Homeless in Anchorage Alaska Part 2/There's An Angry Homeless Person in the Lobby

Part 1

An angry homeless person could be in the lobby behind this door. LOL.
I went to Mayor Berkowitz's office Monday after the bus W/C incident in part 1 and announced, "Angry Homeless person in the lobby." The guy at the desk cracked up and so far seems to be the only one who gets my weird sense of humor. I told him the story and he gave me a phone number and said they would contact People Mover. Then he told me "I'll have him call you" which I thought meant the mayor so when I left I thought, I won't hold my breath on that one. But the next day when I went to the mayor’s office and said, "Angry homeless person in the lobby, day two" I found out he meant the Ombudsman Hess who I have talked to quite a bit and realize there is no point in continuing along that line, he's helpless I tell you, helpless to do anything about any homelessness problems, especially if Brother Francis Shelter is involved. He was the head of former Mayor Dan Sullivan's Homeless Task Force, LOL.
Went to Mayor Berkowitz's office and said, “Angry homeless person in the lobby, day 2.” Then a woman said, “OK I’ll call security.” The guy that was there yesterday when I came in was cracking up. Then she wanted to know what that homeless person was doing, then I told her it was me. LOL. 

FB Wednesday:
Around 9 AM I went to city hall, used the bathroom and then came out and said to the security guard, “I just want to alert you there is an angry homeless person here in the lobby.” There are only two people, me and him, he looks around, has a puzzled look and says, “Where?” I point at myself with the dental pic I had in my hand and said, “It’s me, please tell Berkowitz’s staff and make sure you say, “day three.” He looks puzzled and very serious as I walk away and say, “Really someone should call security.” I keep a straight face until I get outside. 

FB Thursday:
Went to City Hall, used the bathroom and as I left yelled to the security guard that there is an angry homeless person in the lobby, day four. He gave me the thumbs up. Then I said, on day five publishing begins. He probably thinks I’m crazy which was part of my evil plan, LOL. Yes I am, in the best way possible, crazy courageous.

FB Friday:
Today I went to the mayor's office and had to wait for the guy to get off the phone. Then, "Hello Celia " Then I said there was an angry homeless person downstairs in the lobby, day five, the publishing begins", and not only that but when I used the bathroom I was listening to music and began dancing. He gave me a phone number of someone at DOT about the construction of sidewalk assholey issues. Also told me the sprinklers were from a BP building. I said, "Those oil bastards." 

The post about the sidewalk construction issues is coming and many other things such as why I am severely sleep deprived today and have essentially been that way for months. There is no sleeping in hell, especially if you are female. 


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