“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” Albert Einstein

So, Joe Miller got busted making cheater votes on other people’s computers, breaching security, and conducting political business while at work. They kept him around to finish a project after some kind of suspension and then just as they were going to fire him he quit. Former Mayor Whitaker is a stand up guy with the guts to come forward to warn his fellow Alaskans of danger, Alaska is fortunate, most people are afraid to come forward with the truth in these situations. That is why Joe Miller thought he was safe and the public would never find out about it. Assuming fear would keep people from talking did not work this time. Joe Miller calls coming forward with the truth a political attack. That is like accusing someone of libel  or slander when they are telling the truth.

This behavior goes along with the dominionist belief that they are specially chosen and allowed to use any tactics to get themselves into political positions. They believe their agenda outweighs regulations, rules, laws, and professional ethics. In other words, they pretty much believe anything goes for themselves. This is one of the reasons for the incompetency in government. When state employees and government officials are not doing the jobs they were elected for or hired to do because they are working on their own agendas corruption and incompetence are the result.

Joe Miller was an intern with the department of law, a magistrate, an interim district judge and a borough attorney. Lots of people must have known what he was. He was put in place to carry out certain missions and provide cover, most likely for and by Palin. He is very easy to use due to his clear ambition for some kind of power. He is just one of many.

Remember, nothing happened to the malfeasant DA in my case and Rick Svobodney told me no one would do anything about him, just before he hung up on me. Sarah Palin’s staff told me the department of law told them not to talk to me or help me with anything. The public defender agency had a very long series of “screw ups“, refused to put a case together, manipulated me to prevent a trial, told me lies, sabotaged me, refused to talk to me, praised the malfeasant actions of department of law staff and would all not return my phone calls right after they pulled something questionable. They sat silent at the defense table in the court room while DA Earthman withheld evidence and told several lies. When I tried to speak up the judge would angrily remind me I had an attorney. When it was clear I would not shut up they had me wrongfully imprisoned with the help of that judge.

Joe Miller was an intern with the department of law, a magistrate, an interim district judge, and a borough attorney. There had to be many who knew what he was. This is how the justice system works in Alaska. Those in power choose the kind of people who are running the DOL, the public defender agency and those who are made judges.

The system for selecting judges in Alaska has been placed mostly under control of members of the Alaska Bar Association who submit a list of candidates to the governor. We have seen examples of types of manipulation used by lawyers and others to get what they want. Do you think they don’t do the same to get their lawyer candidates for judgeships in place? All they have to do is get that person placed on the list for the governor to select so it all looks A-OK. They are often not chosen on merit, they are chosen to sabotage, manipulate laws, further agendas, disrupt or help provide cover. Magistrates are appointed by judges, they reflect who the judge is and are put in place for cooperation. To fulfill their agenda those in place have to be cooperative and keep their mouths shut.

There is discussion of the Bar Association disbarring Joe Miller, they know of many malfeasant attorneys and do nothing. I would doubt seriously that this would happen. I also doubt the department of law would charge him for tampering with his coworker’s computers. In Alaska only certain people are charged with crimes often even if it is clear they are innocent.



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