Chris Hedges on Bernie in February, David Rovics Was Right About the Bernie Sanders Betrayal, Jill Stein is Amazing

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Bernie Sanders’ Phantom Movement

by Chris Hedges in February of 2016

Sanders is, in all but title, a Democrat. He is a member of the Democratic caucus. He votes 98 percent of the time with the Democrats. He routinely backs appropriations for imperial wars, the corporate scam of Obamacare, wholesale surveillance and bloated defense budgets. He campaigned for Bill Clinton in the 1992 presidential race and again in 1996—after Clinton had rammed through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), vastly expanded the system of mass incarceration and destroyed welfare—and for John Kerry in 2004. He called on Ralph Nader in 2004 to abandon his presidential campaign. The Democrats recognize his value. They have long rewarded Sanders for his role as a sheepherder.
Kshama Sawant and I privately asked Sanders at a New York City event where we appeared with him the night before the 2014 climate march why he would not run for president as an independent. “I don’t want to end up like Ralph Nader,” he told us.
Sanders had a point. The Democratic power structure made a quid pro quo arrangement with Sanders. It does not run a serious candidate against him in Vermont for his U.S. Senate seat. Sanders, as part of this Faustian deal, serves one of the main impediments to building a viable third party in Vermont. If Sanders defies the Democratic Party he will be stripped of his seniority in the Senate. He will lose his committee chairmanships. The party machine will turn him, as it did Nader, into a pariah. It will push him outside the political establishment. Sanders probably saw his answer as a practical response to political reality. But it was also an admission of cowardice. Nader paid a heavy price for his courage and his honesty, but he was not a failure.

Emphasis by me. 
We know from the Guccifer 2.0 documents that the DNC worked to manipulate who the GOP candidate was and I expect there was some very evil assholery in the background. They selected Donald Trump and we know Bill Clinton spoke to him about running along with Trump and the Clintons being friends. Bill from a distance seems to be on the narcissistic PD/psychopathy scale so he is very skilled at chatting people up to manipulate them. Trump is of course in a similar psych category but not as smart as Bill and Hillary combined.
It is very clear why they picked Trump, Hillary is not liked by a large segment of the population so they wanted someone they could use as a demon, the old lesser of two evils, he's Hitler crap which is the Democrat's theme. Who could not win against Trump, well apparently Hillary Clinton which should tell people something. If Donald Trump was the candidate the GOP would have picked independent of DNC/oligarchy influence which I don't think is what happened, why in hell run Hillary Clinton who is hated by so many against him? I think they decided to run Hillary Clinton due to some powerful/wealthy people wanting her coronated and worked up a scheme to control the candidates on both sides to overcome the dislike of a large percentage of the population.
Hillary can't win against Trump so they needed more people to join the Democratic Party to generate more voters. Did the DNC also select who was to run aganst Hillary Clinton in the Dem. primary? Guccifer 2.0 and Wikileaks do you have any info? If so please help us. Yes, I am suggesting that the DNC very likely eliminated Democrat candidates, there were some interested in running who even seemed kind of pissy they could not, like Joe Biden but they let Bernie Sanders, the socialist sheepherder run. Did they do this to attract the former Occupy people, the millenials, the disaffected, the renegades, the tree huggers, the pissed off, the old hippies, those who avoid participating in the political process, people who read, the intelligent, actual liberals, etc.? These people, many who were not affiliated with any party registered as Democrats so they could vote in the Democratic primary for Bernie. A lot of good it did many due to the election rigging. This increased the number of registered Democrats massively. I would love to see the stats on that and compare it to how many are left after the #Demexit.
Wow what a mind fuck, what a psy-op.
They keep saying those who are not voting for Hillary are electing Trump and we keep saying fuck off you picked a bad candidate.  But it appears they may have put Bernie in place to run as a faux candidate against their very flawed candidate which means all the responsibility rests on the DNC. This is some twisted and sick crap.
At this point Weaver, Bernie Sanders campaign manager is working for the Hillary Campaign and Bernie Sanders is now Hillary Clintons bitch.
The only puzzling thing about this is how it ended, why was it done in such a way to really piss us off? It seems like they could have manipulated the events much better. Perhaps when more events play out that will be clear. Was this done to stop the massive number of people who were planning on being in Philadelphia to protest the Democratic National Convention? Did they have data collected by the massive police state to show the numbers of protestors would demonstrate to the country some election rigging must have gone on? Do they have some plan to try and get us to vote for Hillary after that event, some kind of staged episode? Was this done to demoralize the independent, not manipulated and informed people who do things like pay attention and document voter fraud and election rigging?
Perhaps they thought the negotiations for concessions would placate us along with the Bernie Sanders appointees to the platform committee. Did they set up this scenario to "unite" us, if so this did not work. We did not get some really important issues dealt with and do not trust Hillary to keep her word, nor the DNC.
It is just a bit too odd that Bernie after meeting with President Obama and the corrupt Harry Reid began acting like a pod person. Did they present information trumped up (pun intended) to frighten him into cooperating or did they just promise to give him concessions so he would come into the flock.
When Jill Stein reached out to Bernie Sanders saying he could have her spot to run for president for the Green Party I always thought it was odd and rude he never responded or even publicly said thanks for the offer.
We are still here, the movement remains, we believe in all the same principles, there is another party we can go to, one I actually have admired a long time, but suffered from the same wrong thinking so many others have, that party can't win so why join them. That wrong thinking is why we have a broken two party, massively corrupted system and are owned by the oligarchy. That wrong thinking is why they never won, we can change that. 
I Just opened a Green Party account. Jill Stein 2016
Why Socialists Can't Wait for Bernie to Lose - POLITICO Magazine

Jill Stein's statement after Bernie Sanders endorsement. Notice she discussed the election rigging. 


In this ad Dr. Stein talks about the lesser of two evils meme and how instead we need to change our thinking to the greater good. There is a flaw in this video but it is important.

David Rovics from Aug 21, 2015.

“Look at all the people standing in their places hoping that this system can be changed. Now picture the betrayal plainly written on their faces when the deck chairs once again are rearranged. When the great man tells his flock now vote for the 1%, though it’s OK if you do it with a frown. They’ll do the deed and wonder what any of that had meant the day that Bernie Sanders came to town.”

I am not doing the deed, we will not vote for Hillary or the 1%. Never Hillary, Never Trump. We do still have Jill Stein who is an amazing woman with the Green Party. Some will simply sit the election out. It is unfortunate that the betrayal will probably include Bernie giving the DNC his list of supporters. Do not contact me.

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