This is why I read papers online in other countries. Google has a translator which automatically translates any page and many papers have an English version. I learned years ago when it comes to health to go to a country with socialized healthcare to get the truth. When I searched newspapers for information about Aspergers, medication, and workplace bullying I saw other articles I got interested in and soon foreign news became a habit. In the U.S. I couldn’t get much information about these subjects I had to get it from Europe. That is because workplace bullying is a valued tool used by corporations and the court system here does not recognize it as a form of discrimination for that reason, insurance companies did not want Aspergers diagnosed, and the drug companies lie. Getting information directly from the country it happens in before the U.S. news media has put a slant on it gives a clearer picture of what is really happening.
Here is an article I found in a French newspaper online. I am glad there is an organization like Reporters Without Borders that works to protects freedom in journalism all over the world. They are against bloggers making insults, but I am not sure if they mean name calling or slander. This is a rough translation from French.

Journalism last bulwark of democracy

Reporters Without Borders 

76 journalists were killed worldwide in 2009, reveals the non-governmental organization (NGO) Reporters Without Borders. She now speaks through the voice of Dominique Gerbaud and Jean-Francois Julliard.

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is an NGO founded 25 years ago by Robert Menard. Dominique Gerbaud, 62, chairs the association and RSF Media and diversity that prepares young suburban schools of journalism. He has spent his entire career in print: Cross, Express, LifeEtc.. Jean-Francois Julliard, 35, studied theater before joining the Office of RSF Asia and directing its Africa office. He is secretary general of RSF since September 2008.

Journalists France 3 kidnapped in Afghanistan-they take too many risks?

Dominique Gerbaud : We can not accept what has been said about our colleagues. For all the journalists are at risk. This is the essence of the profession to take. The political and military know very well. I hope that in this case, President Sarkozy not seeking to settle scores with France 3 and public service.

Jean-Francois Julliard : In principle, there is no place we must not go!

You took over from Robert Menard. One has the impression that RSF change in tone?

Dominique Gerbaud : We were frankly itching powder: we saw during the Olympics in China. But there is a time for everything. It does not return to the substantive commitments. But moving on means. Before, they forbade anyone on principle. Now, we do not defend the Cameroonian journalists who publish lists of gay! We were protesting and there is now more a source of assistance for journalists to do their job.

Think you gain credibility?

Dominique Gerbaud : Yes, what strikes me is the legitimacy of the RSF, the only NGO in the world to take stock every year on the freedom of the press. Our credibility is that the EU asks us to watch what happens in the new democracies. Next month, we will also have a mission in the Russian Caucasus to meet the last defenders of human rights in Chechnya and Turkmenistan.

Jean-Francois Julliard : Yes, it's over to defend anyone at any price. We are not a union of journalists, but an organization defending press freedom.

Who finances?

Jean-Francois Julliard : We are a twenty standing in Paris with 120 correspondents worldwide. Our budget of 3.5 million is covered to 54% by selling our photo albums. The rest comes from private foundations or government agencies, the European Union, UNESCO and the Organization of the Francophonie.

To summarize your mission ...

Dominique Gerbaud : We are an NGO virtually everywhere in the world and our vigilance is necessary because the journalists are the last bulwarks of democracy. We note also that undemocratic countries encourage journalists to flee their country. It is a way to delete cookies.(I have no idea what this means, the word cookies and reporter are the same in French and English) Their number has doubled last year.

The France is badly placed, it is amazing!

Dominique Gerbaud : The misclassification of France due to the appointment of leaders of public broadcasting by the executive, which is regrettable. We would have preferred an independent committee. This low ranking is also due to the litigious business press: journalists can find themselves in custody and the police may seize a computer in a newsroom!

And freedom on the Internet?

Dominique Gerbaud : 110 We know that cyber-dissidents are currently imprisoned in China, Iran, Tunisia, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. They deserve to be defended. But this is not true of all bloggers: one who utters insults from his blog in France does not deserve it.

Freedom of the press through an ethic ...

Dominique Gerbaud : I was elected on that basis there! So it does not bother me at all. We have an ethical requirement and there is debate. Personally I do not want to defend someone who filmed the president without his knowledge ...

You see new dangers?

Dominique Gerbaud : Fifteen journalists were killed sen 2009 by Islamic extremist organizations! Moreover, those dealing with environmental issues are threatened or imprisoned because they expose pollution in China or trafficking of exotic woods.

Jean-Francois Julliard: In addition to the violence of the States, we feel the privatization of violence: gangs, mafias, drug trafficking cartels and the power of militias in Mexico and Colombia are new dangers for the journalists.

Which countries escape your vigilance?

Jean-Francois Julliard : We have informal correspondents in Iran and Syria. But nobody in North Korea, Eritrea and Turkmenistan ... For in these countries there are more journalists!

You have an action for Haiti?

Jean-Francois Julliard : There are more newspapers in Port-au-Prince. We are committed to three months in Haiti with a house where journalists can work, broadcast on the airwaves and Internet access. To circulate information about the practical help, to connect people ...

Collected by Herve BERTHO.

Check out their press freedom index. Freedom of the press has declined in a lot of European countries.

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