Shawn Christy’s Psych Eval Was Done on July 3rd 2009, the Day Sarah Palin Resigned. HELLO ! Sexting With a 17 Year Old !

It's one of those incredible Alaska coincidences. Please read Karen Christy’s latest post on her blog about the day Sarah Palin resigned as governor of Alaska July 3rd 2009, five years ago.

Then check out this one on the same subject from 2013.

Here is the scenario:
Sarah Palin is sexting a 17 year old, Shawn Christy. She makes various accusations against him and he is manipulated to engineer his arrest through actions designed to make him very angry. They knew they would be successful with such a young man who also has Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease has many symptoms that affect the neurological system, mood disorders, brain fog, irritability and rages. Add the trauma of being an adolescent with Lyme Disease and then the stress and trauma of having to deal with Sarah Palin's lawyers going after you. Manipulation to cause someone to be arrested and imprisoned is a common action that I am familiar with intimately in Alaska, in fact it's SOP to shut people up that those in power are threatened by. When people have no idea what is going on it is not possible to protect oneself and it causes psychological confusion. It's impossible to believe what they are doing is real because how can people be that evil, but it is real and they are just that evil. This was the feds, but the federal agencies in Alaska are also corrupt and they would have been fed misinformation to manipulate their decisions and actions. There are people who are highly skilled and work in groups to bully, harm and engineer arrests/incarcerations in Alaska. It didn't just happen to me or Shawn Christy or David Haeg, there are many others who are afraid to tell their stories for very good reasons.

On July 3rd of 2009 Shawn is given a psych evaluation and then Sarah Palin suddenly, unexpectedly calls a press conference at Lake Lucille and resigns mondo-bizarrely with the use of word salad “…immoral…the day that John McCain tapped me as his running mate…political operators came to Alaska digging for dirt…frivolous ethics violations…more than half a million in legal bills…only dead fish go with the flow…but I won’t do it from the governor’s desk…that lame duck status…the same old politics as usual...honk,honk,honk (geese in background)…sit down and shut up...more freedom to progress...the quitter's way out...Parnell..blah, blah, blah...” We hoped she wouldn't let the door hit her in the ass on the way out and she didn't as she moved to Arizona.

The news media at that time in Alaska completely ignored the Chrisy’s side of the story and the national news media took their cue. What a coincidence that the psych evaluation of the teenager she was sexting happened on the very day she resigned. Having worked on a legal offender unit called, Competency Evaluation and Treatment Program I know what would be in such a report. The psychiatrist would take note that an adult female was texting a teenage boy, especially one who is in the public eye and claims to be working hard for Alaska. 

In this video of Keith Olberman’s show five years ago on the quitting there is a discussion that explains how she does not really give a reason for quitting “…she didn’t give a reason, she threw all the cards up in the air and says pick your reason.”

“Was all of this just too complicated for her or too something, are we missing some fundamental part of this equation that she knew she was talking about Friday and the rest of us just don’t, don’t see?” Keith Olberman

 “Now, second possibility is if there’s an upcoming scandal coming up and she’s trying to get in front of it.” Cenk Uygur

Anderson Cooper interviewed Meg Stapleton and made it clear that Sarah Palin's explanation for the resignation makes no sense and he finds it very odd that Stapleton is not in Alaska for this announcement. Yes she wanted money, but couldn't Todd have just hired more prostitutes to cover the legal bills?


Anonymous said...

The unconfirmed story is that Christy was sexting with Sarah. She was caught and blamed it on Willow. Poor Willow. Sarah believes she is hot and attractive to all men. She was used to be admired and fawned over.

The real reason she was forced to resign is that there were 20 or more sext messages between Sarah and Shawn that discussed killing Obama. It was resign or jail for treason. The boy should have been hospitalized, not jailed.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous July 5, 2014 at 9:28 PM, Sarah's aids did say they planned the resignation days ahead, days ahead is still pretty sudden. That was probably so they would be ready for an outcome of the psych eval that did not go in their favor. Most likely in the background they were attempting to manipulate the results hoping Sarah would not have to resign. The source is not a mental person and she has much credibility. You have to admire people who have the courage to tell the truth while being harassed and know many negative things can happen due to those who want them to shut up.

crystalwolflady said...

Also, WE know, from Sarah's closest aides, the resignation was set and planned days ahead.
July 5, 2014 at 9:28 PM
Who is "WE"?
WE the general public knew a iceberg was heading her way via the IRS/embezzlement not to mention, federal funding for the clusterfuck she made of medicare in which 254 Alaskans died, and still several Ethics complaints including the AKGrifter "legal" fund, Shawns Psych eval was the icing on the cake!
I think anon @july 5, 2014 9:28 better look in the mirror b/c HE IS A MENTAL case and if you look on the IP I can guess what will be found.

Anonymous said...

The Shawn Christy Political Prisoner blog has been taken down. Do you have any information on this? It's not like Karen to do that.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous July 21, 2014 at 7:51 PM, I have no idea why Karen Christy's blog is down. There are several possibilities going through my head right now, yes I am doing the dreaded "speculating". I hope it is just temporary and that the Christys are all doing well.

Celia Harrison said...

Hmmm, not sure how that one vile comment got through, but it is gone now.

Celia Harrison said...

Here is Karen Christy’s response about taking her blog down. She and her family want to get on with their lives. Then there are financial and time constraints involved. Karen says they were not threatened and that due to being threatened over a long period of time, even having guns pulled on them it would make no sense that she would take her blog down for threats.