Strange Goings On With Facebook and YouTube, Well Now Blogger

One of my posts was removed by Facebook. I have no idea what violated their policies, probably nothing. I assume there was targeting by one of the parties mentioned in it. This is about something that happened in 2015, their little message that they had removed it did not include the date, but that was when what I wrote about happened, but no idea when I posted it.

Today Facebook wanted to know if I posted the above comment, you know because it is so unlike what I would post. They marked it as spam. That means until I marked that it was not spam no one could see it. The only way I found out about this was due to my searches.

Never heard of retroactive censorship before. I searched for other posts around this time period and found this one which was before I realized that surveillance had been launched against me

Since this happened there have been some other odd things including this post being published, but it was not me. I unpublished it and it is now published again.

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