Women of Power and Passion in Philly Fighting Like Tigresses for Democracy And Some Jackals for the Oligarchy

The women of the Democratic Party have among them some very unethical, manipulative people who do not believe in democracy, instead they work for the oligarchy. They rigged the election facilitating a coup, they manipulated Trump into the position of the Republican candidate mostly using the corporate news media who are their instruments. They kept other candidates from running in the democrat primary other than Hillary Clinton, except for Bernie Sanders. Why was that? They used him as a sheepherder to get people to register with the Democratic Party so they could manipulate those new voters into voting for Hillary. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, it does not matter who tells me to, I don't follow orders but instead do what is right and there are a large number of people like me. I know too much to be manipulated or lied to. I have no idea what Bernie Sanders is thinking endorsing that woman, I disagree with him strongly.

Here is one of the women of the Democrats, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz a real piece of work. She resigned from the DNC, but only after the convention. Hillary Clinton then hired her to work on her campaign, how is that any different than what she was doing at the DNC?

This is Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive in Philly yesterday. She amazes me by reaching into my brain and pulling out my thoughts. I am a huge fan already, but this speech was awesome. Speechify it sister. That was a kick ass speech.

Jill Stein is the presidential candidate for the Green Party. I agree with their ideals and she is now my choice for candidate unless some miracle turns the convention on it's end and Bernie emerges as the Dem candidate. I do not expect anything like that. Jill Stein's principles and beliefs about the planet, democracy, social justice, health care and more are all aligned with Bernie and the movement. The Green Party's platform is beautiful.

BTW: A message for Sarah Palin, look Sarah she is wearing a scarf for reasons other than pretending to be pregnant. Just had to throw that in there.

Forget the lesser of two evils and fight for the greater good. This intelligent woman would make a wonderful president.


I love this next woman, she is two years older than me, we have three of the same interests, gardening, crocheting and fighting for democracy. I am this woman. No one seems to know what her name is, just that she is a Bernie Sanders delegate, since we don't know her name people are calling her, We The People. I talked to several women like her yesterday, tigresses for democracy. Hillary Clinton is no tigress for democracy, she is a jackal for the oligarchy.

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