This video needs no explanation, really it speaks for itself. The New Left Media wades into a sea of Tea Baggers and interviews the totally uninformed moronic protestors. Nurses have several comedy diagnoses, one of which is, too stupid to live. How do these people survive? How do they make decisions? To make any major decisions in our lives we have to do some research and weigh the options. They just do not have the skills. I also saw some of that racism that Obama and other sources have said isn't happening. It is hilarious, but if I think about it too hard I become frightened and sad. I laugh because it helps me to cope.


KaJo said...

Celia, I can't find a link to send you an e-mail, but I wanted to give you some feedback about your blog background.

The royal blue background is OK for the text, but your text is a pretty small point, and could be larger.

However, the sidebar area to the right is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to read -- the darker blue with the black writing is too close in color with not enough contrast.

Just a suggestion, please change the backgrounds to something lighter... easier on my old eyes... :)

Celia Harrison said...

KaJo I changed the blog to black, white and grey. I hope that helps. I put an envelope for an email link close to the top on the right side. Thank you for the feed back.

Helen said...

Thanks for this video Celia - I hadn't seen this.