A Very Interesting Website: Planefinder.net

Planefinder. net is amazing. You can track airplanes with their real time information.

From their website:

Plane Finder works by picking up ADS-B plane feeds used by commercial and private planes to transmit their name, position, callsign, status and lots more.
Our servers add additional information such as departure airport, destination and photos for presentation on planefinder.net and in our Plane Finder apps.The ADS-B data comes to us either from our own receivers or from people with receivers who share their data with us over the internet. If you are a virtual radar hobbyist we’ll be delighted to receive your data for use within the app. For more details on how you can help please see our coverage page.

I'm guessing if you want to pull off some extraordinary renditions you won't have ADS-B in your plane or you will have really good CIA fake corporation cover. There are however people who watch planes and record information about them called Planespotters on websites like Planespotters.net. They probably love Planefinder.net and will notice the planes they spot that aren't represented on it and begin to wonder who they really are. Not all planes have ADS-B yet, so there are way more planes in the sky than Planefinder.net is showing. Those of us who were in communication with Planspotters during the GWB regime oil wars following 9/11 found out about the extraordinary renditions before they were reported in the media because one Planespotter would post where a plane was and describe the people who got on, then another would report where it landed and who got off. After several reports of planes with dicey ID numbers along with reports of middle eastern looking people in handcuffs etc. it was realized there must be secret prisons in certain places. They also were discussing the possibility the people being transported might be tortured.  Some of them were very alarmed and one guy followed a vehicle to see where they went. We told him to never do that again, but if I was there that is what I would have done too. Remember the tourist Planespotters from the U.K who were arrested in Greece and imprisoned for taking pictures of planes? Planespotters who go on a tour to see planes taking pictures of planes, how shocking.

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