President Obama: Foreign Corporate Interests are a “threat to our democracy”, "We need to fight their millions of dollars with millions of voices".

Of course campaign donations from foreign corporations are a threat to democracy and so are campaign donations from U.S. corporations. This is what our supreme court that has been radicalized to the right did for our democracy.

The Chamber of Commerce in the United States gets campaign donations to help them fight job creation and unions in this country. U.S. corporations are terrified they may have pressure put on them to hire U.S. citizens. They are also terrified we might organize to get paid decent wages and get decent benefits. The truth is we have to organize for decent pay and benefits if we want to save our country. A healthy, thriving middle class is necessary for the economic system of capitalism to function. The Democrats are a huge threat to corporations who use cheap labor in third world countries. We have seen the damage to our economy and the loss of civil rights already, with the addition of large amounts of foreign money they have the power to change our country into something completely different than what we have now. This is how someone like Joe Miller gets put forward by the Republican party, a man with no ethics or logic who seeks to manipulate our constitution for an insane agenda.

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