Update: Voter Suppression in Peurto Rico, Corporate Media Lies Clinton Has Won Dem Candidacy, Bernie at the Presidio In SF

The RalphRetort has a great post which contains some proof:
BUSTED: AP & Clinton Caught Colluding For “Secret Win”

Left wing book containing Clinton corruption.
The AP and CNN announced yesterday that Hillary Clinton has won the candidacy for the Democratic Party, the day before six primaries. President Obama also made a statement the day before these primaries that he wanted to get out and get his stumping on for Hillary. These announcements were quite unethical and most certainly a psychological operation to manipulate voters. People are so unconscious in this country most will not be able to detect this or grasp the concept. What a slap in the face to those who are voting today. The reason they did this mind fucking tactic is the team, clique mentality in the United States, some people will vote for Hillary because they think she will win and being uninformed low hanging fruit they decide to just go with the one who looks like the winner. Others will simply not vote because they think it is hopeless to even try to change things. 

We have seen over nearly two presidential terms how unethical President Obama is. It became clear early on with the back room deals with Big Pharma and the predatory health care corporations that he was owned by the oligarchy from the get go and used as a stealth representative of the corporate overlords to control the demos and prevent an uprising. Then under his presidency we got more surveillance, more whistleblowers in prison, expansions of lists for surveillance, a continuation of injustice, more corporate rule, the TPP, decreased food stamps, more deterioration of education, more incarceration, the continuing drug war, massive incarceration, increased deportation of immigrants and drones that kill innocent people in other countries including journalists, more homelessness and no building of affordable housing. But he sounded so reasonable, his wife was so lovely, his family was so lovely with those cute fluffy dogs and if only those Republicans would stop blocking him he could get so much done. He did get the things I listed above done while almost no one noticed due to watching the news media spectacle.

Tim Black on the lies told to manipulate the primaries that are happening today.

Don't be surprised or upset about the news media saying Hillary is the Dem. nominee it's nothing new. Just keeping doing the next right thing and ignore the lies. 

Then Debbie Lusignan tells the truth some more. I don't believe Hillary Clinton will be indicted and President Obama by his actions yesterday telling the news media he wants to help get Hillary elected and in the past saying that essentially her illegal actions around her email did not cause any harm is protecting her. If they try to put Joe Biden in place they will find out what a shit storm is. Remember there are people who tortured others and lied so they could start a war for access to oil in another country, allowing certain individuals to become massively wealthy who are walking around free with no indictments.

Greg Palast has been teaching us about voter suppression and the stealing of elections for a long time.

Here is what has been going on with the news media for a long time from Chris Hedges. The truth will not be found from main stream media they are owned by the oligarchy, just like the Clintons and President Obama.

Shaun King tells the truth for all to see in The NY Daily News:

A secret survey of politicians and party insiders on whether or not they will actually vote for Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Convention on July 25 in Philadelphia is what the AP used to call this race a done deal.

Interesting they held onto it and decided to publish the information the day before six primaries isn't it?

Cenk Uygur tries to straighten out a spokes-model for CNN about his networks lies.

This creepy man on CNN asks Cenk Uygur why he is not going along with the Hillary Clinton coronation based on lies and voter suppression. Look at this person who has a vagina, forget all the illegal and corrupt things she and her former president husband have done. He actually says Cenk Uygur is giving his audience too much hope which is a stealthy way of calling him a liar. Don’t think about the wars she will start or what went on when she was running the state department. Don’t even remember how the last Clinton president set up our country to have massive incarceration and injustice, mostly based on racism, then decreased welfare benefits, even completely taking all assistance from former inmates so they would end up back in prison. Don’t remember how based on
Right wing book on Clinton corruption.
racism and the war on the poor they gutted welfare and helped create the massive homelessness and the non-profit-industrial-complex to manage those who they could not get into the American Gulag system or who had been released from it. That system of non-profit homeless shelters of filth, lack of nutrition and abuse helps kill the homeless off. Don’t remember how the mentally ill, intellectually impaired, elderly and disabled people were instead of getting treatment and housing left to live on the streets or in homeless shelters. Don’t forget how they helped design the war on the poor which blames the poor for neo-liberal economics and the consequences to them. Don’t look at all the lives that were ruined, especially when it comes to the children. Nope, just look at Hillary and get excited she is a woman running for president because they want you to believe that electing a woman despite her massive negative factors right now is much more important that saving our country. Sometimes a vagina is controlled by corporate interests and sometimes it corruptly uses it’s position at the Department of State to make itself rich with the help of her former husband who was a president along with a history of lots of other dicey money making schemes. Don’t tell me to make a decision on which candidate to support based on the type of sex organs the person has. I would love a woman president, an ethical one who has empathy for the people, this should have happened long ago.

The other thing the public is being told to focus on as the main strategy from the DNC and Hillary is Donald Trump, look at Trump he is so evil, his evil is so bad he makes Hillary Clinton’s evil look like it’s goodness. This is TRUMPED UP BULLSHIT, pun intended.  
It would have been wonderful to be in San Francisco at the Presidio last evening for the Bernie Sanders rally. Rose Ann Demoro introduced Bernie Sanders. Bernie selected her to help shape the DNC platform, but they refused her. Here is why, she represents a massive number of nurses who know just how horrible our health care system is. They know about the lies Big Pharma tells, they know about the predatory health care corporations because they work for the bastards. They know about the people who can't afford health care and die or come to the hospital nearly dead. They know about the people who end up with huge debt due to health care bills. The nurses want Medicare for all aka universal health care because they know the truth. In medical school they teach the medical students, don't piss off the ICU nurse. Too late you vile blood sucking predatory health care corporations, a large number of nurses from all specialties are sick of your evil greed. This predatory, abusive treatment of employees and patients also comes from the non-profit health care corporations.

Rose Ann Demoro starts at about 59:30 on this video.


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