WhatThe Election Results Say About Alaska

It’s official 35% of the people in Alaska are either insane or intellectually impaired. It is hard to believe so many voted for Joe Miller knowing the overwhelming truth about him. Does this say something about their own ethics? When Sarah Palin was elected governor the excuse was people did not know what she was, they knew exactly what Joe Miller was when they voted for him.

 I have experienced an unbelievable amount of intentional evil just myself from such people who believe they have a right to do as they please without conscience including harming others. They retaliate just like Sarah Palin and admire her when she publicly says something nasty. They loved it when Joe Miller had his goon squad violate the civil rights of a journalist. Did the Department of Law take action against them to safeguard the public from such actions? No, they pick and choose who is charged with crimes here. I have said in the past that Sarah Palin is not an anomaly in Alaska, I have lived it. I knew there was a chance Joe Miller could be elected. More evidence of lots of people in Alaska with similarities to Palin would be the overwhelming victory of Sean Parnell which is so repugnant.

It is frightening that 35% of the population don’t care about ethics, don’t care if a candidate is a liar, don’t care if he clearly violates the civil rights of others, believe in myths and don’t care (and in many cases are thrilled) that he is aligned with the Alaska Militia wingnuts. At this time it appears Murkowski has won (but it is not written in stone yet due to her votes being write ins). If Murkowski had not done her write in campaign Miller would have won because the Republicans always vote for whoever has an “R” by their name. It appears she did at least save us from Miller.

For the most part the results of the election were, same old-same old. If you want what you have always gotten just keep making the same choices. The voters have spoken, corruption and nepotism are what a huge percentage of Alaskans want. The percentage of voters for Murkowski and Miller combined is about 72% at this point in time. Many even admit that Scott McAdams was the best choice, but they just could not stand the thought of having two Democrats representing Alaska. They also feared the loss of Murkowski‘s power in the senate or should I say there was fear of loss of pork

One of the biggest losses from this election from Terry Smith Professor of Law at DePaul College on the HuffPO:

Prognosticators had long ago called the outcome of Tuesday's elections: A tea-party-infused mass rejection of the Democrats. There is, however, one outcome that was even more certain and that should be considered more troubling for our democracy than the ordinary midterm shifts of voters' partisan preferences. With the departure of Roland Burris, who was appointed to President Obama's old Senate seat, and with the long-shot and under funded Senate bids by African Americans in South Carolina, Georgia and Florida having failed, the United States Senate has no African Americans in the new Congress that convenes in January 2011.

We just took a giant step backwards in this country.

There were other elections in other parts of the country I have interests in for more than general political reasons. Harry Reid in Nevada has been the champion of those of us who have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME). If he had lost to Sharon Angle it would have been a huge blow to us because for decades the government has ignored our plight. Of course the fact that Angle is a dingbat was even more frightening for the general population. I have been a fan of Jerry Brown for decades. He is a good man who has won the election as governor in California against a corporatist who tried to buy the election with $141 million of her own money. Jerry Brown ran a lean and cheap campaign, I love it. This is a victory against the corporate interests. Jerry Brown is ethical, holds Democratic principles, and is moderate. This is the second time he will be governor in California. He loves the state and wants to try to straighten out the problems. He was the youngest and now the oldest governor in California. His victory reminds me that the comparison of what California was during his first run as governor with all of it’s faults means we don’t know what we have until it is gone. Thank goodness Barbara Boxer won, Fiorina is one evil woman. California is always a few years ahead of everyone else (good or bad), so I take these victories as a sign of our future. After this election even less will happen in Washington D. C. and voters may swing back to choosing competent, reasonable and ethical people for office. I am upset about Allan Grayson’s loss in Florida. I suspect we will hear from him again.

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