Marching for Bernie in Boise Idaho, Finally DWS Resigns, But Only With Massive Evidence Exposing DNC Corruption, #ThanksObama

Finally after such obvious manipulation, lies and frankly psychopathic behavior of the DNC staff DWS, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is going to resign, but of course not until after the convention. That allowed her to continue the corruption and keep the platform from being very progressive. This is too little too late, they stole the election in full view of the American public while so many had their heads stuck up the arses of the corporate news media unable to even add 1+1 and get 2. They followed along and blamed the Bernie supporters because they were told to. The first thing bullies do is say those exposing them are either liars or crazy, always, always, always!

The whistleblower is always the bad guy to those who are exposed and in a corrupt government those with money and power are protected all the way to the White House while the truth tellers are incarcerated in administrative segregation/solitary if they are not assassinated. There is one thing that really makes my blood boil and it is in the 90s here, I am sick and was just walking around in the heat feeling the Bern so my blood is on full boil. President Obama when DWS was under fire for the corrupt practices of the DNC decided to support her because he is just as corrupt as she is, "She's had my back, I want to make sure we have her back." Yes, it's the old you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours routine. He also said she is “...somebody who I don't know how she does it, because she's everywhere all the time, non-stop, and she's a mom and a wife and has been just incredibly supportive of my agenda." Well President Obama we have a much better understand of "how she does it" now and it needs to be stopped by the whole damn Democratic Party including you sir who must have agreed with their tactics since you supported their actions.  How do these people sleep at night? #DumpDebbie #ThanksObama

I planned to go to Philly but I got very ill because I live in hell and the demons running it make very bad decisions which harmed my health over a long period of time. There is no way I can walk around for days and certainly standing for hours is out of the question, but I have a doctor now who appears to be a real one, she teaches interns and the ER doctor told me I can teach them about ME/cfs and DES, this is the right attitude. There is also a risk of pepper spray etc. from police and I'm having way too much respiratory problems to tolerate that. No, just like going to prison you don't have to do anything wrong to get pepper sprayed.

I did what I could where I am and joined the rally and march this morning in Boise. These are Bernie Supporters in a very red state, a state that until recently due to a court ruling violated the constitutional right to a lawyer for low income people. Of course public defenders mostly threaten and manipulate people into taking pleas innocent, guilty or over charged, so they are often worse than no defense because at least without them the truth can be told by the defendants representing themselves.

We had a rally before the march with people speaking, so I speechified. There were lots of people and it was hot so I just touched on two points, after all the people who were there are informed and intelligent, they are the ones who can detect corruption without massive dumps of evidence from Wikileaks and Guccifer 2.0 and I thank both of them for their help with our democracy. I spoke shortly about the non-profit industrial complex having sprung from neoliberal economics and how the fate of the homeless will be worse under Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump along with them creating even more homeless people and that I feel it is obvious since we already have evidence the DNC selected Trump as the RNC candidate using mainly the news media that they also used Bernie Sanders to sheepdog or gather more voters in an attempt to enable Hillary to win when she is such a weak candidate. I stated that this makes it even more important to implement #Demexit.

At the rally listening to speakers with Idaho progressive liberals, Bernie supporters. We have to continue to fight forever, not just now for the principles Bernie put forward that so many of us had tucked into our hearts and souls waiting for the right time to unite and do right by our fellow citizens. 

 I love this sign, it is a work of art and the lady that made it seems to be too. This is side 1.

And this is side 2.

This is after the rally across the street from the state capital.

It was hotter than hell, I should know I slept there last night. 

My voice was already hoarse, but the yelling continued. 

We ended at the park across from the library where there was a Goddess Festival going on.

Captain America was there he said this was the most patriotic thing he had to wear. He stated his belief that Captain America would be a Bernie supporter. Someone spoke about our fight for democracy being the most patriotic of acts this morning and how we are all fighting for the best for our country. It is true. Being a sheep is not patriotic.

Notice the dark circles, staff in hell told me he did not notice them and my eyes were not bloodshot, I had conjunctivitis at the time. This is two different staff that have said this crazy thing to me.

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