Bernie Sanders Conference Call to Delegates After Endorsement Indicates He Has Drunk the Democrat Party Kool Aid, EWWWW

The audio of Bernie Sanders conference call to his delegates is at the bottom of this post.

Most Bernie Sanders supporters detest Hillary Clinton so their plan for us to vote for her is only going to work on those who are ill informed and easily manipulated. She is the opposite of what I want not just for my country, but for the other citizens of the world. She is a danger to the safety of everyone due to being a hawk which is very well demonstrated and due to the obvious ties to the oligarchy, she is of it. 

Bernie Sanders is an insider, he has been a senator for a long time. He played the part of an outsider during his campaign and now he is back to supporting the Democrats after all that has gone on and lack of any DNC support of him, even their sabotage. He is however way more left wing than the rest of them and has believed in the reforms he worked on for decades. I believe in those reforms but do not trust Hillary Clinton to honor any promises and the Democratic Platform generally means diddly.

Some of the audio I skipped over because it was Bernie repeating we've done this and that again. Those accomplishments are very amazing and important, there is no doubt. The thing I am alarmed and upset about is how Bernie has gone over to the Clinton side after getting people all ginned up against the corporatists/oligarchy based on the boogey man scare theme. Yes Trump is a problem, but so is Hillary. Jill Stein on the subject.

This conference call indicates that Bernie truly believes the Democrats stance that Donald Trump is the main problem, not the obvious truth that Hillary Clinton may be worse than him. He is not just saying that. Hillary certainly should never be in the White House. There is some evidence that the Democrats manipulated Trump into being the GOP candidate from the Guccifer 2.0 hacked documents.
They even said, "Our goal is to answer the questions who do we want to run against and how best to leverage other candidates to maneuver them into the right place."

Bernie says he is going out to campaign for Hillary and that he will probably even be doing it alone. He refers to having to fight Trump and it is just a new version of the lesser of two evils story the Democrats have been using for decades. So stop the stories that he is a genius who is getting ready to pull off some win and FFS the crap about having to endorse Hillary or they would vote against all his concessions. Then there is the story that he has not conceded yet so he is still running. He wants to show the country what we accomplished, that is why he is going to the convention, he did not specifically say this, but it is clear. Bernie is doing what Bernie wants to do. He is going to make a speech supporting Hillary at the convention which will make me want to upchuck. Bernie is in full support of the Democratic Party, he discusses reforms, that is what he wants to work on.

Remember what the Dems pulled in Alaska to get rid of Parnell, yes he is an evil bastard but Walker has developed into a problem for many, but he was handed a shit show. After the Democratic primary was voted the Dems decided to throw their Lt. Gov candidate under the bus, take their Gov candidate and put him in the Lt Gov spot. Then get this. Walker was running as a Republican against Parnell for governor and they knew he could not win the Rep primary against him. Walker went independent and the Dems put Walker and their former candidate for governor turned Lt Gov candidate together and endorsed them. The Democrats endorsed a Republican turned independent as their candidate for governor. That would not have upset me if they had done it before the primary, but they essentially said F-you to the voters which is quite unethical. How's that Walker thing working out for ya? He is going after the Permanent Fund Dividend. Under the evil Parnell the oil companies are now to the point of almost being paid by the state to drill for oil. Alaska is in huge economic problems. Thus Governor Walker wants to use the PFD for austerity. That is just what a Republican would do. When this story played out is when I realized something crazy and shady was wrong with the Democrats. I think I was the only one who spoke up about it.

The reforms are good, but Hillary Clinton and other Democrats are going to do what they want, there is huge doubt that reforms will be honored.

One thing that has bothered me is Bernie not speaking up about the election rigging all over the country. In this call I heard discussion of the disenfranchised voters in New York. What about Arizona and other states? No mention of California where the worst of it took place and people are working their asses off to uncover it and make changes in our election system. Not one word in support of them has come from Bernie unless I missed something. Let me again clarify I did skip parts of this audio, but I don't think he would have talked about the voting at those points.

The other thing that really bothered me these last few weeks was the lack of communication from Bernie. While Bernie was campaigning he may have been just who he appeared to be, but over the last few weeks we were lead down a garden path. Tim Black says he isn't going to "fall for no banana in the tailpipe", I'm trying to get the banana out of the tailpipe. This was not a revolution, it was just an actual left wing senator running for president. It has been a long time since anyone on the actual left has been out in public campaigning for president. The Democrats are actually right wing at this point and the Clintons have always been right wing.

One thought I have that will upset people even more than what I have already written is if things had been done a bit differently Bernie may have won, but it kind of seems to me that may not have been his plan or that he never expected to do as well as he did. It feels like Bernie wanted to facilitate certain changes and perhaps teach people how to do this themselves, especially the young. He did this and inspired a large number of people to go out and run for office, some have even won. This is the Bernie Sanders legacy that is important, he showed the country that a grassroots movement can affect changes if we work together. This will forever leave a positive change in this country. He also has inspired those with actual, real left political leaning to speak up, participate and run for office.

I now support Jill Stein. Since I was a little girl I have said that voting for a candidate for any reason other than a belief that that person is the right one for the office is wrong because it alters the collective conscience of the country. Dr. Stein is a participator and believes in democracy, she even gets herself arrested for protesting. Jill Stein told Bernie Sanders she would step aside and let him take her place in the Green Party considering how he was treated by the Democrats. That tells me something about her character.

Some Sanity from Debbie Lusignan . I did not listen to this video until I finished writing this. She is spot on and I think our brains are on the same wavelength.

The Conference call:


Anonymous said...

BRAVA Celia! Excellent post and many thanks for these links! On a sad note, I took the "Feel The Bern" mags off the car today. Happy note--Jill Stein mags went on the bumper! Go Green Party!
We vote our conscience around here, like you said. We won't be bullied by someone else's fear into voting their way.

ARJUN said...
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