The CIA and other agencies just kill people in other countries for crimes, politics, or to protect "assets". For some reason there is no outcry about this. I believe it is one of the reasons for torture and murders under the George W. Bush regime, the CIA has been murdering and torturing people for years and the Bush family considers it so normal they automatically do it out in the open now. They were used to torturing and murdering people all over the world with impunity. If there was ever a question about their activities, easy solution, just lie, make up a cover story, or blame someone else. If someone in the government doesn't cooperate or trys to tell the truth, kill them or lock them up. Remember GHWB was the director of the CIA for about a year and the only person who alive on November 22nd 1963 who can't remember where he was that day. That's probably because he was so busy "organizing" activities in Dallas. He was selected as director mainly to restore morale, probably in part due to some legilators finding out about their internal assasinations and the ethical people being mortified to work for an organization that helped facilitate them.

CIA agents in Peru who can't speak fluent Spanish, really, are you kidding me? Whatever happened to arrest, being charged with a crime, and a trial? Because someone is smuggling drugs they should just be shot out of the sky? This time they screwed up big time. We know the executive branch has authorized the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be affiliated with terrorists. This is a violation of the constitution. In other words, no trial, no evidence(not that evidence is used much anymore), just some guys in a government agency deciding to kill them. Guys with the kind of judgment that got innocent people killed. We know citizens even inside the country have been killed, this includes a president. The FOIA, witnesses who have found the courage to come forward, and the declassification of the Russian cold war documents have revealed that JFK was clearly killed from inside our own government. That of course means the other assassinations during that period were most likely government facilitated murders. We know a lot of witnesses have died since then also.

The Airbridge Denial Program helped the Peruvian Air force shoot down 15 civilian planes without warning just a couple minutes after seeing them. They fired on most of the planes without giving them the required warnings or properly identifying themselves. They mislead congress and obstructed the Justice Department Investigation, but hey what difference does it make, the DOJ didn’t file charges against them anyway.

From ABC:
The CIA today was accused of lying to Congress and covering up its role in the deaths of two innocent Americans, a mother and her infant daughter, at the hands of the CIA and the Peruvian Air Force nine years ago.

"If there's ever an example of justice delayed, justice denied, this is it," said Rep. Pete Hoekstra, R.-Mich., ranking minority member of the House Intelligence Committee. "The [intelligence] community's performance in terms of accountability has been unacceptable. These were Americans that were killed with the help of their government, the community covered it up, they delayed investigating."

On April 20, 2001, Jim and Veronica "Roni" Bowers and their two children, six-year-old son Cory and infant daughter Charity, were returning to their home in Peru from a trip to Brazil in a small airplane piloted by Kevin Donaldson.

The Bowers' worked as Christian missionaries along a stretch of the Amazon River near Iquitos, Peru, a remote jungle region near the Brazilian and Colombian borders heavily traveled by drug traffickers.

The CIA and the Peruvian Air Force were working in the same area, trying to interdict the drug smugglers. Starting in 1995, they'd operated a joint program to intercept drug planes, shooting them down if necessary.

On April 20, a CIA spotter plane saw the Cessna in which the Bowers family was flying and alerted the Peruvian Air Force. What happened during the next hour and 49 minutes is captured in a CIA videotape.

The CIA spotter plane, with two operative aboard, sneaked up behind the Cessna as it flew over the Amazon.

"We are trying to remain covert at this point," one of the CIA pilots on the plane can be heard to say on the tape.

The CIA pilot describes the aircraft as a high-wing, single–engine float plane, which is accurate, that it has picked up on the border between Peru and Brazil.

But the CIA personnel misidentified the craft as a drug plane. The CIA alerted the Peruvian Air Force, which scrambled an interceptor. Over the next two hours, the CIA personnel would express doubts, but would not correct their error, and would repeatedly violate what the White House believed to be strict rules of engagement.

Said former counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke, who served in the White House at the time on the National Security Council, which created the anti-drug program, "Either the CIA spotter aircraft or the interceptor is supposed to get up close, identify the plane from the tail number, try to indicate to the plane that it should follow them to the ground."

That did not happen. Instead, the decision was made not to try to identify the tail number, because it might allow the plane to escape.

" You know, we can go up attempt the tail number," says a CIA operative on the tape. "The problem with that is that if he is dirty and he detect us, he makes a right turn immediately and we can't chase him."

When the Peruvian Air Force jet arrived it issued a warning to the target plane, saying, 'We will shoot you down." The warning was in Spanish, which the Bowers and their pilot could understand, but it was on the wrong frequency.

The CIA pilots begin to have doubts. "This guy doesn't, doesn't fit the profile," says one. But nothing was done to pull the plane back.

The CIA then asks a Peruvian Air Force liaison, "Are you sure is bandito? Are you sure?"

"Yes, okay," says the Peruvian.

"If you're sure," responds the CIA operative. Then more serious doubts were quietly whispered.

"That is bull—," says one CIA operative. "I think we're making a mistake."

"I agree with you," says the other operative.

A minute and a half later the gunships opened fire and the Bowers' pilot, Donaldson, screamed in Spanish for the jet to stop.

"They're killing me. They're killing us," yells Donaldson on the tape.

"Tell him to terminate," says one of the CIA operative to the Peruvian liaison. " No. Don't Shoot. No more, no mas."

The Peruvian liaison starts yelling at the pilot, "Stop! No mas, no mas, Tucan no more."

"God," says one of the CIA pilots.

By then the damage was done. Trailing black smoke, it headed for a river to land, with Veronica Bowers and her daughter Charity already dead from bullet wounds and the pilot wounded in both legs.

Jim Bowers, his son Cory and Kevin Donaldson survived. But for almost nine years, the CIA misled Congress, the White House and the dead woman's parents about how and why the agency defied the rules established to make sure innocent people were not killed.

"I want to know the truth," Garnett Luttig, father of Roni Bowers, told ABC News. "I want to know why. I wonder why my baby's gone. Don't they understand that?"

Said Gloria Luttig, Roni's mother, "I want somebody to have to stand up and say I was responsible. I want him to know what a mother's heart is like."

On Wednesday, the CIA said its nine-year long investigation had determined that 16 CIA employees should be disciplined, including the woman then in charge of counter-narcotics.

Nine years? Are you kidding?

Many of them are no longer with the CIA, and one of those involved said his discipline was no more than a letter of reprimand placed in his file, which he was told would be removed in one year.

That sounds about right.

A CIA spokesperson issued a statement to ABC News Wednesday that placed the blame for the shootdown on the Peruvian Air Force, and said its own internal review had shown no evidence of a cover-up.

Yea, that is why it took nine years of  the family fighting to get the truth about it.

"The program to deny drug traffickers an "air bridge" ended in 2001 and was run by a foreign government," said the spokesperson. "CIA personnel had no authority either to direct or prohibit actions by that government. CIA officers did not shoot down any airplane. In the case of the tragic downing of April 21st, 2001, [sic] CIA personnel protested the identification of the missionary plane as a suspect drug trafficker."

Excuse me, but I just heard you directing them and then telling them "no mas" to get them to stop shooting. The Peruvian decided they were "banditos" after you asked him if they were and I am not sure that guy really understood you and one of you said, "ok".

The date of the downing was April 20.

"This was a tragic episode that the Agency has dealt with in a professional and thorough manner," continued the statement. "Unfortunately, some have been willing to twist facts to imply otherwise. In so doing, they do a tremendous disservice to CIA officers, serving and retired, who have risked their lives for America's national security."

The CIA's full statement.

Ever notice the CIA is never at fault, even though it has been pretty much proven they stired up crap in Viet Nam to start the war going, were involved in assasinating a president, and have facilitated many coups in other countries. They always take the stance of being heros and are quite indignant that they should be questioned(they are allowed to lie to congress, BTW). We assasinate people all over the world and that is supposed to be a heroic act, I disagree. How heroic is pulling a trigger when the target is not shooting at you? If another government sent agents into our country to kill people we would probably start a war with them. I believe there are some missions in which agents are putting their lives in danger, but why were we just assasinating drug dealers in partner with another country? Following them and arresting them I could see. I guess the CIA wanted to eliminate it's competition. Anyone who is a bigger drug dealer than the CIA could be killed. Is that at least a part of what is going on with the bloody drug war in Mexico right now? Without the drug economy Mexico will completely collapse and it is a part of our economy also.

They can pretty much go after anyone they claim is a threat to the United States. Where does it end? Will they eventually go after people whose politics they disagree with, oh yea, I forgot that already started happening in 1963. 

Don't you wish Rep. McDonald was still alive and could have been there when Joe Wilson yelled, "You lie", "Wait a minute sir, you do not have the mic, wait a minute, don’t speak out of turn, please, please, please, keep the noise down so that we can hear and we can get answers." Can you tell she was an educator in the past?

The CIA has been implemented in starting the crack epidemic in this country. Part of their reason was to get funding for illegal operations and part of it was just that our economy has always had drugs involved and it has a lot to do with Wall Street. They dumped the drugs into inner city areas where the people were more liberal and more minority. All wars, even the War On Drugs are about money, and lower economic classes are always sacrificed. That is why laws against crack were made so harsh. Regular old powder cocaine is used by upper middle class whites for the most part. Making those laws harsh helped the prison industry make more money. Drugs have been a part of our economy almost from the beginning. This influx of drugs into inner cities caused the huge gang problem, the value of homes to go down (causing people to have to walk away from their mortgages), caused neighborhoods to be completely destroyed, and then people came in and bought the land.


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