We Need More Than Two Political Parties To Stop The Polarization...The Workers Party or The Labor Party Would Be a Great Start

"The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them."  Maya Angelou

Now what we have to look forward to is going backwards with the gains we have made and no further progress. They will now launch attacks on President Obama diverting attention away from their work to insure corporate plutocracy gets whatever they want. After two years of this will the voters finally wise up and vote for intelligent, ethical, honest people? Will they destroy Social Security? Will they reverse what little progress was made to get health care for as many as possible? Will the people eventually realize they need a party that looks after the interests of the middle class/working people of the United States. In Nevada 44.6% voted for Sharon Angle, in Alaska 34.3% voted for Joe Miller, In Delaware 40% voted for Christine O'Donnell, what does this say about 35% to 44% of our population in this country? WTF!

Working people need to start their own political party, this has been needed for decades. We need more than two parties in this country. Both parties in many ways are serving the same masters. Of course if this happened the right would start using the word socialist is every sentence as a demonizing fear tactic.

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roberta said...

I'm just not so sure another party is a great idea? We would never have a majority of the country selecting/voting for the president and Congressional members. This would mean leadership that only 30 or 40 percent of the public was behind. Perhaps more but I doubt it.
GOP would remain in their corner and a percentage of Dems wouldn't budge either so even a really exceptional third party candidate would probably never be able to break the 50% level and I think being president without at least half the country behind you would not work well.

I'm open to debate on this and agree that something needs to change. I think I would rather see the Dems get louder and put more pressure on our elected officials. We tend to be kind of mild mannered for the most part and that needs to change.