Psychopaths Are Never “Dictated By Fact Checkers.”

“Half a century ago Herve Cleckly and Robert Lindner warned us that our failure to acknowledge the psychopaths among us had already triggered a social crisis. Our social institutions, our schools, courts, mental health clinics confront the crisis everyday in a thousand ways and the blindfold against the reality of psychopathy is still in place.” Without Conscience by Dr. Robert Hare

This is the crux of the problems in this country, yet very little is being said about it. I have been and will continue to speak up about it.

Why would the Republicans say they will not be dictated by fact checkers? Because they know they are lying or getting ready to.
They are invoking the hatred of facts or science in their target audience.
Psychopaths lie even when they know at least some of the people know they are lying. It’s part of their persona creating, it’s part of their manipulations, it’s part of using people for their own agenda. The lies are directed at a particular audience and they aren’t those who check facts. The hoards of people who don’t seek the truth are at the center of the problems in this country. Citizens who read, think and know how to choose knowledgeable writers who diligently search for the truth and do their best to present their resources are not the intended audience for the lies and psychopaths don’t care that this group knows they are lying.

“Psychopaths invest a lot of mental energy in identifying and manipulating their victims, but they don’t spend much energy trying to uphold a mask for those with little utility to them. The return on investment is just not there for them. Individuals who are ignored can therefore be in a good position to watch psychopathic individuals manipulate others.” Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work by Paul Babiak, Robert D. Hare

These political criminals are targeting the masses who use TV like a drug. Authoritarians are conditioned to believe lies and wander about repeating them like a zombie requesting brains. The skills to think logically and do one’s own research for a huge number of our population is nonexistent. No amount of information or evidence to counteract those most popular lines of untruth they repeat over and over will change them. Truth, science and information are like Kryptonite to them. Dominionists and political criminals who may also want to create a theocrisy have convinced them that the truth is a lie and science is one continuous conspiracy planned by those liberals who hold education and knowledge in high esteem. I have called them since I was a child the “We’s ignorant and we’s proud of it” people. They are not a new phenomenon.

The corrupt government has helped cause this. Our government agencies, USDA and FDA have used lies disguised as science to get the public to buy unhealthy food so corporations can make huge profits while making us ill. The FDA has used lies to help the drug companies make profits while allowing them to harm or even kill people knowingly. Over decades of thinking we are being told the truth and then finding out we were being lied to over a long period of time people just don’t know what to believe. Who among us can say we don’t understand this? People are conditioned to operate in an Orwellian world where lies are accepted as truth and those who point this out (whistleblowers) are targeted.
The Republican Party due to it being first in line to be owned by the ultra wealthy and corporations, along with the religious right whose leaders are often psychopaths has attracted those types who like to use systems and people for their own ends. Both corporate and political psychopaths have been having a field day. Psychopaths are skilled at zeroing in on personality flaws or characteristics and using them to destroy people or manipulate them to do a particular thing. Working together they have figured out how to do this en masse. Their victims have become trained R monkeys who simply support any R candidate and automatically vote for an R. They will do this in spite of the very true facts that the candidates they support will make their lives much more difficult such as getting a job, send their children to decent schools, keeping their civil rights, buying food, and getting health care. This is a frustrating and disheartening problem. It grieves me that a huge number of these people are from my generation, those who benefited from the great post WWII economy, great schools, fabulous infrastructure, plenty to eat, jobs galore and college was within reach of anyone who had the desire to work hard to accomplish that goal.

I realize there are Ds who also have these qualities and will never be able to see that President Obama has increased injustice and decreased our civil liberties. The fact that a half black man has not been outspoken about the hoards of people incarcerated unjustly, with large numbers of them being black and in the most inhumane of conditions isn’t to be discussed by the polititians, even the left is in denial for the most part…shhhhh.

There is a huge difference between the Rs and Ds that has made one group very dangerous. The energy and passion on the right to follow lies unquestioningly is a phenomenon. After watching and studying them I have come to realize their level of energy is fueled by hate which is born of fear facilitated by ignorance. They hate anyone who does not believe the crazy lies from the right, they are afraid someone with brown or black skin might get something they want or can‘t have. A huge number of them are bullies who will threaten, intentionally harm, spread malicious gossip, and sabotage those who they consider their enemies which can include a person who simply does not agree with them. The bullying technique of spreading malicious gossip is really identical to taking in the right wing lies and spreading them. The purpose is often the same, to demonize a person or a group of people.

The news media has been discussing the fact that Paul Ryan lies profusely. Many will still continue to believe his lies in spite of having it pointed out to them. They don’t want to know, they want an authoritarian figure that tells them what to do. It is the only way they feel comfortable in the world. The world has seen large numbers of authoritarians in a country following a psychopathic leader in the past and it turned into a horror story for millions.

I am horrified to find the hate that traumatized my childhood because I had to listen to it often is still festering widely. All one has to do is look at the number of minorities who are incarcerated and how the inmates in this country are treated to know this truth. Racism fueled by fear is what the anger towards illegal immigrants is about. The anger stays quieter during times of prosperity, but when groups are competing for jobs many look for someone to blame. They use the frustrations and anger about the economy to manipulate whites. Directing them to view minorities as the problem when in large numbers they have had poor job prospects and economic hardships for decades. Ignorance allows those poor and middle class whites to simply grab that very simple thought that particular races caused their problems. They will never see that a complex mix of changes in legislation, corrupt corporations and corrupt politicians along with some particularly deranged economists got us where we are. They are a lost cause.


MissSunshine said...

Don't give up yet. It is just when the it becomes clear to the Psychopath that their hold is slipping they they throw their worst tantrum and tell their most outrageous lies.

I think the dawn is just beginning to break, and between Nov 2012 and January 2013 is when the last frantic grab for power will be. Four more long months of mud-slinging, fear-mongering, and lie-telling and then these dogs will have to slink away with their tails between their legs.

There will still be a lot of work to do; it will probably take the next decade to get us out of national debt and the another decade to build our infrastructure back up. But it can be done; and in our lifetime.

CorningNY said...

Martha Stout's book ,"The Sociopath Next Door" is also a good book about sociopaths.