Bernie Endorses Hillary, Saw That Coming, Chris Hedges Was Right and We Have the Fabulous Jill Stein to Vote For, Never Hillary

I am writing this with a high fever because there is no sleeping in hell, who knows how it will turn out or what language it will be in.  

I keep saying Chris Hedges was right, as usual, he posted this on June 19th 2016:

"The Clintons and the Democratic Party establishment are banking that the liberal class will surrender once again to corporate power and genuflect before neoliberal ideology. Bernie Sanders will be trotted out, like a chastened sheepdog, to coax his followers back into the holding pen. The moral outrage of his supporters over Wall Street crimes, wholesale state surveillance, the evisceration of civil liberties, the failure to halt the devastation of the ecosystem, endless war, cuts to Social Security and austerity, will, the Democratic Party elites expect, airily evaporate. They may not be wrong. Given the history of the liberal class, they are probably right.
Sanders supporters, however, were given a stark lesson in how the political process is rigged. Some are disgusted and politically astute enough to defect to the Green Party. But once they no longer play by the rules, once they become “spoilers,” they will be ignored or ridiculed by a corporate press, excoriated by liberal elites and chastised by their former candidate."

*Two important points are highlighted by me. 

It has been very interesting lately considering I'm a person who lives a life where the two most important things are truth and justice. First of all the Clinton camp is in complete denial about Hillary Clinton and pissed at me while seeming to lack any knowledge about who she is, her history or that she is a liar. Then when it was clear Bernie Sanders was getting ready to endorse Hillary against the masses who did without to send money to his campaign, saved and begged for money to get to Philadelphia in order to attempt to have a voice in this oligarchy we live in were pissed that I said this endorsement was going to happen. They were also pissed when I said the FBI and DOJ were going to manipulate her crime into being a non-crime. Hillary will not be indicted for anything, so be prepared. Well excuse me for having a clue. This guy probably hits the nail on the head about the reason Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had their inappropriate airplane meeting.

Some are saying Bernie had to endorse Hillary or he would not be allowed at the convention. If that is true what is the point of even having a convention? I suppose it is possible Bernie has done this endorsement under duress. There is a rumor they threatened to vote down all of his concessions if he did not endorse her, that is very likely. Since the DNC essentially coronated Hillary it seems there is no point to the Democratic National Convention. Maybe they could set up a throne for the queen to sit in.

Yes, it's a knife in the back, but I was expecting it considering Bernie's recent behavior. I can't reach the damn thing to pull it out. The realization has set in that we fell for a hopey, changey candidate twice...think about that. Was he set up by the DNC to gather us all together so they could manipulate us later by having Bernie tell us to support her or the boogey man will get all of us? Boog-a-boog-a. Had their research told them Hillary could not win the election unless a larger number of voters were found? It is clear they expect us to vote for Hillary, but this is not going to work out very well for them. First the black president, Obama, then the socialist senator Sanders..how hopey and changey are you feeling now?

Let me make it clear the thing I am upset with him about is not communicating with his supporters and then there is the endorsement, so wrong on many levels. If he is being extorted by the DNC and (eye rollery) who could imagine such a thing, he may not have know what the hell to do. He got really quiet and just made announcements about negotiating with Hillary/DNC while people made plans to go protest the Democratic National Convention. Rather than prepare people he instead let people continue to think there was a chance he could win, made an announcement of some rally while people got permits for marches, camping and more. I had hope for a while Bernie would hold up to their pressure but the writing was on the wall. We, his supporters were supposed to be the pressure.

Apparently Bernie is not much of a communicator to begin with:

"Bernie Sanders does not answer my calls. Fifteen years, he’s never answered a telephone call, never replied to a letter, never replied to a meeting that I wanted to go down and see him. I even had to write an article on this, called "Bernie, We Thought We Knew Ye!" Ralph Nader on Democracy Now!

Did they show Bernie a picture of Vince Foster or one of the guy set to testify against Hillary who had a barbell "accident"? Was Bernie never intending to win the election so sabotaged us? The latest dead guy, Seth Rich associated with the Clintons was overseeing something to do with the elections and it is claimed he was killed in what is suspected to be a robbery where nothing was taken, kind of an odd robbery. Such coincidences. My gut feeling is this is simply Bernie Sanders is doing what he thinks is right while disregarding his followers and that he was simply trying to make changes in the platform of the Democratic Party. Some are saying he is playing a brilliant game of chess, but I feel like a pawn.

Hillary Clinton is being installed into the White House by the oligarchy working through the DNC, the person who committed crimes which would have landed me under a prison being tortured daily, but she was exonerated by the DOJ and the FBI using magic words by two lawyers who had done work for the Clintons or their foundation.

The election rigging does not matter to Bernie apparently because he has not complained about democracy being stolen. He promised his followers to go to the convention and fight. We all realized they were going to never allow him to be president considering the DNC had set up the primary to back only Hillary Clinton, had laundered money through the majority of state Democrat offices for Hillary and then there was the massive election rigging for Hillary. We wanted to go with some hope still left. If the elections had been done in a non-corrupt way and Hillary Clinton won that would be a different story. Instead it is clear that on many levels election fraud occurred even to the point of shredding ballots and whiting them out.

David Rovics on Hillary Clinton.

Lorretta Lynch is skilled at BS, like all prosecutors.

There is another candidate who is very progressive. This one is female and her profession is in the top ten least likely to be a psychopath, you know unlike lawyers, she is a doctor, Jill Stein the candidate for the Green Party. She tried to reach out to Bernie and if he had taken her offer would have become president. I say we vote for Jill Stein, she is the real thing.

Jill Stein shreds Sanders' Clinton endorsement

Jill Stein 2016 

Time to go back to hell. If Hillary Clinton gets elected hell will become even more hellish.


Anonymous said...

Celia, I'm disappointed as hell with Bernie's endorsement of Hillary. There is no way I can vote for her. I certainly won't vote for Trump! That's the stupidest thing evvvver--these so-called Bernie supporters who say they will now vote for Trump, REALLY? Why on earth?

Our local news ran a thingy this morning about how disappointed us Bernie supporters feel(Ok, check, yeah, we do), and how some say they'll now support Trump and my husband looked at me and said, "Where are these people? And WHO are these people? Notice they didn't have ONE person to interview for that piece who's flipped and we live in a conservative state(NC)." and I was like, "Hmmmmm, he's right. Why would they run a piece like that and have no one to interview who has turned like that? They had a young lady who said she was not voting for Hillary and that was all she said." Yeah, we soo see what even the local news media's doing with the oh-so-accurate reporting, so busted.

We were rrreally hoping for a Bernie/Stein ticket, and you pretty much summed up how we're feeling with this blog post. Keep up the good work/fight! We're voting for true progressiveness with the Green Party, and GO DR.STEIN!!!

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous July 13, 4 AM,
I think they like to say Bernie supporters are voting for Trump to throw a scare into people since they want us to believe we should vote for Hillary to stop the boogey man. Trump is the opposite of who Bernie supporters would vote for. I'll be voting for Jill Stein too. She is intelligent and demonstrated a lack of ego when she said she would step aside for Bernie.