A translation of Obama's I'm With Her Unity Ad, Then Our Response to the Dem Establishment's Attempts to Force "Unity"

There are millions of Americans who cast their ballots for the first time recently, but the elections were rigged and a large number of them did not get their votes counted. Here is a translation of President Obama's Hillary campaign and unite the party ad, because many people don't have a bullshit to English dictionary. President Obama was put in place by the Oligarchy, Hillary Clinton is their next choice.

President Obama is trying to unite the party, but we have a message for him and all the other corporate owned, psychopaths destroying our country and giving everything to their masters in the oligarchy below.

Don't play this at work without ear phones.

Is it clear yet?
#BernieOrBust  #StillBernie #NeverHer #KissMyAssObama (I just made that one up. LOL)

The truth is more powerful than their propaganda.  

Turn off main stream media, find people who tell the truth on internet shows, real journalists who write well researched truthful articles and FFS read well researched books written by people who are doing an activity that is essentially illegal in the United States, investigative journalism. Get up off your ass and become conscious, become informed or we are going to lose this country forever.

The election fraud was massive and they have been stealing elections from us for a long time. We were warned for years. People are in massive denial.

Thanks to Shane Barbera for the amazing Bernie Sanders videos, you can find him on YouTube too.

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