When I read Shannyn Moore’s post on Tim Griffin running for congress in Arkansas I decided to check the newspaper in a small town in Arkansas where I have relatives. I did not find a thing mentioning him, but there was a very telling article written about the 9-12 Tea Baggers event. I already knew that Arkansas is not like the deep south in that they have a mix of conservatives and liberals. I also know there are some highly educated people there. That is why I was surprised to find a paper printing an article with such racial bias. Frank Wallis of the Baxter Bulletin interviewed a couple from Mountain Home Arkansas and wrote about their participation in the 9-12 protest:

One of the largest assemblies ever to converge on Washington, D.C. — dubbed the 9-12 Project by television pundits and organizers — included two people from Mountain Home who say they were changed and encouraged by the message, the number and the orderliness of the throng estimated at 1.3 million by some attendees.

Myself and others commented on this false number of attendees.

Roy Gould, 75, and Joann Gould, 73, conservatives married for 58 years, traveled the 850-plus mile journey from Mountain Home via St. Louis where they picked up a son, a daughter and a friend. The Goulds said no one in their party had any idea what to expect by way of turnout for the event last Saturday.

"Some of the people who attended had to make some financial sacrifices to be there," Mrs. Gould said. "When I saw that crowd, I just stood there and cried."

I think I would have cried too, but it would have been from the tears running down my face from laughing. The article is mostly the same right wing conservative dominionist guano crazy crap we have all heard from the tea-baggers before. Below is what is so striking about the article.

Another image showed a protester with what appeared to be the head of a black man on the end of a pole raised high above the crowd.

Mrs. Gould said black people were not entirely absent from the assembly, but their numbers were small.

Mr. Gould said he met 10 black people and shook hands and greeted each one.
"I walked right up to them and stuck out my hand and said 'I want to shake a patriot's hand',” Mr. Gould said. "They had the same brightness and determination in their eyes as we did."

What a great guy. I have known people like this and they actually think they aren't racist.

Mr. Gould said a black woman actually spoke to the crowd. In her message she called out black members of Congress by name and called on each one to "do the right thing" by Americans whose insurance for heath care is at risk if insurance carriers are forced to compete with a costly government-run insurance group proposed by the Obama Administration.

A black woman actually spoke to the crowd. What year is this? Because if we have gone back to the 1970s I have a lot of things I would like to do differently and my Levis are back in fashion. Why would they even mention that she was black? I could see mentioning that there were not very many black people there, but the way this was written clearly shows the racist attitude.

The Goulds both say the 9-12 event is proof that fiscal and political conservatism in the U.S. is not about to run out of energy.

"This is just the beginning," Mrs. Gould said.

No actually Mrs. gould this is the end. The Republican party has so many uneducated, backwards, dominionists that I can hear it's death rattle. If they only knew the truth behind this movement they would feel betrayed. The problem is the party as a whole will be unable to change their line of thinking towards reality now. They are simply too brainwashed and it is hard to learn when you believe that knowledge is the enemy. Clearly they believe in complete fabrications without doing any fact checks. The demented are leading the demented.

When I read the comments I felt better because there were people who mentioned the racism and other issues. I posted the video from this post: http://frozenjustice.blogspot.com/2009/09/tea-baggersis-it-early-onset-dementia.html in the comment section.

President Obama Jimmy Carter is right. Are you in denial?


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