Alameda County/District 13 Flips to Bernie, Jimmy Dore on Guccifer 2.0 Revelations, Debbie Lusignan Interviews Bob Fritakis About RICO Lawsuit

Oh my goodness the crazy troll comments, they get so pissed when they aren't published. They are so uniformed too, totally illogical and the precious things are all anonymous. I guess Hillary couldn't afford to pay for names. I guess the regular Hillary supporters don't have enough courage for their own convictions to publicly use their names. It must suck to have to shift around in the dark posting comments of bullshit keeping your identity secret because of the shame of your unethical candidate.  
I think they should all watch this video. 

District 13 in California just flipped for Bernie Sanders, Alameda County which I posted a couple days ago was only a few points behind Hillary is now for Bernie. It was really weird that Alameda went to Hillary because it includes Berkeley and Oakland.

Alameda County, District 13

Thank you Alameda County. Here is an obvious song for both Oakland and the Bernie progressive movement by The Coup who are from Oakland. Listen to the words.

The second video below is of Jimmy Dore on the Guccifer 2.0 documents demonstrating DNC was only for Steallary from the get go, their tactics to block Bernie Sanders and pick the Republican candidate for HRC to run against and their manipulation and collusion with the news media. You know, just like those of us who are not zombies said. Let me just mention this again, President Obama was part of this.

Jimmy Dore.

The Sane Progressive, Debbie Lusignan interviews Bob Fritrakis about the coming RICO lawsuit. Bob Fitrakis is a lawyer, political writer, a candidate, and Professor of Political Science. He is one of the two lawyers in the videos I already posted. They did not file the RICO case in Ohio due to the consensus being that it must filed federally due to the widespread election rigging. Bob Fritrakis in now an expert witness in the case rather than one of the lawyers. The case has been delayed due to the massive election rigging/fraud in California needing to be added to it.

Bob Fritakis, “There was a coup in California, there was not [an] election, there was a coup d`etat…if we want to be a banana republic…we already are…these scenes should be taped off, police should be there, forensic computer experts should be breaking down the machines.”

“ …when you have blatant theft and systematic targeting of voters of a candidate, it’s supposed to be your’re a sore looser if you don’t go along with election rigging.” He gave a message to Bernie Sanders, “The justice department needs to come in, cybersquads needs to come in, people need to be arrested…they need to be held accountable for the purging and the violation of the voting rights act."

Some of the counties in California have voting stats that indicate they did not allow election rigging. Bravo to those counties. Here are the ones which at this point in time have Bernie Sanders at 60% or greater, Humboldt County where I was born, Nevada County, Butte County, Trinity County, a place I love and Mendocino County which is a pretty cool place too.

Here is a song about Mendocino, there are no songs for the others that I can find. This is from 1969 at the playboy mansion. Hehe, Hugh Hefner was a dorky dancer. 

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