As everyone knows MAGA-TS only eat rotting flesh, we are all still alive, they will not be able to consume us. Donald Trump through his hateful rhetoric and by providing himself as a role model for bullies has unleashed a large amount of scum to prey upon others, often sadistically. They have been given license to stalk and harass, it's a display of sociopathic behavior and narcissitic tactics that hasn't been seen since NAZI Germany.

I'm reading Chris Hedges' America: The Final Tour which describes why we have so many of these horrible people in charge of everything, "Totalitarian rule always elevates the brutal and the stupid."
Then while doing chores listened to Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451. Next I found out the group 'Shawn Christy "Menace to Society" was created by firemen (It has now been taken down). That was freaky. These firemen also seem to be the kind who start fires instead of put them out like the main character in the book, but that character was awakening, these guys never will. The posts on that page indicate developmental stages of early adolescence, not that all of us can't have episodes of that stage of development, but it seems permanent for them. Below the next paragraph is the first picture they used as a header for their group page put up to attack ours.

After being gangstalked by cops and firemen in Boise Idaho this is exactly what I would expect. I also expect the leadership to call those who report their behavior crazy because that is the first step and one of the main goals of the program. It's the same with workplace bullying or being in a relationship with a narcissist. In Nome Alaska after they attempted to destroy their next victim nurse who eventually lost it and just left the village they would say, I'm glad she's gone she was crazy, when they caused it all and the only thing wrong with her was the trauma they sadistically inflicted. They were the crazy ones because a normal person does not do what they did. They will do all kinds of things to get targets misdiagnosed or set them up to look crazy. A massive amount of tax payer dollars are spent on these psychological torture programs. They use losers, druggies, drug dealers, homeless people, sociopathic cops and firemen, people who want criminal charges reduced, mentally ill, intellectually impaired. They tell them lies and they believe them because they are not very intelligent. I felt sorry for these creatures in Boise for a long time who were gangstalking me but have changed my mind as it is clear they know what they are doing is wrong, but have no conscience. They are the army of weaponized morons, the army of MAGA-TS. The scum I discuss here are all MAGA-TS, there are others like them with different political leanings and not all Trump followers are like them.

From 'Shawn Christy "Menace to Society"' a group put on Facebook to harass our group by gangstalking firemen in Pennsylvania.

For some time now I have been cyberbullied with blog comments and had to remove the contact forms on my blog. It is clear from the subject matter and the wording the same people are involved in that and these cyberbullying Topix pages. They now have one of my email addresses and are sending illogical undecipherable messages they think are clever. Shawn Christy Political Prisoner has been under attack as well as individual members.  Due to a comment reacting to the above picture of children one of our members has been put in Facebook jail for three days, something not right with that. Of course the "firemen" removed this picture before FB got around to reviewing what was going on there.

This one used my email as their ID, the message makes no sense, the point was to let me know they had my email.

 This one was an attempt to create suspicion about a member of the group. We are all aware of cointelpro tactics used to divide and destroy activist groups so it will not work. This kind of crap is endless, we all have huge amounts of it stored for future actions. Before internet they sent letters to people's homes like this.

This member of out group is in Facebook jail, most likely due to a particular rant in response to the scumbag firemen who make fun of disabled children. They do things to intentionally trigger targets so they can use their responses against them. Then by the time Facebook finally looks at what is going on they have removed the offending post. It's like that narcissistic game of harassing the person they are in a relationship with just before going out for the evening, then triggering them so they act angry or start yelling, then they say to others, see what I have to put up with trying to make themselves look like a victim. It's just done with more people, in an organized network.

First responders are used in the United States to gangstalk innocent people. 60%-70% of targets are intelligent, independent females. Just like with workplace bullying gangstalking, government harassment programs, cointelpro stalking and harassment is done against people who are a threat to pathological individuals. Bullies are also looking for someone that has a vulnerability, because that is safer for them. In the case of the Christys massive cyberbullying and harassment is occurring because of their son Shawn Christy being hunted by US Marshals, FBI, etc. For them and myself gangstalking has already gone on for years before this. They seek out people who are having a hard time and then seek to harm them as much as possible. My life is wide open so that makes me vulnerable to these scumbags. I am also supporting the Christys due to knowing some of the story starting in 2009, already knew Shawn had been set up and rather than appropriate discovery was given an altered video to cover up that he had been assaulted and corrupt cops were involved.

Much of what these people are doing would allow for civil action and is criminal, such as exposing personal information, posting libelous material and using my name to make false posts. One of the factors involved in the legal definition of libel and slander is intent to harm the victim, we most certainly have that. This is an organized and very clear attempt to stir up hatred against all of us. One of their main goals is to shut down the Facebook group page, 'Shawn Christy Political Prisoner.' That will never happen.

One thing I have discussed in the past is the involvement of first responders in gangstalking. It appears a fire department in PA has some scum in their staff who like to make fun of disabled children and these "firemen" have put up a group page to attack our group. Why? Well first off many government agencies have to do favors and participate in these kinds of harassment programs and even crimes against innocent citizens in order to get grant money. They also get paid extra to run psychological torture operations on good people who are threatening to the government be it state, county, city or federal. I have experienced harassment from police, firemen and Ada County Highway Department staff here in Boise Idaho.

They use Infragard corporate partners and community policing to do a lot of this harassment. False rumors are spread in the community, gangstalkers have even gone in stores where I am shopping and told them I'm shoplifting to cause problems, then the corporate entity behind the store reacts in an ugly way about a complaint of false shoplifting accusations. These things are done to get a reaction from the target that would cause them to look crazy and make them do something in anger so the police are called. I was homeless when part of this happened,which makes what they did extremely sadistic. That was after being intentionally made homeless. I already knew what they were up to so they can't get the reaction they want from me.

The people they choose to do this have sociopathic characteristics, that is one of the reasons the police have gotten so horrible, but the same thing is going on with the fire departments and other agencies so they can use them like tools, useful idiots with no conscience. There are also health care professionals who participate in this, especially at low income clinics trying to get grants. Same story at homeless shelters connected to FEMA and other agencies who do dirty deeds against people for Homeland Security and other government entities including city halls. The closer we get to a totalitarian government the worse it gets.

Who runs Topix? Is it an independent operation or is it used by the government for harassment? Whoever runs it does not give one shit that they are a harbor for a large number of despicable creatures. The scum keep creating one page after another. They aren't very intelligent or sophisticated in their attacks, but they are prolific. Here are several of their threads, here, here , here, here.
There are a lot more and a huge number against Shawn Christy and journalist Shayne Balliet.

Shawn has a lisp, so the junior high boys use that for bullying. After looking at just a small number of these kinds of posts here it should be easy to understand why Shawn Christy got angry and made verbal threats towards Donald Trump considering they have been being harassed by Trump's followers for a long time. There was more to it, as the harassment got worse and then the set up for a false charge happened Shawn believed Donald Trump, friend of Sarah Palin had something to do with it. He had something to do with the expansion of the gangstalking, but it was bad under Obama as well. Now it isn't just expansion, their are large numbers of them and more government contractors gangstalking and are not regulated or controlled in any way. It's psychopaths gone wild in a war against citizens.

Shawn has a lisp.

 These two screen shots give away the agenda of the operation.

They try to sound like they are insiders, but these are Johnny-jerk-offs. Gangstalking was going on before Donald Trump, it is not new, but there has been a huge increase and many involved in psychologically terrorizing me are MAGA bully morons. They are being used as brownshirts to disrupt and harass good people and formed into an organized network to go after people in towns and cities all over the country. They are being selected because they are not good people and will do anything to get something they want, money, big screen TVs, drugs, reduced sentences, vacations, they pay some of them using Social Security rather than find them jobs, they help them get car loans and other assistance that can come from the Infragard corporate network. Who would hire them you wonder, these people are who they want to act as their thugs. They are always anonymous on social media because bullies are cowards.

They are posting in my name here. I did not write either of these posts. Topix allows this crap to go on endlessly. The only way to complain is a crappily programed form which does not work right and then erases what you write so you have to keep filling it out and then it screws up again. Topix needs some civil action.

The below screen shot is from the fire station the two firemen who decided to post the slander about our group are from. Whoever it was who made this comment seems to think that responding to the defamation of the firemen from their station is defamation. Interesting how the minds of bullies work. It is also clear with evidence in Idaho and Pennsylvania that this is a network of people organizing a defamation and harassment campaign, that is a conspiracy which elevates these crimes to a higher level than cyberstalking.

"Hosey guys" would be firemen because this is apparently what firemen do now, harass people. The claim they make that we are against free speech is nuts, but we are against lies and slander, the only thing these scumbags can do. Bullies think they can do anything to others, but when others call them out on their actions they start accusing other of what they have done. It's part of their pathology. The only threats I've made are law suits and reporting them. They admit in the second little paragraph that their purpose is disruption. That is a cointelpro technique, they want to take up all of our time, divert our energy away from our cause. They admit in many of their statements that this is an organized network, a conspiracy, that is illegal and Topix is their platform for these crimes. When activities like this are allowed we no longer have democracy, this is totalitarianism. The crap about multiple search warrants and wiretapping devices shows these guys are clueless. What would the LEOs search since they have trouble even searching the woods? Yesterday there were reports of cops doing random searches and telling someone they needed to search their truck because Craig Christy has one just like it. Craig doesn't even drive, has no truck. They don't wiretap, they simply use Stingrays and DRTboxex to use the cell phone GPS for tracking, they have software embedded in especially android phones for listening and viewing of the screens. By now they know we have no idea where Shawn is and want him to surrender, but only in safe circumstances away from the jackbooted group of LEOs in the McAdoo area and the US Marshals in PA. There is nothing to catch nor any slip ups to make, we are transparent. The Christys want Shawn to surrender but LEOs have made that dangerous for him. There has been no statement from the attorney general over riding the local corruption that he would get due process on the set up case or be provided with the original video of the assault on him instead of an altered one. Since they are required to produce that evidence by laws, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights why don't they? Probably because they have destroyed it to cover up LEO corruption.

I'm 63, not a girl, the things idiots say have no effect on how I feel about myself, what I know is they are defective or would not be doing this. I am not homeless, but will be soon after living in Boise Idaho at the Civic Plaza Apartments exposed constantly to people like these craven moronic knuckle dragging bullies.I have no sympathy for these people after years of their crimes being committed against me and being gaslighted by cops who block me from filing police reports.

I read my email asshole. I've been harassed by low IQ adolescents before. I haven't done part two to that series due to working on ten things at one time, it won't take much to complete it and why would you care, why? It isn't about trolls, it's about gangstalking. I do not take any medication at all but they demonstrate the main goal of narcissists, workplace bullies and the government harassment programs. The government harassment programs are similar to other types of bullying. When psychopaths are in charge of our agencies like we have now they put scumbags under them who select scumbaggy staff who go along with unethical and incompetent behavior. They always say the target is mentally ill, always, but the government can have people misdiagnosed. They have done this to government agency employees for decades, even locking them in psych facilities to give them drugs so they can't do any whistleblowing about corruption. I tracked down a guy who had this done to him years ago by NASA and had a conversation. This is all done to discredit and disrupt the target, cause suicide, cause shootings and give the target PTSD so the symptoms can be used against them. In our group everyone is an alpha dog, only sociopathic types think in terms of being the alpha dog.

They don't like what I have to say about about Topix because it's the only place they are allowed to cyberstalker and libel people like this, their black souls would die without it.

Below they use my bra size, which isn't really the right size, but the size I wear because the right size is too hard to find. They put my ID as Outhouse Waste.

Here one of them is inciting violence against myself and Shayne Balliet. They sent me messages on my contact forms about this drug dealer, Roberto Torner. I had never heard of him. They somehow think it was wrong for Shayne Balliet to testify against him. They state Torner has made several death threats against Balliet and suggest Torner should take revenge on both of us, mentioning C-4 explosives. This seems like a federal crime, perhaps the FBI and US Marshals would like to start a manhunt and go after these bastards...no? Oh, that's right the laws in the United States are only used against some people and I'm a target of some list or revenge from some person with power and you try to block us from filing police reports. I had to become a bitch to get a cop to file a police report about harassment not too long ago. Gaslighting cops.  

They don't know anything about me. I'm on SSDI. The reason I am about to become homeless is the horrible situation I have lived in for about a year, gangstalking, horrible management, leaks all over the building (gangstalking), constant noise campaigns and harassment, my apartment smelled like cat shit all the time until recently. Between the cat shit/pee smell, the bed bugs, the smell from the dumpster outside, the garbage just left in the chute rooms and the noise campaigns I have not even had the bedroom door opened for half a year or more, the only thing in there is a sleeping bag. I had to continue to pay full rent, I was denied a request to move to another apartment. The reason for that is clearly not what they stated but due to having this particular apartment set up for gangstalking, including using ones not lived in around mine to stage it. Then there is the cigarette smoke, the massive pot smoke, the elevators breaking down, the constant construction, rehab campaigns, the building filling up with gangstalkers from outside, their lies about the security cameras being watched, having maintenance tell me the washing machine isn't used like other ones, please, I am 63 and started doing laundry when was about 9 years old, then them coming by to imply I was causing the person below me to have plugged pipes, DID YOU NOTICE MY PIPES AREN'T PLUGGED!

There was frequent use of paint and flooring glue without informing me so I could not protect myself due to being chemically sensitive, then the manager lied about that, more than once. Their neglegence toward their tenants all made me ill and that along with the noise campaigns preventing me from sleeping, including weaponized fjire alarms and it all caused constant migraines, very painful and that many cause permanent damage. Don't get me started.

I do not take any kind of medication other than Ibuprofen and Acetaminophen. But I understand these guys who are threatening people's lives to defend their drug dealer think other people are like them. I am not on section 8, it's section 42, tax credit. They raised my rent to $712/month recently even though I can't use the bedroom and all the other issues. Since the people running this place are totally unable to do their jobs perhaps they thought the murder here which was lied about to protect the Boise Police and the reputation of this corporation made the place more valuable. That murder was after I told the BPD there was a large amount of criminal activity here and they gaslighted me and would not allow me to file a police report for harassment. I would qualify for section 8, but the last time they had open enrollment I still had hope management here would do something about the harassment. I did not even apply because there are so many people who need housing who have less money than I do. Then they raised the rent after screwing me for a year and allowing the gangstalkers to run wild. Many of these people living here belong in prison, just like many are good people, but they allow the scum to run over everyone and menace people in the elevators, halls and the parking garage. I've had all kinds of situations, a man with a huge screw driver comes out of an apartment used for gangstalking as I go by a few days after the murder here and a rottweiler lunged at me when an elevator door opened, no leash of course, just to give a small sample of what goes on. So now I'm going to be homeless and isn't that just what the handler of this program wants? Shame on all of them and the ill-informed scum who write this crap on Topix.  

How do these trolls have all this time to harass people and not work? They make posts in my name. I did not post this.

It isn't just the massive trolls and many of them are paid, it's having to fight with Topix. This thread, 'Celia Harrison Antifa Terrorist' was the first one I found out about. It appears to have been taken down finally yesterday. I got screen shots. Thanks Topix, but really it's too little too late for all of us. How would you like to have your son set up and falsely charged with a crime, then because he got mad and said something there is a manhunt for him? Then a large army of degenerate scum goes after the people trying to keep him alive and get the truth out.

Infantile types think calling a 63 year old woman transgendered will be upsetting, I've lived long enough to be able to identify clueless idiots, so no I found it amusing that they tried to target me with that ridiculous crap. Their attacks all indicate they haven't got anything real to work with, including their own brain cells.

These are just screen shots of their posts, the videos will not work here.

Nope, now just feeling burned by the Bern. Soon the MAGA-TS will have the same feeling when their herder, Q LARP is finally phased out. They are trying to start replacements, but these people are so slow anything would work. I'm not saying the Trump supporters who are informed and don't even like him but hope he takes the deep state out with his chaos are in this category.

Norton Sound Regional Hospital was where I was massively gangstalked until I had PTSD and all the other horrible and crazy things that went on there. This is how they operate, attempts to trigger PTSD constantly to facilitate making the target unable to do whatever it is they want stopped. They can bite me.

There are a huge number of threads on Topix harassing me and way more harassing the Christys. This is giving huge insight into gangstalking, especially the evidence that the fire department in PA is involved as fire departments generally are. In  a city like Boise they have a huge pool of losers to use for boots on the ground gangstalking and there are lots of first responders so the harassment is done so the target knows but others around them don't. The Christys live in a small town and even though they seem to have lots of losers there the smaller population limits the numbers they have to work with. One targeted person can have hundreds of people gangstalking them in a city. Each gangstalker can be doing many people or assigned to be in a certain place to do harassment when any target shows up. In a small town the city/county employees are used more, they have to recycle the gangstalkers so they get identified easier. Some in McAdoo and surrounding areas are known, some of the ones here are known. I have evidence and the Christys have evidence. Yes, this is a conspiracy which is very illegal, plotting to deny people their rights, organizing others to mount  huge cyberattacks on them and to harass and stalk is a crime. This has gone on for years for all of us.

I spent quite a long time going through the massive amount of posts and picking what to put on this blog post, ending up with too much. Someone sent this email while I was doing this and I had no idea which thread the person meant because there are so damn many of them, except I knew the ones I had just seen were still up. I have no idea if it was Topix or the cyberbullies who took that thread down.

Thanks for the heads up and yes, I got screen shots on September 3rd.

Then today the below email shows up. First of all the author of this crap doesn't know my story or even that I am on SSDI and second, using cointelpro tactics on people who know what they are doing will fail. I know the Christys are not dropping food for Shawn and these idiots can't figure out if they did it would be discovered. What infighting are you talking about? There are people who join the page to cause trouble, but they are gone when discovered. I AM serving my country by writing about this so other people know what goes on. 

If this is law enforcement who got these immoral despicable bastards on Topix to send this email it would not surprise me. In Alaska they intentionally came after me to destroy me. They used the government stalking/harassment program to cause me to get PTSD so I ended up with charges when I had a melt down, then tortured me in the courts and allowed DA John Earthman to stand in the court room and slander me, then three days after I filed an appeal had me wrongfully arrested and imprisoned, then had the appeal sabotaged by telling the state lawyer who intentionally did a crap job something to make him hate me (he made nasty little comments like a jr high kid too), the public defenders were a drunk, a con artist and then a guy who had run for office for DA in Texas and got busted for buying pot during the campaign. When they had me wrongfully arrested/incarcerated they allowed my cat to be starved and tortured while I told them it was happening and they treated me like I was crazy. They were also told my property would be damaged and stolen by one of their accomplices in the conspiracy, Robin Hume, but treated me like I was crazy for saying so, gaslighting both public pretenders and cops, he did exactly what I said he would. After all of this they have made me homeless several times and continue to have me gangstalked all these years. You need to be in prison, all of you. I would not be working to help the Christys if I had not looked at the facts over a long period of time. I have experiences that have educated me about how things work in this country, they were not nice experiences because we do not have nice people in charge, we are in full capture by psychopaths.

 I have tons more evidence. 


Anonymous said...

There are no Topix forums you made this all up. Typical leftoid lies.

Celia Harrison said...

@Anonymous December 28th,

It is absolutely true, there were Topix Forums until just a few days ago. Someone filed a lawsuit and I threatened to. I still may. "Typical" ill informed person unable to do research for themselves.