Update: Since there has been some interest in this post today I should say that the story that Track Palin cut brake lines on school buses is believed to not be true now. He did apparently steal a bottle of Vodka from a store to share with his friends and there was vandalism of the school buses. Here is the original story from 2005.

The boys are suspected of deflating tires in 44 First Student buses, breaking mirrors and unplugging 110 buses from their engine-block heaters, which caused the buses not to start in subzero weather on Nov. 29.

Oh….My…..God, Sarah Palin said, "... I do think there should be consequences for bad behavior." Well, then why doesn’t she report to the nearest prison here in Alaska. I am sure her ex-boyfriend that she appointed as director of the department of corrections, Joe Schmidt, can have a nice cozy cell arranged for her. How about one in the mental health unit at Hiland Mountain, where your psychopathy could be studied. If you protest about the abusive treatment they can chain you to the floor and make you beg for toilet paper.

Psychopaths, while often dabbling on the border of criminality, may never actually commit crimes for which they could be arrested, and many people who commit crimes are not psychopaths (although the majority of extremely violent criminals are).

BTW, they are often quite indignant about those who do get arrested for actual crimes because this is a way for them to differentiate their behavior and have themselves classified as non-criminal. This is one reason why Sarah Palin often portrays herself and family as victims. They very carefully study the law to make sure they fly under the radar or have a loop hole they can use to keep from getting charged with crimes. This means they are even more conscious of illegalities than many arrested for crimes. Often, they can be seen surrounded by sleazy lawyers who protect their every move. They have no conscience which directs them, they only seek to not be arrested and manipulate their public image. Right and wrong is not their guide, self gain is. Going after a kid who should have never been charged with a crime to begin with is part of Sarah Palin's publicity machine. David Kernell should not get anymore than community service and a tongue lashing from the judge.

Apparently these consequences for bad behavior only apply to non-Palins:

Track Palin: Cut brake lines on  Vandalised buses which could have resulted in injuring children and did result in a school being closed. He was addicted to Oxycontin. Sarah Palin sent him to another state and managed to cut a deal that he could just join the military rather than be sentenced to prison. Which higher up in the state of Alaska was responsible for that? No criminal charges for Track for a very seriously dangerous prank.

Bristol Palin: Who knows what trouble this party girl got into that her mother rescued her from, other than trying to cover her pregnancy?

Diana Palin(Todd's sister): Charged with multiple burglaries, thefts, and child endangerment due to addiction to narcotics. She spent five months in jail before her sentencing. The rest of her sentence is chemical dependency treatment and she received an SIS, Suspended Imposition of Sentence, the charges will drop from her record after probation. She used her child to gain entry to people’s homes by having the child ask to use the bathroom and going with her. But, when she got caught she was just breaking into a house and it was not the first time. Anyone else would have gotten years for the same crimes and would be very lucky to receive any kind of chemical dependency treatment from the DOC.

 It is not that I disagree with this sentence. I believe Diana Palin should be given a chance at recovery as addiction is a disease that takes over and causes people to do things they would not normally do. Clearly Diana Palin was very sick person when she committed her crimes. What I disagree with is other people get very harsh sentences for the same crimes and no treatment. When released from prison they get dumped on the streets to be homeless without treatment, are denied any kind of public housing, and of course end up in trouble again. What else could possibly happen? They put people with mental health issues in the prisons and torture them making them sicker, destroying any self esteem they ever had, and denying them any treatment for their original problems. They also do not get the charges dropped after probation, especially since those who work for the department of probation rather than rehabilitation see their main goal as getting people re-incarcerated on technicalities.

Willow Palin: Sarah was on vacation in Hawaii and had to rush home due to Willow’s latest antics. See the blogs, Alaska WTF and The Immoral Minority for more details. Willow and friends wanted to have a party. Willow suggested a vacant house she knew about. They vandalized and took property to the tune of $20,000 to $30,000. Being ethically impaired, Sarah claimed Willow was out of town at the time. But, the funny thing is it is reported the other kids all remember her being present at the party. So, Sarah had a meeting with higher ups at the juvenile justice system and got them to only charge the boys. This is the worst kind of nepotism and corruption there is. In the words of a woman who quits when her lack of ethics catch up to her, “that’s not right, it’s not legal, it’s not fair or decent”, but, then we all know these standards only apply to those whose name is not Palin. The Palins have special permission from Jesus and the state of Alaska to commit crimes, lie, and manipulate, that is why they are so often excused from being prosecuted. Others who have had their children put into the state juvenile facilities for minor crimes and psychologically damaged for life are just inferior non-Palins whose well being is inconsequential. Justice should always be tempered with mercy, but why does all of the mercy go to the Palin’s and only punitive justice to everyone else?

Sarah Palin thinks there should be consequences for bad behavior, unless your name is Palin. She plays to the cameras like she is upset that she has to spend her time trying to teach someone that it is wrong to “do such a thing”, when the real goal here is to get more publicity and camera time. Why is it she thinks her kids should be exonerated of their charges while she clearly wants David Kernell aggressively prosecuted. What makes easily accessing email a worse crime than burglary, vandalism, underage drinking, having wild boozy sex parties, and illegal use of narcotics? What would bring worse consequences to a young person, unethically accessing email or getting pregnant? But, really the biggest crime of all was Sarah Palin getting nepotistic favors granted by the higher ups in Alaska to exclude her children and relatives(and who knows what all has been covered up) from having the same consequences as others. Why does Sarah think she should be excluded from consequences for her own bad behavior? She appointed people all over Alaska government and agencies to help shield her from those consequences. How many who have come under her ire were then prosecuted, fired, or harshly sentenced due to her influence?

Does anyone believe Sarah did not use state resources to dig up information on people? Remember all the people walking around with knives sticking out of their backs? Really, if it was so easy for David Kernell to access her email account others probably were accessing it also. Why would a vice-presidential candidate not know to have extra security on email and phones, especially when she has a history of doing some underhanded acts herself?

Betty Bower’s “Worse Mother in America” Award to Sarah Palin says it all. I have been trying to figure out a way to post it as it is a work of art:

Read more: http://www.adn.com/2010/04/23/1246986/palin-testifies-in-e-mail-hacking.html#ixzz0lx2Iet33


Anonymous said...

Why didn't Sarah do what most people would do if their "only" personal email account had been compromised and you needed it to keep in contact with your family?

All she would to have to do was open another account - new security question, new password. Whamo-bammo - done.

She even had the Secret Service at her disposal to get a message to poor little Bristol was supposedly dependent upon a cell phone she couldn't use because everyone had the number. Gees, wouldn't the Secret Service been able to get a phone to her or at least messages.

Apparently at that time, there was a SS boat patrolling the lake they lived on.

Plus, she supposedly had her fiance with her. He had a phone. Did Sarah not have the number?

Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable.
We poor inferior non-Palins can figure out how to cope - why can't she?

I mean - new email account, Skype - presto, chango, that problem solved.

That she would not ask for leniency for that poor kid on trial or express sympathy for his parents is beyond belief. Those parents probably even care more for their kid - but at least as much (that wouldn't be hard to do, would it?).

She struts around talking about what a great Christian she is, but can't find it in her heart to forgive or give this kid a break even though she herself let this happen because she couldn't pick a password that almost any net-savvy 10-year old who knew how to goggle her history could figure out. What a piece of work that Sarah Palin is!

Anne NC said...

This entire trial is a sham orchestrated by the Palin family to drum up sympathy for them. We all know Bristol was under Secret Service Protection at the time this happened, not to mention having her fiancee with her who also knows how to handle a gun. Palin says this account was set up to deal with the campaign but why were there emails a month prior to the VP nomination?

Can anyone tell me what Track Palin is doing now, where he is serving, etc.? We haven't heard anything about him and I know he did only one tour about a year long in Iraq, so where is he? Did $arah pull strings for him again?

Anonymous said...

"Can anyone tell me what Track Palin is doing now, where he is serving, etc.? We haven't heard anything about him and I know he did only one tour about a year long in IrAq,...
April 23, 2010 5:42 PM "

Im with you on that.
One account said he "enlisted" but
Ive never seen a factual statement of whether he actually WAS natl grd OR active army.
IF he was active army he should still be active army.
IF he was NG, he would still have a 6yr reserve obligation.
Info on this kid is buried.
Why, would that be.

As for BP home with countless secservice and mom unable to reach her...ROFLMAO.
Unless, this was a time they had BP stashed up at the non-tax'd cabin. You know how they 'nuance' their comments.

Celia Harrison said...

Anne NC said..."Can anyone tell me what Track Palin is doing now, where he is serving, etc.? We haven't heard anything about him and I know he did only one tour about a year long in Iraq, so where is he? Did $arah pull strings for him again?"

That is one of the weird things, information about Track is non-existent. I would expect Gryphen at Immoral Minority to find out about any rumours. My suspicion is that being in the army keeps him out of the way for Sarah. He is kept under control and away from peering eyes.

Anonymous said...

Re: Track's involvement with cutting the bus' brake lines, it wasn't "one school" that was closed. It was THE ENTIRE SCHOOL DISTRICT - there are over twenty schools in the district.

crystalwolf aka caligrl said...

Celia, you should send this blog post to David Kernalls defense attorney. They need to know who they are dealing with.

Celia Harrison said...

@crystalwolf aka caligrl, I have emailed a link to Mr. Davies, but I suspect he already knows all of this. Thanks.

Pacific Northwesterner said...

I saw a young guy reading "Going Rouge" at the Portland AP two months ago and asked him about the book. It turned out the guy is from Palmer. He told me that he had just gone snowboarding with Track at Aleyska. I asked him about whether Tack was on leave from the Army and the guy said Track's been on "a leave of absence" since his mother ran for VP. The young man said Sarah "pulled some strings". Apparently this is not the usual 30 days of annual leave.

Take that for what is worth. The guy seemed credible, around Track's age, and only got nervous when I started asking too many questions.