Federal Government Created More Jobs While State Lay Offs Decreased Them, How Is That Smaller Government Theme Workin` Out For Ya?

The federal government is essential to helping the economy in a recession. The Republicans have picked the worst time possible to start agitating for small government. They are hurting those who can’t find jobs, the economy and the United States citizens as a whole. Do they care? No, they actually think they are right because the corporations and the Tea Party told them they were. President Obama is allowing their illogical debate to restrain him from giving the states more stimulus money, there should be another stimulus to give the economy a second boost. Private sector growth can’t offset the large numbers of jobs being lost by lay offs from state governments. Short sighted corporate controlled politicians are laying off police officers, teachers and firemen just when government jobs are so important for the economy. This is also a great time to work on infrastructure which could be funded by more stimulus money.

I do not agree with many of President Obama’s decisions, nor would I agree with everything any president did. It is clear to me President Obama often knows what the right decisions for the country and people are, yet he is allowing the radical right to keep him from making the right choices in many circumstances. The right is trying to shut down the government and blocks all legislative progress. They are not compromising so why succumb to their pressure?

Robert Reich:
America’s private sector generated 64,000 jobs in September — just about half the number needed to keep up with the growth in the labor force. (Government, meanwhile, shed jobs.) That means American workers are in worse shape today than they were a year ago. The Great Jobs Recession continues. And we won’t get out of it until we face and deal with the structural problem at its core: A record share of the nation’s income going to the top, leaving the vast middle without enough purchasing power to get the economy moving.

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