Doctor of Mind freaked out after the Fort Hood shooting and sounded all racist and paranoid, talking about why do we import foreign doctors. Dr. Hasan of course is an American doctor. He was just in shock as he loves the military. I knew that, so I told him my theory about what happened and he told me it was a good assessment. Four days ago he posted this video.

He doesn't even mention the bullying or the Christian mafia in the army which I think was a huge contributor. This is typical of mental health professionals. It is not widely understood. Antidepressants can cause an increased risk of suicidal behavior, but I had discounted it because I thought the army would have had records of it. He could have been treating himself because he did not want the army to know due to the harassment he was getting already, psychiatrists usually don't seek help, and the army does not promote those who have mental health issues. As I have said before this situation was predictable and the military has some really bad dysfunctions that are causing the problems. All radical religious views are high risk for murder/suicide. One form of this would be car bombings. This high risk group includes the right wing Christian Mafia. We were told by Dr. Hasan's family he had moderate views. The PTSD could have caused him to loose his original faith and change to a more radical type of belief system. We still do not know if this had anything to do with the shootings for sure. The same thing can happen to the victims of the wars in other countries. They get PTSD also and then keep getting re-traumatized over and over. We create the radical religious fanatics with our imperialistic wars based on lies. People are harmed on both sides. The psychological trauma causes permanent brain changes and a lot of anger. The world has been put in a great deal of danger because of the presidency of George W. Bush. He and his accomplices should be put on trial for war crimes. I think some justice would help us all.


crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Celia, being a psych doc I would think he could get PTSD from listening and talking with all the vets coming home from Irag and Afghanistan?
They tried to make a huge issue (he was interested in suicide bombers) but as a psych counseling vets would he NOT have a interest in that?
And I heard they are charging him with PREMEDITATED murder? What's with that?
There is something wrong with this, something funny here.

Celia Harrison said...

Yes, good insight, health care workers do get PTSD. I was a critical care nurse and it is common knowledge that ER/trauma/psych/critical care nurses do get PTSD. But it does not usually cause the severer form of complex PTSD which he probably had. There were multiple factors which contributed to what happened. I do find it very strange that he was at a center which specialized in PTSD and no one spotted his symptoms. I believe he was being bullied by the very people who should have intervened, but did not because their goal was to destroy him. The other question in my mind is, did they know he would eventually break and not intervene on purpose hoping for another 9/11 type situation? We will probably not ever be told the truth. Having been in a situation like this myself I can read it like a book.

Celia Harrison said...

Crystalwolf it is possible it was premediatated. He went and bought guns. He was probably very angry over a long period of time. He may have had a plan to take out certain individuals who had tormented him when he decided to suicide. The military gave him no other way out of the situation. If anyone in the situation had any kind of intuition and knew what was going on they would have realized he could be driven to violence. This question should have been asked,"Are you thinking of hurting yourself or anyone else?" Instead they isolated him.