Guccifer 2.0 DNC Hacked Documents Reveal Pretty Much What We Already Knew, But Evidence Is Very Nice

It’s always easier to blame enemies than to admit one’s own incompetence. German Kilmenko, President Putin's internet dude in response to the DNC and their contractors blaming Russia for the hacking. Keep in mind the United States is right now trying to engineer a war with Russia and China, this is a sign of insanity. What if whoever hacked these documents did it to prevent Warhawk Hillary from becoming president and instead prefers a candidate who has empathy, common sense and ethics?

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Parts of the documents explain what has been obvious, her main strategy was she is female which makes no sense. We should have had a female president long ago, but one who is not a con artist, one who cares about people, one who wants peace, one who wants to reverse our damage to the environment, one who cares about education on every level, one who wants universal health care, one who is not under investigation for serious crimes, one who has not taken money from foreign interests to fund her campaign and foundation and on and on. Type of sex organs is not the determining factor for me in selecting a candidate for any office.

Then the next part of the strategy was to go after the Republican candidates by manipulating and using the corporate media to help them select the candidate for "HRC". Donald Trump is easy and running against an obvious asshole who certainly can't be the president was suppose to assure that Hillary who is also very disliked could win. What really gets me is how they constantly try to make it look like Bernie is going to cause Trump to be the president when first of all they picked a weak candidate and second of all they manipulated the bastard into the position of candidate to help their crap candidate Hillary Clinton win. If you have a shitty candidate the way you win the election is to have a shittier one run against her.

It is also clear they decided Hillary Clinton was the candidate from the get go, it is very true they were not impartial and tried to squeeze Bernie out, he was never in to begin with. Hell they did everything they could to stop him, but it did not work. Democracy is not the Democratic Party's strong point. They even rigged an election. Disgusting.

From DNC email hacked by Guccifer 2.0:


 I can't wait for the documents Guccifer 2.0 gave to Wikileaks to be published. Please hurry!

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