Jack Black as Nathan Spewman: Professional Mis-informant, Helping Corporations Spread Mis-information

This video is from Health Care for America.

From Health Care For America's NOW!BLOG:

There's a new fight around health insurance reform and if the insurance companies win, we lose. If the $892-billion health insurance industry wins this battle, they'll be able to deny people needed care and call the administrative costs of that denial "medical care" under the new health care law.

I'm talking about the fight over the so-called "medical-loss ratio." The insurance companies are pressuring state insurance regulators to undermine a key provision of the law to protect their excessive profits. They want to gut the federal requirement that insurers spend at least 80 percent of premiums on medical care in the individual and small-group markets and 85 percent in the large-group market, or rebate the difference to consumers. The industry is determined to undercut the new law and hold onto its ability to rip off families and employers. They want to continue their long-time practice of spending low percentages of premium revenue on actual medical care in certain states and for certain customers.


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Okay, just our eternal thanks for this brilliant and dastardly funny PDA. Too bad 22% of our fellow citizens won't be able to appreciate it. Love the little girl, too. And America, of course, Ferrera and USA.