevented from making lane changes, turning and slowed down. That can also be used to cause an accident. This went on for months, then suddenly stopped. It was generally only done early in the morning when it was dark, bullies, narcissists and many cops are cowards. The Boise Police Department allowed and participated in these crimes.

I still get the cars with only one headlight on which drive by me. Two passed me this morning. Other gangstalking which requires the cell phone to track me has died down. It was due to the capitalists who will do anything to make money, even kill people finally being shamed into stopping their profiting off of this form of human trafficking called organized harassment or gangstalking.

The harassment has gotten much worse at the library, they know I will go there, where I will probably sit etc. I often have the one eyed cars behind me if I leave the library after dark. Lots of really weird things go on in the parking lot at night there. In the mornings I go park in the park system, drink coffee, etc. They are doing some really odd things to harass me.

At the Civic Plaza Apartments my cell phone was used to track me on a grand scale. When a target walks by a perp or someone who has an application that alerts them a target in their system of human trafficking is passing by they get an alert on their cell phone, pull it out, then look around until they see the target and get a look of recognition on their face, then they send a text message. They pay them to even text our location, not just to harass us. A motorhome was parked next door to the Civic Plaza Apts which was used for this purpose and to shoot directed energy weapons at me. It was parked on the property of St. Luke's Hospital. You would not believe the people and the rigs they allowed to be over there in the St. Luke's Trailer Park and Truck Stop. The Civic Plaza and that trailer park are the stuff nightmares are made of.

We need Neuremburg Trials. I have never believed in the death penalty, but all of them need to be put to death. Send them to an asteroid, jettison a pod to land on the surface, then send in a nuclear weapon and blow the motherfuckers to smithereens. Intel agencies, FBI, NSA, CIA, military intel, all those other agencies most people have never heard of. Add their puppet politicians to the list. Most important are the government contractors, the secret societies who got people on lists, the shitty little narcissists people worked with who got them added to a list, the corrupt FBI agents who went around in 2004-5 and told community leaders they could put people they did not like on lists (especially the combo CIA/FBI psychopaths) any members of a family who got a family member targeted, significant others who did this, send as many pods as it takes to get rid of the bastards, every fucking one of them. Don't leave any of their DNA behind it could infect some lifeform somewhere in the universe. Blow up all the buildings used by the government contractors, especially that one on Overland used by G4S and don't leave the healthcare providers who intentionally misdiagnosed targets and the desk staff who sabotaged them. The list is a long one. 

There should be a special place for all the cops in every community who prevented targets from filing police reports, did not protect the targets from harassment that sometimes leads to suicide, homelessness, health problems, financial destruction, severe isolation, spread false rumors about them in the community, sent a psych unit when they told the absolute truth about what was going on but did nothing to stop the fucking perpetrators and most important was their gaslighting of people who needed them to do their fucking jobs. Put them in a front row seat, strap the bastards down. Make sure the cop I called when someone orchestrated me being locked in a storage facility who came and insinuated I broke in to steal things and was a circular talking ass along with the one who told me he brought a social worker with him, "...because we don't believe your stories." Let's say I was lying about them, how the hell is a social worker aka social engineer going to help you with that Bubba? Don't let me forget the cop who talked crazy to me on the phone when I called about harassment, perhaps he was not even on the BPD and the call was diverted, send him to the asteroid. The thing is I never lie and I do not like most social workers, it has been my experience a large number of them have personality disorders and have been put into place to fulfill a political agenda, that is certainly true in Boise. Ain't it so.

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Notice how she mentions that to be an FBI informant they want criminals. I keep saying the organized harassment Army of Weaponized Morons are chosen due to sociopathic characteristics. Normal people would know what they are doing is wrong. BTW, I believed the Geek Squad in Anchorage Alaska copied my data from a dead laptop. They also trolled me.


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