The Curious Mating Habits of the Wild American Psychopath

I am not a psychologist nor have I played one on TV, I have a bachelor of science degree in nursing and have worked with psychopaths in the past. I have read the research about them over my adult life due to finding them fascinating. I have had some psychopaths in my life, they are drawn to empathic types like nurses and we unknowingly let them exploit us because of our own issues. Since my workplace bullying which caused PTSD my interest is even stronger because I recognized psychopathic traits in at least two of the people involved.

A couple years ago I said to a probation officer as we walked down a hall past a picture of Sarah palin, "This is the probation department and you have a picture of a fucking psychopath on your wall." That was just one of the many reasons they loved me (sarcasm).  It has been fascinating to watch large numbers of people be sucked in by her when she was so obvious. They kept sending her money even recently. Some of those people retaliated against those who tried to tell them the truth, well actually they still are.

Sarah Palin made this statement yesterday in Korea while speechifying, “Knowledge must be used for a noble cause.” I agree with whoever wrote that statement for her, but there were other parts of her speech which were rather dangerous. I am presenting this information for a noble cause. We need citizens to be aware of the dangers psychopaths pose to children, our crime levels, our political structure, world peace, our economy, our health, scientific research, our planet, OK everything. Sarah Palin is a great educational tool.
You can look at the Palin baby stories and say to yourself, this is not as it seems. You can say, that woman did not give birth to that baby, no way. You can listen to or read Sarah's wild ride story and know the whole thing is a lie. You can realize there are many people in on hiding many parts of the stories. You can look at the spacing of the births and realize they must have lied about birth dates. You can read about the Palin family Social Security information being sealed and realize how strange that is and know they are hiding something. You can look at the pictures and conclude the ones supposedly taken after births may be staged or from a birth that happened a while back. You can wonder how many babies there are, and just how many Bristol gave birth to or how young she was when she started popping them out. You can wonder if someone else had one of the babies. You can look at just one little aspect of a scenario and realize many people are lying. You can wonder if Sherry Johnston was set up to shut her and Mercede up for the years of her sentence and probation. But, you can’t at this point put a finger on just exactly what has happened.

There are so many theories and so much evidence it is dizzying. To understand the reality of how twisted the Palin baby mysteries are one has to look at a lot of the evidence. The information has been compartmentalized, propagandized, hidden, and people with authority working in government agencies have been used to facilitate this and the court system is involved. There are ear issues, obvious faked hospital birth scenarios, switched babies, faked pregnancies, and threats against those writing about their attempts to sort this conundrum out by shyster lawyers. When commenters on blogs provide links to pictures or articles they often become inaccessible almost immediately, this was very evident the past two days on Jesse Griffin's blog Immmoral Minority, but happens on all the many blogs that discuss the Palin baby conundrums. They have exploited the normal reaction that this just can’t have happened because it is too strange and the MSM did not do any investigative reporting to help the public understand the truth.
I believe they made the story very complex as a general strategy to divert attention from a simple truth, but what exactly is that truth? Probably something like Bristol started having babies at a very young age and Sarah Palin did not want the public to find out. She faked a pregnancy to cover it up when selected as a V.P. candidate and then had Bristol do the same to cover a second baby she had recently had. After all she was wearing the mask of a Christian woman and family values politician, a teenage daughter who had given birth to at least two babies did not fit with that persona. There is no telling how many babies there really are as Bristol appeared to be pregnant on dancing with the stars and then was seen with a newborn claiming it was her godson. All this while scamming money as an abstinence spokesperson.

Many will not touch this story due to fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist or wackjob. Get real, we have evidence that some conspiracies do occur. It takes courage to discuss this story, I commend those who do and have done so in the past, there are many of them who have put a lot of energy into alerting the public while being ignored by the main stream media.

This whole cluster is complex on purpose to obscure the truth. This reminds me of the JFK assassination and the general procedures the CIA uses to compartmentalize, obscure and replace the truth with a whole new story (always remember this). Eventually some of the players in this sick game are going to mature, come to a realization and tell the truth or come forward simply for a profit or out of anger. Some of the players were or are children who are sadly being exploited and there will be more to come.

We all know anytime new information is revealed the Palin internet gang stakers are all over the Internet with false information and gaslighting tactics, some of them even pretending to be Trig Truthers to insert information to obscure the truth. They pop up and attack those who tell the truth about not just Palin, but many of her old sycophants. The "Talis Colberg is the most honest man I have ever met" troll is my favorite. They are willing to lie about almost anything. There is a reason for this and knowing why is important to the survival of our country, they have no conscience.

It is important for people to understand children were used as props to further a political career and that does not translate into a good leader for our country. These children are often not in school and Trig does not seem to be getting his special needs met after being used as a campaign prop (or maybe both Trigs). What about the ruffled ear, FAS looking baby that was in a couple pictures and then disappeared?

Even though Sarah Palin at this point could not end up as president, there are others just like her waiting in the wings. A clue is most are wrapped in a blanket of religious fakery. A large number of our leaders are people who think of only what they want, what benefits them or the special interests who give them money (which is still about what benefits them) and work together in networks funded by the plutocracy because as a country we have not been good at detecting those who take and have nothing to give. How they treat their children is a indicator of how they would treat the citizens of this country.

From Dr. Robert Hare’s book Without Conscience :

“The relatively new discipline of sociobiology argues that psychopathy is not so much a psychiatric disorder as an expression of a genetically based reproductive strategy. Sociobiologists assert that one of our main roles in life is to reproduce, thereby passing on our genes to the next generation. We can do so in a number of ways. One reproductive strategy is to have only a few children and to nurture them carefully. Thus insuring that they have a good chance of survival. A different strategy is to have so many children that some are bound to survive, even if they are neglected or abandoned. Psychopaths supposedly adhere to an extreme version of the latter strategy, they reproduce as often as possible and waste little energy in worrying about the welfare of their offspring. In this way they propagate their genes with little or no personal investment.
For male psychopaths the most effective way to have lots of children is to mate with and quickly abandon a large number of women…The behavior of female psychopaths also reflects a cheating strategy, one in which sexual relations are had with a large number of men and the welfare of the offspring is ignored…When asked why she would want to have another child given her obvious lack of concern for the fate of her first three she said, “I love children”. Like most of the female psychopaths we study her expressed affection for children was starkly contradicted by her behavior. Female psychopaths routinely physically or emotionally neglect their children or simply abandon them as they move from one sexual encounter to the next…Of course people who make a practice of lying and cheating usually get caught, their effectiveness then is greatly reduced so they quickly move on to other partners, groups, neighborhoods or cities” Their mobile nomadic lifestyle…can be seen as a constant need for fresh breeding grounds.”

BTW, this is one reason for the problem people in Alaska: "so they quickly move on to other partners, groups, neighborhoods or cities” Their mobile nomadic lifestyle…can be seen as a constant need for fresh breeding grounds.” It applies to all of their cons and scams, not just reproducing. Alaska is far away from the other states and information is harder to access. They can put on any mask they want here and who would know they were completely fake. There is certainly nothing wrong with starting over or wanting something different in your life, or deciding to change for the better, but most people who do this are not looking for a new supply of people to deceive.

There are of course people besides psychopaths who neglect, abandon and abuse children or sleep around. Many people have lots of sex when young, but don't have a plan to abandon babies or collect them for selfish reasons. This is not the same as having sex with lots of people while preventing pregnancy or getting pregnant and then taking care of the child. There is a difference between a woman who gets pregnant accidentally and then learns to use birth control and one who continues to repeatedly get pregnant, states she wants the children and then neglects them. An immature teenager who gets pregnant, especially unintentionally, is not unusual and in most cases means very little. You have to look at the whole picture to sort out why people do what they do. In this case we do however have an overwhelming amount of information, so much it can’t be sorted out as yet.

Not all psychopathic males and females leave their current mates or spouses, they fool around instead. They leave when their mate is no longer of use to them. When putting on a play you don't want the actors to leave until the show is over.


Linda Arizona said...

This is one of the finest posts I've read summing up and clarifying the subject of Sarah Palin as psychopath.

There are so many people invested in confusing the sick truth about her and her dysfunctional family that it will be a very long time, if ever, that she will be exposed properly.

Yet, her history (the telling of it) and her perversion of all that is good and true can serve as a vehicle to educate those who have not been aware of this kind of wretched creature.

We know that everyone has dealt with a sociopath at some time in their lives. But, not all of us know, with awareness.

Thank you for writing about this. When we look back into our recent past, we can see that people like Elmer Gantry and Amiee Semple Mcpherson have been with us in every generation. And, each time many fall for their lies, causing irreparable damage.

Unfortunately, with this sociopath/psychopath, those who can expose her probably never will, and the medical records are sealed.

I take a little comfort in the fact that Palin is one of those sociopaths who cannot learn from her mistakes.

Keep up the good work. Perhaps writing about your process for identifying them would be helpful to those who do not have that same information. They have specific characteristics in speech, mannerisms and "reasoning" that give them away.

I can see that a transient population, urged by the search for jobs, would facilitate sociopaths to avoid detection, and for those who do figure them out, there would be no recourse or restitution. Nor would they be able to pass along their discovery to others. As we all become more isolated socially, we become like Alaska--without a stable community, without knowledge, without clarity--a wild west.

I can relate as an Arizonan (another wild west kind of place) who was traumatized by the shooting in January and has had experience with several sociopaths.

Don't give up!

Sweet anny said...

Hand in hand w/the I am Fishead movie you posted.

Excellent work. I only recently found your blog, and already it is one of my favorites. I am looking forward to more such informative work, and recommend this site to others.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What a thoughtful piece. It explains a lot about how the Palins operate, and how they cannot form bonds with even their children, let alone people they have hired and discarded. I would hope that after Sarah's attempts to start another Korean War, her passport is pulled and she can no longer hop on a plane and pretend to be a spokesperson for the State Department. My Lord, I can't see a GOP candidate doing what she did without fallout. To think that she almost became VP is terrifying.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Please share more of your insights about psychopaths.

One key to spotting them is realizing that the psychopaths (especially the extremely intelligent ones - and of course, Sarah Palin does not fall in that category!) are excellent mimics. They look around them for verbal cues, societal norms, religious values, and then work hard to emulate them in their words --- but not in their emotions or their actions.

Since people who are non-psyhcopathic, who possess normal emotional depth and breadth, can be naive, they tend to at first believe psychopaths at face value and don't remain alert to someone who can just be saying all the right things but is completely different in their real life.

Added to that a publicity machine like you have surrounding a political figure, which works hard to kill negative reports and bury negative first hand accounts about candidates, and you find yourself living in a world where psychopaths thrive in politics. As long as they can say the right things to get the vote and get the money, they will never be held accountable.

What's extraordinary about Palin is how she seems to function at the extreme end of psychopathology -- EVERYTHING she says is deception, EVERYTHING she does is not genuine, EVERYTHING she states is a lie. It's fascinating and astounding as a case study, and of course, truly sad that the media have never called her out for any of her evil.

Nhrtuvdxi said...

Thank you very much for this post and helping me to understand not just this person but others I've known. It was so much more to me than SP. I read it late last night and I've not had a post stick w/me the way this one did.

Also thanks to the posters that added to this info.

I've submitted a post at Malia Litman's (FamilyComesFirst) that includes a link to this post. For me, they go together.

Celia Harrison said...

@ Nhrtuvdxi, I'll look for your post.

jadez said...

few people ever have a real sense , a "feel" of the issues they describe even if disgusted by them.
even fewer have the insight into the psychopath.

put very simply they are "monsters" among normal human beings.

the media dismisses the idea of a fake pregnancy out of hand.
try telling them palin doesnt give a rats ass about her kids and see how far you get.
yet, THAT is the truth .
and it is the truth of that behavior which explains palin.

my observation of palin(who i dismissed after the election) renewed because of babygate hoax which i stumbled upon at palingates.

i wanted to know why this woman obviously deranged was being protected by the media.

palin is much more bizarre then we know.
i have never believed she would run for president because she will never be allowed to run.

roger ailes and all the "insiders" know the real palin.
they know she never gave birth to trig.
they know she is mentally ill(which she is)

and after 3 years they have reached the point where it cant be denied any longer.

and that is why her defenders are fewer and fewer.

she will soon become an irrelevance.

Nhrtuvdxi said...

I made a mistake...

I meant to say I submitted a comment.

Celia Harrison said...

Anonymous 3:42 wrote,

"What's extraordinary about Palin is how she seems to function at the extreme end of psychopathology"

I think her psychopathy was magnified by Todd who we don't have as much information about to know what he is, but I have my suspicions. Psychopaths are attracted to each other. After being nominated V.P. she got more power from some national psychopaths, but really Sarah and Todd had a history before that of terrorizing people.

Anonymous said...


You're right, Todd is another very important piece of the puzzle. The things HE has done are just as dirty, if not even more so (if Shailey Tripp and the reports of prostitution "rings" or whatever are correct.) What's weird is that from the outside a marriage of two psychopaths seems very dysfunctional and a total nightmare - but if both of them are wired the same way, they serve each other's purposes very well and can be teammates from hell.

Thanks for the new post today, by the way! Another excellent one.