What Could Be More Perfect In A Women’s Rights War Than Fighting An A.G. Nicknamed The Cooch.

In Virginia they have the same crazy right wing attacks on women’s rights by extremists that many other states have had, the difference is they are very organized and outspoken. I love what they are doing. The Tea Party backed Virginia Attorney General Ken “The Cooch” Cuccinelli is running for governor and has also worked hard to deny rights to gays. The group in Virginia that makes these great videos and is fighting the Cooch is call Cooch Watch. This is how you do it, name names, tell the truth about who they are and what they are trying to do. Make sure people know how radical their views are and that they are trying to take away rights people fought hard to get.

They call Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell 'Governor VP' for vaginal probe or they call him Transvaginal Bob.

Some of the words to this song:

Ken Cuccinelli got them facist tactics he try to take away a woman’s access. Playin politics with the female body. You never seen an attorney general in Virginia so naughty. His talking points ain’t worth repeating. Behind closed doors organizing secret meetings. Always act so stealth, but not with his religion. He tell the board of health how to make a decision. He gets all upset cause they get applause when they decide to put the grandfather clause in which says clinic stay open without having to pay for the regulations that Cooch was hoping to force upon them. So he removes it. Veto power makes it hard for the board to refuse it, now they re-vote without the amendment. Yo Cooch your constituents is offended.

This is a case of Republican Sophistocrats run amuck like packs of rabid dogs off the leash, fanatical religious beliefs that go deep. That’s why they hired John Seeds the M.D., appointed to the board by the governor. He reps these radical right wing tyrants and the Virginia Christian Alliance. He don’t like women, he don’t like science. He likes the politically motivated requirements. Like the personhood bill that he lobbied for. Well the people called bullshit and they took it off the floor. Laughed at with the national attention. Yo Miss Maddow can this TRAP vote get a mention? You know they did it in Mississippi and succeeded. And these hater will all be defeated one day. Bubba Carpenter get your TRAP regulations out of VA. Yo Cooch hands off my girl’s Va-Jay-Jay.

This is a brilliantly creative way to get the information about the issue to the public as so many people don’t read. Without Cooch Watch the public just has the lie filled propaganda. This group is a great example for others.

Cooch Watch

Article about medical student who started Cooch Watch.

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WP article about The Cooch bullying the state board of health.

Remember when Parnell tried to sneak a new abortion law into policy very quietly? It would have required doctors to sign off on the medical necessity of abortions. We all know where that was headed.

One of their videos I have already posted.

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