Update: We Are Still With You Bernie, Election Rigging in California, Then Obama, Warren and Reid Got Bizarre

Update: From Snopes:

It's true that millions of California ballots have yet to be certified, but the process is transparent and well documented.

Why is it transparent and well documented? Because too many people were watching, too many people knew what they were doing and a lawsuit was being filed. Yes, the ballots were not all counted yet but they called California for Hillary. When attempting to pull off a coup one sometimes jumps the gun.

To D.C.  primary and on to the Democratic National Convention.

#StillSanders    #NeverHillary   #BernieOrBust

A County Reports 240,063 Provisional Ballots Voter suppression in the Los Angeles area

The voter suppression went on all over the country and the news media was very silent about it. The reason for that is simple the news outlets have been bought up by the oligarchy and are owned by a handful of corporations.They control the information.

Then this:

California primary updates: 2.5 million uncounted ballots remain from Tuesday, lawmaker says all voters should be able to participate in presidential primaries 

This is one reason the after voting polls are different than the numbers of people voting. They have all these specialized forms they give people so they think they are voting, then they are dumped. They make sure the whole process is very confusing. This sabotage prevents voters from being successful. 

And now after the counting begins:

Bernie Surpasses Hillary in Santa Barbara

If they keep counting what will be the result? Would they have counted those 2.5 million votes at all if people had not worked so hard to expose them?

But Hillary Clinton was declared the winner by AP and the other news media immediately repeated the lie and expanding it all based on a secret poll they took of superdelgates.  

Much of the public does not know this: 

Before July 25th at the convention they are not counted in the primary process and can change their minds. In a system where they are in place to perform favors after having been given something, a job, a promotion a financial favor, political support, etc. by a primary candidate we have no democracy. The elections are rigged in many ways. So they decided not to wait until the convention to have the Hillary coronation.

So on June 6th the news media declared Hillary Clinton the winner and then on that same day President Obama announces to the news media that he wanted to get started stumping for Hillary. Many people in this country are uniformed and continue to believe the corporate owned, oligarchy controlled news media so when they say a candidate has won they think this is true. It was not true and six primaries were being held the next day. That very corrupt action on the part of the AP and the other MSMs who joined in the cluster influenced the outcome of the election. That includes Rachel Maddow who is dead to me.

There was election rigging and suppression of many kinds all over the country but it seems California was even worse than Arizona. 

Why were people surprised when we had this guy, Greg Palast telling us about it for years and even predicting what would happen in California? Because people watch the bullshit spewing corporate owned news media due to   having no idea how to identify an honest, hard working journalist from a corporate puppet or psychopath. They also need to read some damn books and learn to find the ethical people who write real articles.There is a high rate of psychopath among journalists and most of the problem ones end up on TV and radio. Like all other psychopaths they will do any unethical thing to achieve their goals and run off all the best journalists.

The who, the how and the why.

An interesting little bit that includes some Clinton history taking money in a shady way starts at 22:50.

I read everything he has written for years.

Greg Palast: " ...voter "suppression" and news suppression have to go together — because if you’re stealing votes, you gotta keep it quiet!"Our news media was over time reshaped to be under the control of the oligarchy. This is to control the
population, the demos. We let this happen by being manipulated and massive lies were believed for decades. As a country most are still in complete denial and angry at those who are now conscious. Being BernieOrBust is like being the only one in recovery in an alcoholic family, you are the only one doing the right thing, but everyone wants to sabotage your positive efforts. We will not listen to the unconscious and continue to fight for our democracy. 


After the false announcement that Hillary Clinton had won the primary based on a bullshit secret poll of corporate and DNC owned superdelegates the day after six primaries, including California where widespread vote theft happened we got some very strange actions. 

Bernie Sanders went to Washington D.C. to see President Obama. Afterwards he held a press conference and said this.

Bernie says he is taking his issues, our issues, to the Democratic Convention in July. Then he mentions talking to Hillary about some changes and defeating Trump, not that he was continuing the fight against her. I find that interesting. It was reported he did not mention Hillary in campaign speeches nor the DNC.

Then things got weird.

Harry Reid acted like a bully which is of course what the bastard is, nothing new but watch Bernie.

Bernie's facial expression changed to this after being asked what he had to say about Obama announcing his support for Hillary Clinton looking a bit like a man taken hostage. He was smiling at the press before this.

Then while Harry Reid was the one talking, telling he press all about Bernie while as it seemed Bernie had been told to be quiet, Bernie's head went down. These people are mobbing him of course, the Democratic Party is trying to get him in line as they have done through the whole campaign/primary process.

Bernie we all love you and are still with you whatever they are doing, whatever they said know we are behind you 100%. Take care of yourself.

Then President Obama immediately announced his support for Hillary Clinton in the form of a campaign ad after meeting with Bernie Sanders. It is hard to fathom how evil this all is. 

Obama had already in 2015 said he was supporting Hillary Clinton and he also thought she was an outstanding Secretary of State, his friend and she supported him in 2008. He is obligated to support her candidacy according to the loyalty insider rules of the political parties in the United States.

Right after this things got even weirder, President Obama met with the Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, then the White House announces that the investigation about the unauthorized server in Hillary Clinton's bathroom is a criminal investigation. All of this stuff happen one right after another, bing, bing, bing.

Then in a massive slap in the face of Bernie Sanders supporters Elizabeth Warren on Rachel Maddow's show announced her Hillary support. That was why she has been so quiet. She is supporting a candidate who represents everything she has been fighting against.

The brilliant Debbie Lusignan, the Sane Progressive on these events.


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Anonymous said...

thank you Celia for this excellent post!

All of us here are still feeling the Bern. It's about the movement, not the man. The man simply coalesced all the honorable ideas we've wanted for years and made them his platform. No matter what, nobody can pretend this campaign didn't happen, and that millions upon millions of Americans gathered to hear Bernie speak and we'll continue being a part of this movement, both young and old (we're old).

I am NOT With Her.
I do not hate her. I wish her the best. I just Don't want another Clinton presidency.
She should be with US, anyway. Aren't WE the voters? Well then, win me over with your platform and ideas. Oh that's right you can't.