Obama Says We Can't Afford Extending Permanently The Upper Income Tax Cuts

Does that mean he is willing to extend them temporarily, "My hope that is that somewhere in between there we can find some sort of solution..." He also said that it would be fiscally irresponsible to "permanently" extend upper income tax cuts in light of "our Republican friends" saying our number one priority should be dealing with our debt and our deficit. He says his number one priority is that taxes don't go up for the middle class on January 1st because people are having a rough time and higher taxes on the middle class would be bad for the economy. It sounds like he is getting ready to negotiate a temporary extension of all of the Bush Tax Cuts to me, but I hope my impression is wrong.

There...I was able to type a little bit with my sprained wrist (at least I hope it is only sprained).

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Anonymous said...

And President Obama is corrct, we can't afford it.

I urge all of you to write, email, or call the President and let him know how you feel.

We must take a stand.