An article appeared on the online version of the Kenai/Soldotna craptastic newspaper which I rarely bother to read about the selection of our new police chief. The last one left suddenly without any explanation other than it was a personnel issue, which is deceptive and means there was a problem. We have also had a cop who left after accusations of some kind of coercion for sex, but they decided not to prosecute him. When I saw Craig Moates' name on the list of three candidates my PTSD was severely triggered. I delievered this letter which I wrote while sobbing to staff at the Soldotna City Hall today. Please excuse any mistakes, run on sentences etc. I was too upset to make it perfect.

Yesterday I left a comment on the Peninsula Clarion about my objections of Chief Moates and then a batshit crazy response, as usual appeared. I responded to the crazy crap and then the newspaper removed both my comment and the response. That really torqued my ass, so I left them a comment that I would post the long version online and dedicate it to THE PENINSULA CLARION in capital letters. Now today they put the comments back. Isn't that special? So tomorrow I will be commenting about that which will be much more


To whom it may concern:

It is hard to understand my story without extra information, so sorry this is so long.

I lived in Nome when Moates was Chief of Police and I say no way to him. I was harassed by the police and much worse. He himself would laugh hilariously at me when he drove past me in his police rig as I walked down the street, rolling down his window. There were cops there picking up girls in their cop cars. We don't need more of that here. I used to go for walks with my neighbor’s teenage daughters and tell them not to talk to the police when they stop to chat with them as their behavior was not appropriate. When my landlord picked me up from the airport in Nome the first day I arrived as we drove down Front Street she pointed at a building and said, “Never eat there and never get in a car with a cop.“ Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be forced to get in a car with a cop more than once in this state. This was not too long after the murder of Sonya Ivanoff which officer Matt Owens was convicted for. I’m not certain he was the guilty party for lots of reasons, but I have not seen all of the evidence either. Of course Moates did not cause the long continuing bad behavior of the cops in Nome, but I was bullied by them and they violated my rights. Moates was not there before the murder, but much of the inappropriate behaviors by police continued afterwards. I do not know if he causes some changes or not with regard to the bad behaviors, I just know much continued under his chief-ship.

Moates was the chief of police when the natives were trying to get the missing people in Nome investigated by the Nome police and the FBI. Several of them told me a certain cop was seen with some of the people just before they disappeared. Moates supported the white theory that those missing were drunks who had somehow all just fallen into the ocean or wandered out onto the Tundra. The police in Nome used to pick up drunks in town in the middle of winter, drive them several miles out of Nome and dump them, at least I hope it was only that they used to. You can imagine the dangers in -20 to -40 degrees, especially if the person is intoxicated. How many died from this over the years? If people fall in the ocean at least one body would have shown up on a beach or would have been found by one of the many gold dredgers. If they died out on the tundra their bodies would be visible in the spring even after animals had gotten to them there would be evidence.

I went through years of injustice after living in that village of bullying and it continues in many ways. Living in a white supremacy culture very much like a small town in Mississippi in the 1950s was a shocker. I have PTSD from what went on there and a felony charge for something I did because I finally became suicidal and dissociated at work after a long period of psychological torture. My suicide plan involved using drugs along with a 14 gauge catheter in a radial artery. I took drugs out of the lock up that day, I still have no memory of it. I know it happened because I had a plan to use drugs to kill myself and I of course found them in my pockets. I could have gotten rid of them by putting them in the sharps disposal units when I found them or put them back in the lock up, but because I was acutely ill from the PTSD along with the neurological deficits from the PTSD activating my CFS/ME I could not think or act. In most hospitals I could have gone to someone for help at Norton Sound Health Corporation there was no one, but workplace bullies who provide the opposite of help. A social worker in Nome wanted to know why I did not get rid of the drugs. PTSD causes lack of decision making or poor decisions and I was paralyzed with fear from the bullying at that point so much so I wanted to die. That is how ill I was that day when I did what I did that they used to bully me even more using the justice system, police and community bullies. With workplace bullying that is serial like what goes on in Nome the bullies and their sycophants wait for the target to loose it. They either start drinking, using drugs, scream, start cussing, can’t function at work, become physically ill (workplace bullying and PTSD can cause strokes or heart attacks) and may become violent towards the perpetrators. They then use whatever happens and they know something will, to say, see I told you she was crazy or see, she’s an alcoholic, etc. I would say, she was not crazy when she got here, something happened to her to cause it. That was one reason they began to target me. PTSD shuts down the part of the brain that helps us make decisions and CFS/ME when activated causes cloudy thinking with memory problems. The two together can be devastating. That day I felt like I was disappearing or I was not there, like I was an observer and was not in my body. They were fortunate I turned the violence in, towards myself rather than showing up at the hospital with a gun like the incident here in Soldotna.

The serial workplace bullies had harmed or destroyed many people and many careers before I ever arrived. I had never seen anything so horrible before including the treatment of the native people who received medical bullying from them at their own native hospital. I have worked in critical care units in several states including all the hospitals, but one in Seattle, the Las Angeles area including Centinela Hospital (nurses at UCLA gave me the sign of the cross and said, bless you my child when I told them I had worked a 13 week assignment there), rural areas of New Mexico (including a border hospital where the corp. was stealing millions from the government and I reported it, was bullied and constructively discharged and much more) and all the hospitals in Pierce County Washington including one that is notorious for workplace bullying all over the country and I had never experienced what I did in Nome. For one thing the nurses support each other when bullying goes on in other places because they are intelligent and feel empowered.

In most places, except very backwards places I would have been sent for psychiatric help and not arrested. I was in one of the most backwards places in the so called civilized world, a place where MRSA patients were not put in isolation, flight nurses were not trained or certified and Universal Precautions were not used to state a small portion of the problems. The workplace bullies and village bullies wanted to destroy me and they knew how to do this as they have had lots of practice and it is continuing to this day at NSHC. They conned the ADA into believing I did things I did not do as he is not the brightest person in the world and serves the powers that be in Nome. ADA Earthman stood in court and told lies about me while public defenders just sat there. The police tried to set me up for arrest using two girls selling their prescription narcotic medication, but it did not work for them as I was not what they had been told I was. I told the girls they were going to get into trouble doing that. Some of the accusations that came from the two main workplace bullies were so illogical they would be laughable to me if I was not the one targeted. I believe at least one of them is a psychopath and one of the traits is that they lie constantly. The judge and ADA bought all of the accusations blindly and even repeated them for the Nome Nugget who just went ahead and published them and then would not publish my rebuttal letter. They were covering for others and perhaps even for themselves, I was scapegoat-ed. The Nome Nugget also picked and chose what they published about me in their court section. I don’t know if Nome Court staff caused this or the paper did.

When it came time for my arraignment rather than tell me to go to the court the police showed up with a van. I was so ill I could hardly stand and needed help to get into it. I had no idea they were coming and I was asleep. I was screamed at by one cop downstairs while the female one watched me dress. I tried to call a social worker to ask him to get me some help. They screamed at me to hang up the phone and I did not know I hung it up backwards, the social worker heard everything they said to me. He later told me I was trying to comply with what they wanted and no matter what they just kept screaming. I had been at home by myself suicidal all that time without anyone from the hospital that I had formerly worked with even calling to see if I was OK. They took me to the prison and booked me when all they needed to do was take me to the police station or finger print me at the court house. It was harassment and later people told me they were trying to run me out of Nome. I was not able to function to even make a decision and had been that way for some time. I sat in the courtroom handcuffed and crying with snot running down my face. I couldn’t pay the bail as the cops had taken my things and left them at the prison. The judge said I could pay it the next day. The next morning early I got a call from the prison that I needed to come back to the prison and turn myself in. The guard said I had been released in error and should either drive back or take a taxi back. I explained that the error was his, I had been granted bail. He argued with me. This is typical of Nome, this may have been done to harass me or it could be incompetent idiot stuff.

I tried to see the psychiatrist in Nome five times before the mental melt down, then when I begged the judge to let me go somewhere for help, he said the public defender would help me. I told him she would not and she had a problem (severe alcoholic). I had helped many people for decades who had mental health and physical illnesses. I had worked in prisons as a nurse, I had worked with mentally ill legal offenders in corrections units at state hospitals including sexual psychopaths. I had also helped co-workers with problems. When I had a problem I got no help only more bullying from not just the workplace bullies, but a large part of the community including the criminal justice system and cops. Part of the torture in the community from the bullies and their co-bully friends mobbing me was death threats on my phone and whispering and notes being passed when I was seen in public. The bullying continues there both at the hospital and in the community. There are some really sick people in Nome, but there are some good ones as well. The sick, psychopathic ones or those with particular personality disorders are however the ones in power.

I became very ill with several medical issues. I have CFS/ME which is very complex and can look like multiple sclerosis, has been called non-HIV AIDS and can look a lot like an autoimmune disease such as Lupus or Rheumatoid Arthritis. The stress hormones from
the PTSD makes the CFS.ME stay in the severe stage. I had managed for decades to keep working with this illness, but the PTSD has caused it to flare up to the point I can become devastatingly ill. The only place I could go for medical treatment was the hospital where I had worked. The night I was arrested one of the two main serial bullies who was my direct supervisor and had spent a great deal of energy trying to prevent my complaining about not just the abuse of staff by two layers of nurse bullies and even some physicians to her supervisors, but also the incompetence and failure to abide even basic federal healthcare laws and recommendations from the CDC told the cops I was not allowed to be admitted to the hospital the day of the incident even though a psychologist was standing there saying I should be. It was in their police report. I was sent home. Later two cops came to my house most likely from a phone call from the psychologist to see if I was alive. To get them away from me I told them I was fine, the psychologist probably knew better than that. Most likely there were people who hoped I would suicide. There were a couple of women, one in particular who went out of her way to prevent this.

When I went to the clinic for help from the flare up of all of these above problems including severe pain and swelling and even some symptoms indicating potential stroke nurses would whisper in the ears of the traveling doctors and tell them who knows what. They would then change their whole attitude about me and just send me on my way without even properly listening to me or examining me. I had one incident of severe bladder and pelvic pain that they tried to give me a blood pressure medication for as if I was making it up. I have long standing medical records that indicate this is not true. This is severe malpractice and medical bullying. I left there so hysterical people stopped me on the streets, but I could not tell them what was wrong for a long time.
Then I broke my foot. I was a BSN RN and worked at some very fine teaching hospitals with highly educated nurses, but one does not have to know much about anatomy and physiology to know that when your toe is at a 90 degree angle to your foot something is broken. I knew there was no cast that could be applied. I set it myself then took Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen and used ice on it. Four days later since I had to walk everywhere I went to see if I could talk to the physical therapist to see if she had something I could put in my boot because the bone moved when I walked. They ignored me in the waiting area taking people who had come in after me, they go by a sign in list, there was no error. Then they decided they were going to do all the athletic exams on the high school students before seeing me. I had to go to administration hysterically crying and complain to get into an exam room. I couldn’t see the physical therapist unless I got a referral. A nurse whispered in the ears of two medical providers who then told me my toe was sprained and just go home after the X-Ray. The X-Ray tech told me to go back to the clinic, I told him yes I know it’s broken, I set the bone. Imagine living somewhere that the medical care is so bad along with the medical bullying that you set your own bone rather than have anything to do with the health care providers. One of the doctors generally just prayed over the patients rather than practice medicine. The medical providers gathered in a semi-circle looking sheepish and asked me how I had set it so well as they could not have. I told them that setting it immediately before swelling and stretching of tendons put the bone back where it was supposed to be. I left out the part about how if they were not dip-shits they would have known that. On another day I came to the clinic they left me in the waiting area for four hours and just ignored me. In the evening they have a semi-emergency clinic on weekdays after five P.M. After waiting all afternoon they finally brought me to an exam room and then proceeded to chew me out for coming to the evening clinic for a non-emergency. I think you can now get the picture of what had gone on. I tried to see the psychiatrist five times before I even had the mental breakdown and he denied me. He was probably incompetent anyway or he would not have been practicing there.

I needed to be on medication for the PTSD and in fact if I had been early on it might not have developed into such a severe case. I was already on Trazadone a very old antidepressant for pain and sleep issues of CFS/ME. I had increased the dose appropriately as I have been told by more than one psychiatrist as I could not get the doctors to do what should be done. I had read about workplace bullying and PTSD and realized that the anger could lead to potential violence. I did not want that to happen. I was afraid because I had taken the drugs out of lock up in a dissociated state with no memory of it that something else would happen. I had taken Gabapentin in the past and had tried to get doctors to prescribe it to me for months to no avail. They were utterly clueless. They began tell people in the community that the reason I increased the dose of Trazadone was because it was addicting. This med has been around a long time, is an antidepressant, it is not addicting. They are not only idiots, but this was a very disturbing medical bullying tactic. If they actually believed this they should have their licenses taken. Not all of their doctors were idiots, but the ones who are idiots were also bullies, they seem to co-occur. One of the good doctors was shocked when I told him about their theory that Trazadone was addicting.
I told the scheduler at the clinic to call me if an older traveling doctor, locum tenens, was coming so I could make an appointment. One came and I told him the story. He gave me a prescription for Gabapentin (a seizure medication that also helps nerve pain and has been helpful in PTSD), then apparently pretty much ran to Behavioral Health to tell them he was very concerned about me. I knew that an older experienced, real doctor would be, so I waited for him to show up. However, Behavioral Health was experiencing their own workplace bullying and incompetence, so even though I went to see them the person I saw knew nothing of PTSD and tried to diagnose me with something else, another form of medical bullying that most likely was based on the fact that I have ovaries. Unfortunately he has now gone to Texas to work with veterans who have PTSD.

The Nome police ended up with a piece of my property which was not evidence in any way. I was so upset the day of my nervous breakdown at the hospital I forgot to get my bag I carried to work with me every day. I was at first told to go pick it up on the week end on night shift as it was locked in the property room and the only cop with the key only worked those hours. This makes no sense as they need access for evidence when the courts are opened. I went to get my property and of course they acted like I was an idiot. Then I was given another day and time to go get it and same story, over and over. This went on for months. My besotted public defender kept saying she would ask the
prosecutor to tell them to give it to me, but that never happened as one has to be able to form memories for such things to occur. Finally a cop after telling me what a nice guy he was said he would give it to me, he is not a nice guy. I told him I did not appreciate their sick games. He said, "You just don't know how we do things around here." Really? You mean like deep south corrupt small town crackers with low IQ bullying? I had banjo music playing in my head as I walked home. He told me they had to check the bag to make sure there weren’t any bombs in it. Yes, he did. What they were doing was trying to use it to find evidence and they could not because what had been told to them was lies, books, tissues, Acetaminophen, little pieces of paper, alcohol wipes, stethoscope etc. were not likely to help them in their search to demonize and destroy me, but oh how they tried.

There was a female cop who was fairly new, but people in the community had told me she was a very good cop and a nice person. She was there the night they arrested me and she squatted down and told me she had seen how I had taken care of the patients and something about not thinking this meant I was a bad person. Not too long after this she was fired supposedly for having sex at work. She says it never happened. My response when people told me about it was, "You mean like the male cops do all the time?"

When I first started to work in the ER in Nome and the cops brought me drunks to baby-sit I told them this was inappropriate use of the ER and dangerous. They did not like me after that. Why wasn’t my supervisor telling them that? Why wasn’t the CEO of NSHC telling them that? Because they were making money from Medicaid with the frequent admission of drunks to the ER for babysitting. The prison in that area was apparently not allowed to take drunks because they let someone die. Well, I observed someone code at Wildwood in Kenai because the corrections offices were screwing around harassing me and using their work computers instead of observing the inmates, it seems it must be SOP. I was often taking care of patients in a two cart ER with a drunk on one cart, another drunk on a cart in the hall and perhaps a critical patient on the other cart. The drunks would get off the carts and invade the privacy of the other patient and often became combative. They can be flailing one minute and obtunded the next, someone needs to watch them, but I often had a heavy patient load by design. I was by myself and would have as many as seven patients in the clinic down the hall along with the ER patients. I was by myself and most of the time when I called for help none came. I asked the house keeper what was going on in the inpatient unit that prevented them from helping, he said, you know, the usual, drinking coffee and talking in the break room. Leaving me on my own with this kind of patient load was not just dangerous for the patients, it was part of the workplace bullying that gave me PTSD and health problems. They then began coming down and writing me up for bogus offenses such as taping a sat monitor probe to a flailing drunks hand and calling it using restraints without an order. I think you get the picture.

ADA Earthman and the public defender agency (who gave me a drunk for a lawyer, then a chronic liar, and last but not least a man who had his law license suspended for getting arrested for buying pot while running for an elected DA position) probably with a nod from the judge tried to talk me into not coming back to Alaska when I visited my father in the lower 48. They started with telling me they could not find my file etc. setting me up for the call the next day asking me if I was coming back because if not the ADA would not prepare the case. When I hung up the phone my dad said, “He doesn’t want you to come back.“ I said they had charged me with false crimes and harmed me I was coming back. I assume Earthman had figured out he had no evidence and wanted to keep me from telling my story. Someone had told me Earthman owed him a favor and he could ask him to drop my case. I told him I would not be a part of such unethical crap and wanted to clear my name.

 Then when I moved to Homer and had to live in a place where meth was being cooked and lots of criminal activity was going on Mr. Earthman waited for something, anything he could use to have me arrested for. The owner of the lodge I lived in because I am on Social Security and could afford nothing else is a con man, clearly a psychopath who has several small businesses and collects Social Security disability. He didn’t have business licenses and probably still does not. He also steals anything he can get his hands on and has been involved in prostitution (I have some evidence). To make a
long story short he and his brother wrongfully accused me of a crime that I did not do for retaliation and cover up of insurance fraud. The state troopers who I had contacted frequently to report the problems including a four year old child in the middle of the mess and under age girls drinking and using drugs with the adult males, vandalism and theft had done next to nothing about it. The vandalism and theft was against the two who wrongfully accused me and I went to quite a bit of effort to protect their property for them when they were not there. The troopers even refused to help me find a woman who I thought may have been murdered. I finally found her myself. She was a part of the prostitution and there had been a violent incident when she left the lodge.
The public defender agency was informed of a hearing in Nome about the accusation. I was on conditions of release at this time. The state troopers investigated and found no evidence I did the crime. The public defenders did not inform me of the hearing, nor did they go to it. There had been several hearings I was not informed of and I diligently checked the court schedule to find them because I knew they were trying to set up a reason to send me to prison to get me to stop demanding a trial and speaking up. The judge issued a warrant for my arrest. I was wrongfully arrested by a trooper who knew I was innocent. He allowed me to take some of my property with me as he already knew I feared leaving my room as the owner would steal my things. He took pictures of everything for evidence which the troopers later destroyed even though I told them I needed them. He was not going to handcuff me, but I told him I did not want him to get into trouble. I thought I would be released the next day as this was wrong, but instead I was taken on a journey through hell.

I was moved to four different jails and prisons much like they do with immigrants to keep them form contacting the press or relatives. Each time I was moved I was told I was going to Nome for a hearing. That never happened. I have a very long list of inappropriate behavior of corrections officers, abuse, medical abuse, abrupt stopping of my meds for the PTSD (very dangerous), abuse directed to me from amazingly ignorant nursing and medical staff, and much much more. I still have flash backs and nightmares from this and huge problems sleeping. At Hiland Mountain I had a second mental health break due to
the terror of knowing my cat was being harmed, my property was being stolen and I had been set up by people in the criminal justice system. I ended up in the mental health unit, a type of medieval torture chamber. Part of my horrendous memories include a mentally ill woman who all night screamed the story of how her uncle raped her when she was three including a description of what the pieces of tissue torn from her vagina looked like on his penis. She was chained to the floor because they abruptly stopped her medication and she of course was having problems secondary to that idiotic decision. There are many more memories that haunt me a nurse who had taken care of people who were mentally ill in many settings including corrections. Before she came in the staff announced to the other inmates that she “could be nasty” setting up a negative scenario. Part of the reason she was chained to the floor was the nurse did not like her. There are many more memories that haunt me a nurse who had taken care of people who were mentally ill in many settings including corrections. Considering what I was going through and the treatment of the inappropriate arrogant staff this comment the day after I was taken to the mental health unit by the psychologist really sums up their whole attitude, you don’t have a mental illness, you are just “nasty and arrogant.” They used that word “nasty” frequently to describe many of the mentally ill inmates who should rather than be in prison be in a psychiatric unit. They put me in a cell after I was fed a starvation diet for about a week in solitary isolation with a violent psychotic un-medicated woman. I told the nurse it was a dangerous situation for me as she was boxing a kicking an imaginary woman and clearly hallucinating. She thought someone had stolen her vagina and replaced it with one that smells. That is due to the lack of soap, towels, etc. She was grinding Tylenol in the window sill and snorted it along with eating a tube of toothpaste which I report to the nurse who said, “I am not your servant.” A rather bizarre response, but typical of them. After a night in that situation and corrections officer removed her immediately from the cell when she came on duty. A social worker came over to see what was going on and I told her I reported the problem and they left her in the cell hoping I would be injured. They then tried to have me put in administrative segregation. At the hearing when I told my story the parole officer teared up and said she was recommending I go into general population so I could call attorneys to try and get out to help my cat. They dragged their feet for at least two more days before moving me.

I told everyone including the judge in Homer I was innocent and my property would be stolen and my cat harmed by that psychopath, Robin Hume. I called several government agencies which included the governors office and eight different public defender agency offices, including Quinlan Steiner the director. The prison staff laughed at me when I cried about my cat being harmed. No one would even call the animal shelter in Homer to go get her. There is much much more to the story. I am just trying to give you a picture of the horrors I have been through. I can’t get treatment in this area for PTSD as I am on Medicare and no one who has a clue will take me as a patient. I have seen a collection of the most incompetent medical professionals and the most gossipy, retaliatory social workers that I could not have imagined in my darkest nightmares in rural Alaska. In Anchorage psychiatrists told me it is well known this situation exists with the social workers on the Kenai Peninsula. I have been diagnosed by three psychiatrists in Alaska and one Social Security psychiatrist with PTSD, but these hacks each produce some off
the wall illogical diagnosis and then there is the medical bullying. They are bad enough, the ones in the prisons are horrific, except for one woman at Wildwood whose name escapes me. There is a nurse at Wildwood I call nurse crackhead because after I said out loud there was something seriously wrong with her two inmates told me she was on crack and that they knew her from their community because they are on crack. Before that I had no idea there was much crack in Alaska. It was clear she was on something and totally screwed up. She was a very nasty piece of work and is probably still working there. Three of those psychiatrists told me I should be writing a book about this.

When I was taken to was Hiland Mountain in Eagle River I was totally terrified for my cat and my property along with my safety and fear of my future. This was all clearly being engineered. They did not tell me for a long period of time even who my public defender was at this point. A story was engineered at the prison that somehow they had lost all communications that came from the public defender agency. Keep in mind that anytime I could get a phone I called the public defenders over and over. If I got someone they lied to me. The drunk P.D. had gone to rehab and they gave me one from Kotzebue who eventually told me several lies including that rather than hire expert witnessed I would be my own expert witness. The did that to me twice and twice they did not call on me during the hearing to testify. It was all done to railroad me and shut me up. I believe she was fired from the public defender agency. I do not know if she was told to do what she did and was scapegoat-ed or if she did it to protect her friends in Nome. I do know she is a chronic liar. She is now the magistrate in Kotzebue. The director of the criminal division at the public defender agency called me and told me he was leaving and going to Afghanistan to see if he could do any good there. He said many mistakes were made and apologized. I have no idea if he was fired or he resigned. They never tried to get a writ of habeous corpus or came to see me. On the phone I was told they were sending an investigator, that never happened. I finally got the investigator in Nome to check a few things as I constantly called him. He found I was telling the truth and the prosecutor ADA Earthman had to dismiss the charge. The clerk at the court house told me he signed it angrily. An idiot would have known it was false from the beginning, even he knew. It was not until the evidence was so overwhelming that what he was doing look ridiculous that he dismissed it. They had been on a journey to cover for the workplace bullies and would use anything they could.

After realizing they had screwed up big time the public defender agency asked Judge Esch who had also screwed up big time for a warrant so I could go to the lodge to get my property that Robin Hume had stolen. I had to take a state trooper with me. The one who showed up was pissed that he was there and would not assist me to go into the lodge to look for my things. He told me the judge did not know what he was doing and had issued the wrong kind of warrant. Robin Hume gave him a grocery bad with my two cameras. The reason for this was I had the cables in my backpack the night I was arrested so he couldn’t sell them. There were also empty envelopes of Netflix movies. I asked the trooper if perhaps he might not be able to find a clue in the empty envelopes. I was of course upset and began stating that his decisions were wrong and I was calling my attorney. He then threatened to arrest me for disorderly conduct. He cared nothing for the truth or what was right. He was pissed before he got there and I know why. The state troopers had screwed up over and over, they were now trying to cover their collective asses. They had helped create this situation by not doing their jobs. Since then they have lied and destroyed evidence. That trooper is named Pellapeare (spelling) and he was transferred to the Soldotna station to my dismay. Officer Loop the one who arrested me and took pictures of my property has been promoted and is now in Soldotna as well, I am not afraid of him, but Pellapeare is another story. I FOIA’d my records and there is very little of it left. There have been no charges against either Robin or Steve Hume for the crimes they committed against me. The troopers told me I could not file a police report that only troopers could decide what gets filed, another of many lies.

When I got home after 26 days of wrongful incarceration I had a court order I could not got back to where I lived. John Earthman was protecting a con man who had set me up and committed multiple crimes. This is how the justice system works in Nome. The retaliation reached out from them to Homer. I was now homeless, my property was reduced to 50% of it’s former volume and had been put in the rain. I called Robin Hume from the airport about my cat and property. He told me it was in storage and then tried to get me to pay him money for the information about which storage place it was at. I had to pay for a taxi to drive around to different ones trying to find it. Finally a woman said she thought something shady was going on when Robin Hume put my stuff in storage. He had put it out in the rain and what was left was covered in mold. I lost it. Then my cat was at the animal shelter, but Robin Hume only brought her there after he found out I was being released. He had been told by someone I would be incarcerated for six months. I wonder who that could have been Mr. Earthman? The staff at the animal shelter told me that he just carried her in with a carrier. She had two of them and this man who is the scum of the earth even stole my cat’s things. She had been starved and mistreated to the point she was very ill and was emaciated. The staff could not even get in her cage to clean it she was so terrified. They were shocked when I picked her up and she calmed down. They let me go
to a room where I held her a rocked her for hours sobbing. They were very liberal with me visiting her, but she caught a virus and became very ill. Cats get liver disease from being starved.

After having to live in the horrible women’s shelter in Homer I was told by the animal shelter staff my cat would die if I did not get her with me. I had been desperately trying to find a place I could afford to live on Social Security to no avail. I finally took a horrible room at the Dolphine villas. It turned out to be the druggie place and I had drug dealers on either side of me with activity going on all night. The police and the owner of the apartments were on the side of the druggies. I was just trying to heal my cat and myself. It was a nightmare there. The owner lied to me about replacing the filthy stove, one cupboard hung by one screw and the wiring was dangerous and only half of it worked. I had pictures of much of this. I gave her a notice pursuant to the landlord tenant act that I was holding the rent until the problems were fixed. She sued to have me evicted just before Christmas. That still appears on my court record making it look like something it is not rather than a place where my next door neighbors on either side were selling drugs and on one side clearly cooking meth. My cat finally become so ill while I was there I had
to have her put to sleep. In the next day or so they had scheduled a restitution hearing where I was to be railroaded once again with the public defenders not providing any expert witnesses along with not calling me while I was hysterical about my cat. I appeared on the phone as I spent all of my food money and more on vet bills so I could not fly there. I would not have been able to do that anyway.

I think the citizens of Soldotna deserve to know why the last police chief left. There is a pattern of just letting people with issues leave without consequences. I have seen this before and they just go on to other jobs as cops and repeat the same behaviors.

I will be posting this letter on my blog,
http://frozenjustice.blogspot.com/ in response to a short comment I left on the Peninsula Clarion that was removed after I defended myself from a batsh*t crazy response to it. They have now put that comment and the response that included abortions, Jesus, questioned my sexual identity, implied I am a “lier” and essentially called me a racist. Right now I have had about all I can take of idiot, dominionist, science hating, illogical attacks on myself or anyone else, so I will post this letter on the blog with links that will clarify some incidents. I was sobbing while I wrote this, so please forgive me for any mistakes, I did not want to write it, but it has to be done. I promised Sarah Palin and others that I would never shut up about this or the treatment of the native people in Nome. They are arrested in high numbers, incarcerated, then when they are on probation they find technical or alcohol related reasons to send them back to prison over and over. There is very poor chemical dependency treatment in Nome, that is how the powers that be want it. I am very proud of my actions to get on medication and get rid of my rifle which were very appropriate actions even while very ill with PTSD even while people tried to harm me more and prevent me from taking the medications.


Celia A. Harrison


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