Clarification of Past Health Status, Research Changes My Opinions

This was posted as an update on an old blog post that was getting increased traffic to clarify something I thought then I believe was incorrect, but the best conclusion with the information I had.

From time to time there is some interest in different older posts, so I want to make a statement clarifying what my journey of research has revealed. I would like to update a couple of wrong pieces of information about myself which were my understanding years ago when this was written. What I have come to understand is most healthcare professionals know nothing about many subjects and are faking it. I knew I was different when very young and tried to get answers as to why starting in the 1970s, none were found, just my being told I was normal when I knew that was not true.

Part of my story involves being a DES Daughter which caused immune system dysfunction, deformities of the reproductive system, abnormalties of the bone cells and growth of them, brain lateralization issues, partial androgenization in the female brains and much more. They only allowed the public to know about a couple of these problems, the deformities including abnormal vaginal/cervical tissue/deformed uteruses and the vaginal cancer it causes. They said almost nothing about problems the males have.

I have ME/cfs which is most likely secondary to being exposed to DES in utero. There was a massive decades long cover up of the problems DES, diethylstilbestrol caused us including lawyers being paid off and fake newspaper articles, you know just like what goes on now. We all waited almost holding our breathe for decades wondering if the next time we had a pelvic exam cancer would be revealed. Now most physicians and nurse practitioners know nothing about it causing more trauma, The Silent Trauma of DES. We also had painful procedures we had to pay for and it is now known were completely unnecessary.

The drug companies were always corrupt and so was the FDA. Then on to ME/cfs, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, given a joke name and pooh-poohed in an attempt to psychiatrically pathologize those who have suffered from it often for decades. The FDA, CDC and NIH are all corrupt as hell and the med schools are owned by the drug companies. Recently, finally through private funding done by those who often have relatives or friends affected by the illness some research has given us some clues, our Krebb's cycles are broken. Below I have included a chart of the Krebbs cycle to which I have added a mythical enzyme, vaginase due to my decades of saying, "They think our vaginas are making us crazy." The weird sense of humor is part of another correction of a wrong thing I will address shortly.

My weird sense of humor is a clue to why I am different and have problems being targeted by scum, but keep on truth telling.
We do not transport calcium into at least some cells of the immune system normally, but most likely it is a whole body problem.

The discovery of abnormal calcium immune system cells affects people with CFS in three main areas of the body where CFS-related pain usually occurs — the brain and spinal cord, the pancreas and the stomach.
“This is incredibly important because calcium is required for a huge range of functions within the cell, in every tissue, in every organ system in the body,” Prof Staines told Seven and Nine News on the Gold Coast.

There are cognitive issues when ME/cfs flares up. I spent my childhood on an IQ roller coaster, up and down 30 points and becoming dyslexic temporarily with flare ups. I tested myself and documented this. No help from anyone, I had to figure everything out for myself.
Bad decisions made at two homeless shelters I have been forced to stay in due to the corruption and dysfunction of my country and the horrible treatment of the disabled, oh and let me mention the INJUSTICE have caused me to become very ill. Requests for accommodation secondary to the ADA were denied and it was not the first time. Pathogen insanity rules in homeless shelters while those who run them could care less those with immune system issues get very ill. After two years of being blocked when I tried to rent apartments in Boise while being gangstalked at the Interfaith Sanctuary and harassed, gangstalked by bad cops and employees of other agencies I finally found a rental. I did not believe due to the cruelty of this city that even the very day I was to get the key they were going to rent to me. I have been gangstalked on the property including noise campaigns, massive lies, strange street theater and more.

My claim that I was an alcoholic in the past was based on my becoming very intoxicated with one or two drinks and then having behavioral issues like a highly intoxicated person. Anyone who knows about ME/cfs is aware that with this illness is alcohol intolerance due to the dysfunction of the mitochondria which don't just make energy they also tag toxins with sulphur so the body can detect and dump them. That is why we often have chemical sensitivities which is a maligned disability that contributed to my being given a notice to leave an alcohol, drug and bedbug ridden hell hole. I know, who could resist living there? What I am saying is I was perfectly willing to be an alcoholic. Many alcoholics told me they did no think I was one due to recovery being so damn easy for me, they were right, instead it's alcohol intolerance. In these low income housing situations the person who does not smoke, do drugs, doesn't drink, tries to do what they can to be healthy is forced to live in the sins of others including forced cigarette smoking on properties which have federal regulations that there can be no smoking in the building or close to it. Homeless shelters force people who do not smoke to breathe large amounts of second hand smoke. One reason targets of gangstalking are forced into homelessness is to deteriorate their health.

I am addicted to narcotics which was the main treatment for the pain due to ME/cfs back in the time when we knew absolutely nothing about it. That was not fun. I watched as drug companies put out new pain meds and said they were not narcotics, then patients got addicted and I argued with doctors who would not listen to logic or apparently even read the pathophysiology. Then a neurologist got upset with me for asking questions and pointing out the overdose of the so called non-narcotic pain med I was on was treated by Narcan. I got addicted, then when forced to finally face the truth he abruptly withdrew the med from the patients he screwed over. This is when I learned to be the one who decides if I take a med or not. I often know more than they do and if I don't will shortly. I had to become my own healthcare provider anyway as most physicians willfully know nothing about ME/cfs. I take no medications and recently was in severe pain caused by the harassment and stress, noise campaigns and resulting lack of sleep. It was horrible but I used herbs for the pain and just had to live through it. If I am in charge it does not happen, it is the sins of others I am forced to deal with which cause it.

Then there was the autism claim to address. Aspergers has been replaced by a scale, a continuum of autism, it's a defunct diagnosis and we all know anything one can remove from the DSM 5 is helpful. The issue I actually have does have some cross over features that look like autism. I spent quite a bit of time and money in the past trying to understand what was going on with me, going to professionals who either did not know about these traits or perhaps did not get that I have them. The getting it part for those of us who have this issue is hard for ourselves as we never imagine we are the ones.

I have the personality characteristics of a highly intelligent or gifted adult, right down the line, every damn one of them glaring like a neon sign. Check it out here, here, here. With a flare up of the ME/cfs my IQ can drop 30 points and I knew this two decades before the research came out showing this happens to many of us. When I reported it they thought my vagina was making me crazy because they tested me and my IQ was normal, not low as I reported. I once went to an optometrist and told him my eyesight had gotten horribly bad, he tested me and said it was 20/20. I then said that made no sense and he explained that just like the pilots who come in and tell him the same thing my eyesight had been 20/15 before and then when it became more normal I thought I was going blind. The conjunctivitis I have right now and the many other episodes of it I have had while homeless have damaged my eyesight.

There are specific personality traits of those with high IQs that cause us problems, can lead us to become serial whistleblowers, to argue about things that are wrong, to try and change things courageously, to battle against injustice and we are also very sensitive people.

Here are the characteristics of people with high IQs that cause the most trouble for me.

  • Highly developed morals and ethics and early concern for moral and existential issues
  • Unusual and early insight into social and moral issues
  • A need for the world to be logical and fair
  • Argumentativeness
  • Highly idiosyncratic interpretations of events
  • An awareness of detail
  • An unusual intensity and depth of feeling
  • A high degree of emotional sensitivity
  • Weird sense of humor others don't get
What psychologists and others who are asked by clients with high IQs why they are different should tell them is there is nothing wrong with you, but the reason you are different will probably cause you some problems in your life. Some of the characteristics look like autism and other diagnoses that do not apply.

Welcome to America where the disabled, elderly and the unfortunate are treated as disposable people. I have no health care at this point and if I did they wouldn't have one damn clue so the misdiagnoses those with ME/cfs are familiar with would begin along with the attempts to give me meds or treatments that would make me sicker.

My country did this to me and then withheld the research, people should be in prison for this. There are millions of us. Here in Boise Idaho, Mayor Bieter brought in lots of immigrants and filled up the low income housing, some of us are going to die without housing. Not one damn is given. I have nothing against the immigrants themselves who are just trying to survive tragedies most likely brought on them by the United States and the corrupt CIA, NGOs, military and corporate evil we bring to the world. The mayor was kissing butt for some favor, I don't know what, yet. He has the police harassing the homeless unmercifully in Boise Idaho to run us out of the city for corporate interests, a sports arena. Similar stories play out all over the country.

As time goes on I expect to learn more, but at this point in time and at the level of research we have this is what I understand.

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