The lawyer for former Rep. Pete Kott said in court Tuesday that federal prosecutors might have knowingly used perjured testimony to send Kott to prison on corruption charges.

You know these crooked politicians in Alaska don’t care if the citizens in Alaska are convicted using perjury. They also don’t care if people are wrongly charged or imprisoned, but they sure do scream loud when it happens to them(That‘s if it is even true). In Alaska we don’t get anyone from the justice department to look into the allegations. We get ignored, we get politicians saying it is the judicial branch and they have nothing to do with it. We get Richard Svobodney saying the DOJ or department of law will not do anything about the prosecutor that maliciously prosecuted us and slam the phone down in our ears.

No defendant of any kind should have perjured evidence used against them. You would think it would be obvious and quite ridiculous for me to say so, but apparently this is not known in Alaska. Justice is not what many prosecutors are looking for. They decide who they “want” for a crime and they shape the evidence to fit that person. They talk people into changing their testimony, knowingly use the lies of sociopaths(their testimony should be inadmissible), hold evidence back which would help the defense, and lie themselves. They are not held accountable as far as I can tell in the state of Alaska. In my case they even went so far as to give false information to the newspaper and printed something false in the department of law’s own newsletter about me. Does anyone care about that? No, of course not.

Now Kott has a federal public defender, well he better hope they gave him a sober one instead of one like the chronic inebriate I got. Then when she went to rehab I got another gem who lied to me to get me to take a plea when I wanted a trial. Then her office did not tell me about a hearing, nor did one of them go and the judge issued a warrant based on false evidence the Texas born and bred assistant ADA gave him. Public defender #2 left the agency(her boss then blamed the problems on her), then public defender #3 a very recently former prosecutor from you’ll never guess, Texas lied to me again to manipulate me and prevented evidence I had gathered myself from being used. I tried like hell to put the case together, however they were never going to allow the truth to come out about what had really happened. All the while Quinlan Steiner their boss was informed by me every step of the way what the problems were and ignore me. After I was wrongfully imprisoned I had to go through the commissioner’s office to get him to return phone calls. They lie on both sides. Now, I know the state does not give much funding to the public defender agency, but that is not an excuse for what has happened.

I happen to know not all attorneys lie as I know some from other states. Many of them believe very strongly in our justice system. They believe in truth and due process. I do also that is why I have been outspoken about this. At one point I wrote a letter to Judge Esch and told him I thought Nome had broken off of Alaska and floated over to Russia. Of all the things we have lost in this country the one that has angered me the most is the loss of our justice system to dishonest, unethical lawyers.

We have had a reversal of the corruption in the federal legal system with the actions of Attorney General Eric Holder. He believes in our constitution and so far has demonstrated that he intends to conduct his investigations and prosecutions with the highest regard for due process, civil rights, and ethics. It has been a beautiful thing to watch.

This is one of my favorite prosecutions so far because it sends a strong message about the abuse in our prison systems:

Department of Justice

Office of Public Affairs
Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bexar County, Texas, Corrections Officer Indicted on Civil Rights Charges

WASHINGTON – Daniel Melgoza, a Bexar County, Texas, Corrections Officer, was charged today in a four-count federal indictment with violating the civil rights of two detainees and obstructing justice. The charges stem from two December 2004 incidents in which Melgoza, 54, of San Antonio, allegedly assaulted inmates at the Bexar County Detention Center by kicking and striking them. The indictment also charges Melgoza with obstructing justice by providing false statements about the assaults.

An indictment is a formal accusation of criminal conduct, not evidence of guilt. The defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.

If convicted, the defendant faces maximum penalties of 10 years imprisonment on each of the civil rights charges and 20 years imprisonment on each of the obstruction charges.

This case was investigated by Special Agent Mirella Rodriguez of the San Antonio Division of the FBI with assistance from the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, and is being prosecuted by Civil Rights Division Trial Attorney Christopher Lomax and Special Litigation Counsel Jeffrey Blumberg.

Hello eighth amendment, nice to have you back in the United States! I really hope you will be visiting the courts and prisons in Alaska soon.

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