9/11: Grieving While Searching ForThe Truth

On 9/11/2001 when I saw the videos of the buildings fall I thought how strange that they looked like demolitions of buildings I had seen on video. I am not a structural engineer or an architect, so I did not understand that those buildings most likely had charges set to cause them to come down. When I heard the stories about building seven falling due to fire I had no idea that was not possible, but wondered how a fire that big was started in a building that was not hit by a plane. The experts say that even with the plane hitting the buildings the collapse of the buildings would not have happened. Now after so many years and so much information from the professionals/scientists who knew on that day we were being told untruths we need a real inquiry, not a kangaroo court type inquiry like the Warren Commission or the 9/11 Commission. We need to select people to be on this commission who are actual truth seekers who look at the evidence and have the power to request the information they need to do this. We owe it to those who were killed, the families of those who were killed, including those in other countries, we owe it to ourselves and those born in the future. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am tired of the never ending lies and cover ups. But more than anything I am sick of the kind of people who pulled all of this off causing so much pain and death not being held accountable for war crimes.

People all over the world want to know the truth about 9/11:
Fernando Imposimato, the President of the Italian Supreme Court, has raised the call for a criminal investigation of 9/11, comparing the terror attacks to the declassified "false flag" incidents carried out by the CIA in Italy under Operation Gladio.

A NYT article today spells out what a large number of us suspected. The GWB regime had their own agenda and were not listening to the truth from the CIA. This is a common tactic of psychopaths, they just say the experts who are getting in their way with facts and information are wrong and go ahead with their intended self serving plans. Retaliation against the truth tellers adds to the evidence that something was not right with 9/11 along with all the lies and ignored CIA information. Remember, Valerie Plame’s CIA career was destroyed by senior government officials of the GWB administration when they sought to retaliate against her husband Joseph Wilson for truth telling. They also had others who they were afraid would speak up about not being listened to retaliated against. Susan Lindauer worked for the CIA through back door channels and knew Iraq wanted our sanctions against them removed as about one million children had died, the schools had been closed and their health care system was destroyed. She says Iraq would willingly agree to almost anything to get the sanctions lifted and prevent war, they even invited the FBI to come to their country and find terrorists. Lindauer desperately tried to communicate with the White House to not start a war with Iraq before 9/11. They later had her imprisoned and accused her of being mentally ill while trying to force medication on her as detailed in her book Extreme Prejudice. This is the Patriot Act being used by bullying psychopaths to harm someone in order to cover for their crimes. As far as I am concerned Susan Lindauer is one of the most courageous patriots this country has ever seen.

Was the GWB regime involved in 9/11? Did Al Qaeda do 9/11 completely on their own or were they assisted by some group outside the United States? Susan Lindauer says the government used the terrorists as cover to plant the thermite in the three World Trade Buildings to create a spectacular incident so big they could use it to start a war. It was known the terrorists had a plan to crash planes into the twin towers and the Pentagon and they were allowed to do it, were they talked into it, are many of them still alive? Did they pull a tactic typically used by the FBI and plant people to give them what they needed and assist them to get the attack done? Some were known to be CIA assets, did they take direction to do particular things to make it look like they were planning an attack unknowingly? Was the GWB regime so incompetent they really ignored all the warnings or were they just playing incompetent to cover their plan? I have noticed Republican politicians love to do this. Was Al Qaeda manipulated into doing something they did not have the resources to get done, were they involved at all?

We all need some answers because the lies we have been told contribute to the anger in this country and the feeling that there is no rule of law except for those who have little money or power and the rules against them are harsh while others who torture and kill get off scot-free. The possible players in this story are wide ranging, but following the money will probably lead us to the truth as usual. 9/11 helped many corporations make huge amounts of money and there were officials high up on the GWB staff tied to those corporations. Susan Lindauer says she believes the military industrial complex may be involved due to being threatened by peace, they can't sell war products during peace. Experts have said the thermite is most likely from the military.

Not only do I think about 9/11 on every anniversary and those who lost their lives along with the families who were left behind to grieve. I also grieve the rights that we have all lost since then which over time continue to accrue. I grieve the ability to do something like go to an airport without being molested or make a phone call without being listened to or send a text message without it being stored. I think about a country that supposedly operates under the rule of law and how that is just a myth. Those in power who are supported by those with money can do whatever they want while those who have no power and money are harshly punished for what are actually medical problems, not crimes. I grieve for the attacks against whistleblowers. I grieve for all the lives lost in the countries where the oil wars were waged and those innocent people who are now being killed with drones. I grieve for the children being born with horrible birth defects in Iraq from nuclear material, white phosphorous and probably more left behind from US bombs. I grieve for our own soldiers who are forever altered with PTSD, head injuries or physical injuries so someone could make money. Many of them get into trouble due to the symptoms of PTSD and head injuries making it difficult for them to make good decisions, work or function in society. The injuries our soldiers suffer happen to the civilians in the countries they fight in as well. Certainly PTSD must run through the populations at astounding levels. I grieve for those who were tortured and held in solitary confinement by our country. I grieve for the loss of due process and a country where a president has a kill list that includes American citizens. President Obama is not the first to have such a list, he is the first to be honest about it.

We need the truth to be exposed, but the truth is not allowed unless it is forced or taken.  


Nikogriego said...

I completely agree, and it is courageous of you to post this. I have been researching nineleven since it happened, and there is virtually nothing about the official conspiracy theory that rings true. The buildings were brought down by controlled demolitions, and no large jet airliner hit the Pentagon. Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with these events, and most likely died in December 2001. The official story is a huge lie, and the "attacks" were a false flag operation to initiate the never ending "war on terror" and the severe curtailment of our civil rights, and caused the deaths of millions of innocent Iraqis. Shame on the perpetrators, and shame on us for allowing it to go unpunished.

crystalwolflady said...

You have to read her book if you haven't!

Celia Harrison said...

Nikogriego, I found out through my experiences that speaking the truth is the best way to heal. Having courage is easy after what I have been through. More and more people are realizing not only is the 9/11 story seriously flawed, but those who were in charge then are people who are capable of much evil.

Celia Harrison said...

crystalwolflady, I have her book in e form and plan to read parts of it again. Having been imprisoned wrongfully in a much smaller way than her it brought back some memories. I have spoken to a man who worked for NASA as an engineer who was taken to a psych hospital and drugged for speaking out about low grade parts being used. His father and friends were going to break him out, but he was suddenly released. They do this to many people. Working for the government is not a good idea.